The Pizza Boy


Nov 18, 2003
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Title: The Pizza Boy
Rating: PG
Summary: Some fun fluff for all those floudering in Season 3 angst :LOL:
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

Chapter 1

It was seven o'clock in the evening and Sydney Bristow lay sprawled across her comforter with an open book in her hands. It was a Robert Ludlum novel, she had always been able drown her self in his spy stories because, well, lets just say she could relate. One might think that someone like Sydney would spend her time trying to get away from the life she lead, but the difference between her life and the fictional Jason Bournes is that he was guaranteed a happy ending, something she most certainly was not. And this was the reasoning behind the anticipation she felt with the turn every page, the thrill she was normally given when she found herself predicting his every move to a tee. But not tonight. Tonight was different.

47. She had been lying there for nearly three hours and all she had managed to accomplish was 47 pages. And to tell the truth, she had read page 47 nearly three times and had not retained a word of it. Part of that was probably due to the fact that she hadn't a clue as to what was going on, the plot was still unknown to her and the characters she should have over- analyzed by now were still nameless.

Sighing in defeat she finally shut the book and threw it across the room; allowing it to crash nosily into her dresser mere inches from an empty picture frame. This, of-course, was done purposely; Sydney would never do anything to harm the particular frame. It had not always been empty, up until last night it carried a photo of a beautiful young woman and her daughter. But that photo was no longer in tact, but lying on the ground out back with a bullet hole strategically placed in the woman's arm. She had meant to replace the picture a long time ago, knowing full well that the photograph formally residing in the frame had no business anywhere near something she held so dear to her heart (not to mention whom it was she had received it from), but had never really found the time to do so. Last night, she found the time.

Normally, when someone removes a picture from its frame, another picture soon replaces it. But Sydney was by no means a normal person, and she had purposely left the frame empty. The frame was a reminder to her; the emptiness of it gave her strength. It pushed her harder, because she knew that the picture that belonged in the frame could not even be taken until she had accomplished her goals. It reminded her of the happiness that she might find at the end of the struggle.

Pulling her eyes from the frame she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and couldn't help but laugh. Here she was in her favorite jeans (the ones you wear until there are holes in them and then search for the same pair, because they just look so darn good on you), her favorite white turtleneck (the kind that hugged you in all the right places) and the perfect pair of boots (not to tall, not too short, and the perfect shade of brown); all for the pizza boy.

The pizza boy, the man that knew her inside and out, the only person who even knew half of what she was going through. He had known everything there was to know about her, until now. Because now there was something that she just could not talk to him about. Something that she herself had not even realized until Taipei and that something hit her like a ton of bricks. More like a ton of water. When she got back from hell earlier this week, Francie asked her and Will to take a group vacation, go to a beach somewhere and just relax by the water for week or two. But she would not go. She could not be that close to something that had begun to haunt her dreams. Her worst nightmares used to be of Danny, lifeless and bloody in her bathtub. But now they came in the form of a forceful wave crashing down on the man that meant more than the world to her. And when she woke up after these dreams she was always caked in sweat, tangled in her sheets and on the verge of tears.

Will had graciously offered to go with Francie, suggesting it as an opportunity to help him 'recover' from his 'addiction'. She hopes that Will hates her, even if it is only a little part of him that does. Because if he doesn't, he is an idiot. Because of her, he lost his job and more than a few of his teeth. That is not something a good friend does to you.

She begins to wrestle the idea of ordering some pizza. One part of her begs her not to, tells her that if he really wanted to see her than he would make the call, he knew her number as well as she knew his. But the other part of her says what the hell, he himself said that she could call him when she needed to talk, and she did. Finally, the selfish part of her won out, and she reached for the phone and began to dial her lifeline.

The ringing lasted what seemed like hours, and finally she heard his voice, and surprisingly it sounded more anxious than tired.


She surpressed a laugh and answered in a bubbly voice.

"Joey's Pizza?"

"I...Uh...wrong number."

She could feel him smiling on the other end.

"Well if you aren't Joey's Pizza, shouldn't you be asleep this time of night?"

"I've had someone on my mind. What about you, what brought on the sudden urge to order pizza so late?"

" see, I realized that I hadn't had delivery pizza in at least two days and was feeling separation anxiety."

His infectious laugh made her smile widen, it wasn't every day that they shared such meaningless banter.

"Well I am sorry if I couldn't help, but if you don't mind my asking, what exactly was it that you were hoping to order tonight?"

"A medium with everything."

"Good choice. I hope you have better luck with you next call."

"Well that's very nice coming from a complete stranger."

"Maybe I'm just a nice guy."

"Goodnight nice guy."


It was amazing how such a pointless conversation could mean so much to two people. Normally, that kind of thing happened daily, but normal people don't meet in clandestine warehouses and underground government offices.

Sydney grabbed her keys and put on her precious pea coat (the kind you splurge on because it isn't often that you find something that not only do you love, but keeps you more than warm) And heads out the door. Glancing in her rearview mirror, she smiles at the sudden change in her demeanor. Her sulky eyes had that sparkle back, and her pout had turned into a wide grin.

It was then that she realized that she could not survive without pizza.


Oct 2, 2003
:) gr8 fic... yay 1st to review! i hope u upd8 this and if you do plz send me a PM. this is brilliant, especcially 4 ur first fic... post more sooon pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeee


Mar 12, 2003
This is really good, and I loved your little descriptions of the clothes, especially the jeans, I have one pair just like them! ^_^ Keep going, keep going and can I get a PM too please?? :D :D



Nov 18, 2003
There is only one more chapter after this one...but i've got some other stuff i'll be posting eventually :D

Chatpter 2

To an outsider, the warehouse would have seemed dark and gloomy, and most definitely not a place someone would look forward to spending their Friday nights in. But as Sydney's wheels crunched to a stop she couldn't help but feel silly for the grin that was growing wider on her face. This warehouse had become so important to her, not long ago she had finally let her self admit the attachment she had formed. Of course, that could very well have something to do with whom it was she met in the warehouse that made her feel so...happy.

She climbed out of her old car, not without glancing in the mirror and mentally slapping herself for doing so, and made note of the fact that she had to walk softer. It had become a habit of hers to make as little noise as possible to delay the realization of her arrival. He was always watching her, whether it was over a satellite camera or just yards away hidden in a corner, and it was not often that she could return the favor.

As Sydney made her first muffled step onto the solid concrete floors, she was immediately bombarded by the smell of food. Good food, the kind of food that makes you forget your former plans, such as a silent entrance. Quickening her gate, she eventually found herself staring at Vaughn, who was grinning like a Cheshire cat balancing a slice of pizza in his hand. Slowly she walked so she was hovering over a box.

"A medium with everything."

"Its what you ordered, isn't it?"

"I am so lucky to have such an efficient handler."

She smiled and took off her coat, lying it on the nearest crate, then joining him on the table with her own slice.

"And I'm lucky for having an asset with such good taste in pizza."

She laughed and looked over at him, watching with curiosity as he finished his off with nearly three bites.

"Well, someone was hungry."

"Near death can do that to a guy."

Now, in a normal conversation, someone might think of this topic as morbid and would steer as far away from it as possible. But Sydney and Vaughn, who were quite far from normal, shared a short laugh. She handed him another slice.

"Thank you."

"Anything for a 'nice guy'."

Agent Vaughn began to chew on his pizza, not concentrating on just how good it was but instead on the woman sitting next to him. Over the years, he had noticed that most women were very particular with how they ate. They found it 'embarrassing' to chew any form of food in front of a guy, and with a food that was loaded with everything this practice became tricky. But as Sydney Bristow chewed on her pizza, she showed no inhibition. No hand immediately flew to her face to conceal the fact that she was in fact chewing it, and her bites were not smaller than that of a mouse. She was perfectly content with eating the pizza they way pizza should be eaten, without hesitation.

Suddenly, a frown formed on his face. They had known each other for over a year now, and this was the extent of what he knew about her, outside the fact that she could become anyone she wanted to at a moments notice and proceed to fool anyone she pleased, kicking ass in the process. Hell, they hadn't even shared a meal together. The thought angered him. Sure, it was 'frowned upon' to have a close relationship with your asset, but he and Sydney had pretty much thrown that idea out the window.

"Favorite ice cream."

"Excuse me?"

"I asked you what your favorite ice cream was."

"Sounded like more of a statement to me."

She grinned at her sarcasm, but finally relented to his pleading gaze and finished her last bite, reaching for another piece.

"Butter pecan."

"Favorite food."

"I do believe it's my turn, Agent Vaughn."

"Excuse my rudeness, Agent Bristow, go ahead."

"Favorite TV show."

"Friends. Favorite food?"

"At the moment, I'd have to say pizza. Favorite Friend?"


She interjected before he had a chance to counter her question.

"Rachel? Your favorite friend is Rachel?"

"You asked a question and I answered it. How about you, favorite friend?"

"Definitely Ross."

"What! You jump on me for Rachel when your favorite is Ross? Come on!"

"Ok, I hate to break it to you but Rachel is just not funny ."


"Favorite country?"


"Really? I have always pinned you as a true blue American."

"Well I wasn't born in America now was I?"

This makes her nearly drop the slice of pizza on her white sweater. She gaps at him in shock.

"You WHAT? I had no idea that you..."

"Favorite movie?"

At this question she flushed a bit, looking down at her pizza crust, contemplating weather or not to tell the truth.

"Come on now Miss Bristow, you can't lie to me and you know it."

She smiles at the reality of his comment and after releasing an over- exaggerated sigh she relents.

"Moulin Rouge."

She stopped and waited for his response. But all he gave her was a smile.

"You don't look surprised."

"Should I be?"

"Don't tell me you thought I was a sap."

He laughed at the accusation and shook his head.

"Not a sap, per-say, just a hopeless romantic."


"Yeah, I guess I just pictured you coming home from one of your death- defying missions and curling up in front of the TV to some old classic romance."

"You know me too well Vaughn."

His smile disappeared and he looked deep into her eyes.

"Not even close Syd."


Sep 8, 2003
vick this is too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i never actually got the chance to read this just because i'm an awful person but i have to tell you that i'm so glad you're reposting so that i actually get a chance to read it!

and i LOVE it so far! it's great~ :-D



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Only one more chapter? *looks downcast* Im sorry to hear that :( But you said you would post more of your work so thats ok then :D Great chapter and thanks for the PM!

nattie :flowers:


Nov 15, 2003
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Awwww, this fic is way to cute! Only one more chp.! I mean, come on..... :mad:
lol, j/k....Cant wait till ch.3! Could you please PM me?

Thanks so much,

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that was a great chapter please post more i love the fluff all the angst on the show is just killing me its good to take a breather ya know please PM meeh when the next chapter is up appreciate it :P ;)
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