The Other Side of The Tracks


May 14, 2006
The Other Side of the Tracks
Never cross the tracks

Written By: SydnVaughn4eva 2 and dandan ~a.k.a Elle and Dani (Dani: ELLE!!! you revald my identity you poopoohead)

Disclaimer It’s plain and simple Dani and I don’t own alias but we soon will because when we finish taking over the world we will and you mark our words we will re-create alias to be bigger and better than before. Mwhahahahahahaha :LOL: :teehee: (Dani: My world will have several stations dedicated to the pre alias era, the alias era and post alias era. Oh and we will rule the world and be rich and famous and have David and Mikey as our own....mwhwhahahahahaaaaaaaa)
Summary: Sydney Bristow goes through a divorce with Daniel Hect who is ready to take everything from her. She hires Michael Vaughn as her lawyer. But what happens when they fall in love when both of their families who work in the same law firm as partners hate each other? One thing is for certain, it's forbidden to cross the other side of the tracks. And their father’s will do everything in their power to keep them apart. (Dani: haha wow i never knew we were writing this haha)
Rating: PG-13


Elle: Hey guys I’m back with another fic along with Dani helping me co-write this, we both ages ago decided to do a fic together but we never came up with an idea till a couple of weeks ago so here it is, not much more to say really on to you now Dani…

Dani: *starts to sing* Dani is the best. Dani is the best.*dodges rotten tomato* Ouch ELLE that hurt. recieves evil glare* Fine. Dani AND Elle are the best! Dani and Elle are the best. Ok so if anyone is still reading this then "Hi." Now this is one of our crazy ideas, you know one of those ideas when your bored and plotting your take over of the world and some superspy AKA sydney bristow comes and stops you and then you just start to rambel like what i'm doing now and then. felgercarb where was i going with this. Oh yeah. Elle will mostly do the writing and I will help with evilness. Hope you enjoy and dont forget CARPE VAUGHN. wait NO hes MINE PS whenever you see the name Danny Hect make sure to add the "dumbass" inbetween Danny and Hect ie Danny "dumbass" Hect

Now on with the story



He is the love of her life, at least he was. Now she doesn’t even know the meaning of that sentence anymore. Because if he was the love of her life, he never would’ve walked out on her. But that’s what he did, he just walked out with no reason, didn’t even look back.

There were no signs that things weren’t going right, there were no fights, no tears, nothing. It came out of the blue. One day they were happily married and had been for nine months and the next thing she knows he's tells her he wants a divorce. He just walks out on her.

At what point did things start to go so horribly wrong? You can search and search for it but you’ll never find the reason. Why? Because there is no reason why, well at least none that she or anybody else is aware of.

There was no reason why Daniel Hect left Sydney Bristow. There is no reason why he would want to take everything away from her. There is no reason why he wishes to destroy her life. It’s just the same that there is no reason why he walked out on her when she was six months pregnant.

There were no reasons and this is what drove her nearly to the point of insanity. All she wanted to know is why. Was that really such a crime?

Was it something she had done? Maybe it was. So everyday she sits down and she mulls over the last nine months of her life. She starts from the wedding. The day she made her vows to the man she loved, the day he had said them back. The day he swept her off her feet just as if it were the first time. The night he made love to her and promised to love her till the day he dies.

She then moves onto when she found out she was pregnant. She remembers the joy it brang him and how he lifted her off the feet swung her around and then put her down and kissed her like there was no tomorrow. Things were always like this. They were happy and content with one another

She had done nothing wrong at all. So why did he just leave her? Why did he rip her heart into tiny little shreds? What was the reason for it all? Is there a reason why he is taking her on this long divorce battle so he can claim everything she owns?

But above all, after everything he is about to do to her, why doesn’t she hate him till the ends of the earth? Why doesn’t she despise him and not want to puke every time she sees him. Why does she still love him?

Chapter One
Close Quarters

It was a day just like any other. Peaceful, calm and the weather was sunny. It was just typical day, for most people that is.

The street was quiet in the early hours of Saturday morning. Nothing was astray. That’s what a passer-by would see. They would think that this had to be the most perfect street in this little neighbourhood. But they would be wrong because in one house at this point and at this exact moment, nothing is perfect. Somebodies life has been shattered into a million pieces. And all it took was a few small words.

But there is no sound to alert to anybody that something is amiss. And because there is no sound nobody knows that a husband has just left his wife, a wife that was so confused.

“I want a divorce.” He says to her with no emotion at all. She nearly chokes on her breakfast in shock at this acclamation.
“What!” She says literally spitting out her corn flakes.
“I want a divorce.” He says sharply and firmly this time.
“Danny, why?” She asks now realizing how serious he is. The tears slowly escape her eyes she looks at him her eyes filled with hurt and confusion.
“I just want a divorce, it’s over Sydney.” He says with no sympathy for his six-month pregnant wife. He walks out of the kitchen and into their bedroom and he comes back with an already packed suitcase. He takes one last look at Sydney. “You better get yourself a lawyer because there is no way in hell you’re getting anything at all.” He says harshly and he leaves out the front door leaving Sydney to stare at the wall in front of her in shock and in confusion. She places her hand over her stomach and after god knows how long the implications of her words sink in, and she cries. She picks up her phone and she calls her father.

“Jack Bristow.” He says answering professionally.
“Daddy…it’s me.” She sobs to her father.
“Sydney, what’s wrong.” He asks her in immediate concern for his daughter.
“Daddy…” She sobs. “He left me.” She says whispering her last words as if to not make them sound so real.
“Who, Danny?” Her father asks in confusion.
“Yeah.” Is all she can manage.
“I swear to god that when I get my hands on that boy it will be the last time he ever walks on two feet.” Jack yells angrily into his cell.
“Daddy, I need a lawyer, he wants to take everything from me.” She says trying to remain as calm as possible.
“WHAT!” Jack says seething even more.
“Daddy, just get me a good lawyer, I’m gonna need it.” She says now angry herself.
“I’ll handle it; I’ll have a lawyer ready for you right now so just get down to the firm.” He says to her comfortingly but still clearly angry.


“Mr. Vaughn, I have a job for you.” Jack smiles at him slyly.
“Yes sir.” He jumps up immediately. He is the last person he wants on his daughter’s case, but he is the only person he has left and it’s either him or Bill and Bill is just not an option. That man would deliberately make Sydney lose just so he can rub it in his face. It’s no secret that we hate each other. It’s one of those long complicated history things. At least this boy hasn’t completely turned into his father, he can thank his dear mother for the compassion that is left in him.
“My daughter’s husband is pulling her through a divorce he just announced it this morning, he plans on taking everything from her, you are not going to let that happen, are we clear?” Jack asks him menacingly. Michael sweats slightly and he is quite anxious of Jack Bristow. If he fails him he knows what will occur. A certain excruciating death.
“Yes, sir.” He chokes out. “When am I meeting with her?” He asks Jack nervously.
“Now, she will be here shortly, she’s pregnant so make sure she is comfortable.” Jack says sharply and walking into his office and shutting the door. Michael walks out to the reception area and there she awaits her hand down rubbing her round stomach. His breath catches in his throat. Even as heavily pregnant as she was, he saw just how beautiful she really was. He clears his throat slightly and she turns to look at him.
“I’m Michael Vaughn, I’ll be taking your case.” He says to her calmly.
“Sydney Bristow.” She says putting out her hand for him to shake. He gently puts his hand in her and immediately feels the electricity shoot through them both. He had never ever felt this way about another woman before. He leads her into his office and sits her down.
“Your father filled me and has told me what the situation is I guess the first question I have to ask you is how much do you want out of this?” He asks her gently.
“Well I sure as hell don’t want to end up with nothing, but I’m not selfish so I don’t want everything either. I guess I’d settle for half.” She responds to him looking down at her stomach. This catches his attention.
“Have you thought about the baby, has Mr. Hect said anything about wanting custody of the baby when it is born?” He asks her tentatively.
“I don’t know, he never said anything, he’s not getting the baby, and I want custody.” She says firmly.
“Okay so half of everything but full custody of the child.” He states to her writing it down.
“Yeah.” She says softly and she looks up at him and meets his eyes. “But before you give me the legal advice, I’ll tell you I already know what you’re going to say. This isn’t going to be an easy case, no divorce battles are, especially when they’re fighting to take everything. I know this is going to be long and hard, but I don’t care, he’s not going to do this without going down with a fight.” She swears to him passionately.
“Somebody’s done their homework.” He says smiling at her.
“No not really. Just so many years of listening to my father ramble on about the legal world.” She says smiling. She laughs slightly. “You know I don’t get it why our families hate each other, you seem like a nice guy, your Dad isn’t that bad.” She says sighing.
“They may look like it but put them in a room together and all hell breaks loose. How did you know I was Bill’s kid anyway?” He asks her curiously.
“Because you look like him, and also from when you introduced yourself, I know there is only one male in the Vaughn family other than Bill himself.” She says smiling. He laughs at her animatedly. “What!” She says laughing in amusement.
“Anybody would’ve thought you are a stalker.” He says chuckling at her.
“I assure you I am not; I like to keep an eye on my arch enemy.” She says in a low joking voice.
“Oh really.” He says raising an eye brow. She looks at him and she feels something but she brushes it aside. Geez he only just left me an hour ago and already your looking elsewhere, geez Sydney.


~elle AND DANI


Jun 1, 2006
She looks at him and she feels something but she brushes it aside. Geez he only just left me an hour ago and already your looking elsewhere, geez Sydney.
ha ha
great start could you add me to the pm list pretty please? :angelic:


May 14, 2006
Chapter Two
A Unknown Affair

He was sweet, so generous. But yet, he was deemed as her enemy. Why? There is no answer to that question, is a question left unanswered, the words of reasoning and explanation have never left her father’s lips. Nor had they from William Vaughn’s. Nor will they ever. And each time a family member raises the question the exact same rehearsed answer is given to them each and every time, words are no longer used the icy glare is enough. Their bearing eyes is all she and anybody else needed to know the unspoken rule. Hating the Vaughn’s had become that unspoken rule.

But she doesn’t hate him, nor does he hate her.

Those ice cold eyes of their father’s staring down at them the eyes that make them promise that they will uphold this rule. They promise their father’s with their eyes, but not with their hearts, because their hearts sing a different tune; a tune of defiance.

Their defiance isn’t because they wanted to rebel, or to test the boundaries. Their defiance is because they do not wish to hate a person who has a certain name. A name that means nothing to them, it doesn’t affect who they’re. It’s just a name, which somehow after generations and through marriage managed to attach itself at the ends of their names. A name means nothing but somehow along the lines Jack Bristow and William Vaughn started a feud and your name then at that moment meant everything, and love meant nothing.

Which is why they both questioned that feeling they got when they met. Just because their hearts had a defiance doesn’t mean they were game enough to get involved with their father’s enemy. If the father’s found out the consequences could and most probably would be fatal. If her father found out that she had feelings for a Vaughn, all hell would break loose.

She’d only just met him but she felt like she had known him forever. The feeling indescribable; no words would be sufficient enough. Not even Danny had made her feel like this. If she thought she loved him, then what was this? Maybe she had never really loved Danny at all; maybe she only was with him because he was a safe option. Michael Vaughn but wasn’t love a risk? Maybe that’s why the moment she had met him her supposed feelings for Danny had flew out the window. She had fallen for Michael Vaughn, hard, and yet she had only been with him for no more then thirty minutes. Meters away that man was thinking the same thing. Their feelings were mutual.


He smiles inwardly to himself. He had fallen hard. He sits on his bed thinking of her beauty. Just how beautiful she is, even with being heavily pregnant. He remains captivated by this woman. She is almost angelic in his eyes. And he wanted to be the one to cherish this angel.

But she is his enemy, and his father wouldn’t allow it. Not now, not ever. Not that he ever took his father’s hate for the Bristow’s on hand. He just shut up and never said a word and just pretended to go about his father’s wishes.

Why hate someone who is entirely different from her father?

So he defies his father with his heart and his words pull up a convincing façade.


His father is furious and for Amiliee Vaughn she could almost smell the tension. She sighs and she knows she cannot do anything. All she can do is sit back and listen to her husband continuing his hate rant in an effortless attempt to mould their son into a mini version of himself.

She’s not naïve and she is not blind. She knows exactly what her son wants, but because of the raging feud between the two families, it appears it isn’t possible.

She knew before Michael and William had their row that night. She even knew before they had ever met. She saw Sydney and then she looked at her son and then she put the two together and she contemplated on how perfect they would be for one another.

But that would never happen, not if Jack and William had anything to do with it. But Amiliee couldn’t say a thing, what could she possibly do?

The glowing light of the moon seeps through the windows of a sleeping couples bedroom. Their bodies entangled with each other’s, the messy mass of sheets and blankets pooling around their bodies. They both look so innocent, so in love. But they’re aren’t innocent. In fact they’re far from it. They are lovers and both share a part in a deception against another person and one of the two was deeply connected to that person.

The blonde woman stirs and opens her eyes at the exact same time as the man before her. She smiles at him and he gently kisses her.
“We need to go over your case tomorrow.” She whispers to him tracing lines on his chest.
“Yeah, you know the cover story, right?” He asks her almost rhetorically.
“Of course.” She says seductively and then she giggles slightly. He smiles at her chuckles with her.
“What?” He finally asks what sparked her amusement.
“Hmmm, nothing. Just thinking back to when I used to actually work at Bristow Vaughn and Associates.” She says contemplating slightly.
“Really, now tell me what that was like.” He asks in amusement.
“Well, I won’t deny it, it was good until my divorce with Michael, that divorce wasn’t what made me hate the place though. But, it was the divorce which made me open my eyes to a few things in my life. That’s when I met you.” She kisses him at the end of the sentence.
“Hmmm, and what a fine day that was. What is Michael like as a lawyer?” He asks curiously.
“Oh, he is good, really good.”
“You don’t think that she will have him as her lawyer?” He asks a little panicked.
“No. One thing I learnt while being at the firm was that there is a feud between Jack and William, one that the won’t stop for anything. I think they are the only ones who know what the feud is about, I mean not even I know what it is about. The thing I do know is that their hate for each other is so extreme I can guarantee Michael Vaughn will not be her lawyer. Daddy wouldn’t want his little Princess anywhere near a Vaughn.” She explains to try and to ease his panic.
“Then why would they work in the same law firm?” He asks completely perplexed.
“The company has been jointly passed down their families for generations without a hitch until William and Jack. Their father’s will’s dictated that they were to share the firm just as they had and the generations before them.” She explains to him and then she laughs slightly.
“What?” He asks her in amusement.
“Do you know how many times she came in to see her father, how many conversations I had with the little Princess, and all the time without her knowledge that I was having an affair with her husband.”


The pain choruses through her body. Her breathing catches in her chest. And then she sees the sickening redness of her own blood onto the cold, hard bathroom floor. The pain eats at her in stabs. She groans loudly and falls to her knees with the pool of blood beneath her.


~Elle and Dani


Jun 21, 2006
Oh no I hope she´ll not lose her baby.

Great story. Can´t wait for the next chapter. Please add me on your pm list.

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OMG!!! you are soooo mean!!!! don´t stop there!!!!!!
I really hope she doesn´t lose the baby!! Please, can you PM me when you update?? thanks a milion!
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Is she losing the baby?
I hope everything will be alright,
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