THE POD - new short film

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Hello! I am the Writer and Director of a short science fiction film titled "THE POD", which is nearing production and will be completed in May as my graduate thesis at The School of Visual Arts in NYC.

I believe that science fiction offers unique opportunities in dealing with themes such as evolution, lack of consciousness and mans interaction with the ever changing world of technology.

Writers such as Fredric Brown, Philip K. Dick as well as filmmakers Andrei Tarkovsky and David Cronenberg have influenced me to create science fiction that is both enjoyable and meaningful.

Please take a moment to check out the Kickstarter campaign for my graduate thesis film "THE POD". We have teamed up with some amazing artists who are helping bring this film to life. Everything from building a full size space pod interior to shooting miniature models; have been incorporated in our production for specific reasons. Drop us a line!

I look forward to posting on here more! When I get a second, I would love to join the "top list" for sci-fi films along with other discussions. Just wanted to introduce myself and let everyone know what I am up to. Thanks!