The Price of Eternity


Aug 25, 2007
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“Arvin Sloane is dead.” “How?” “An explosion at the tomb.” “Thank you, you may leave.”

She had played her role well, the shadow, the partner in Arvin’s background. Trust that Arvin knew more about Rambaldi than anyone else. After all, what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you, right? But on the other hand, what you do know makes you all the smarter. When he first started this interest in Rambaldi, he happily expressed his knowledge, with her, and Jack, and whoever else was willing to listen. And though she played the innocent wife, she was no fool. As he showed off what he knew, she quietly bid her time, taking notes and doing her own research. She watched his mistakes and made them into her successes. It was innocent enough at first. He wanted to find a cure for his poor, sick wife. But as his interest and desire grew, his priorities changed. Immortality—you could live forever. The one thing she had a hard time grasping was that you would live beyond anyone you knew and loved. Jack, Sydney…

Then Emily died, which seemed to further cement his desires. Nothing could distract him from his goals. Not even Nadia. In fact he was willing to use her to further promote his goal. And what was his reward? An eternity of being crushed by rocks. Really, he should’ve been more careful. ‘Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.’ Rambaldi is much more complex beyond living past everyone else. But, for all the research he did, it didn’t do him any good. She smirked. He was the one under a rock, not her. And with that final thought, Emily Sloane smiled and took another sip of her tea, looked out the window, and enjoyed the Tuscan scenery.

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