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The R2D2 DvD Projector


Creative Writer
Jan 16, 2005
Wow! I'm guessing the only thing it doesn't come with (on the surface) is the slave contract necessary to afford it!

Didn't see if it allowed expansion of the screen. The demo only really showed a fix screen image no matter where it went on the walls and ceiling (the image, not the droid!) and that image wasn't as big as a lot of tv's.

Even though I live in an attic flat with unusual ceiling angles, I have one flat, tilted surface ripe for a projector. One day...................


Avoid A Void
Sep 15, 2006
i am gonna hate to ask the price, just makes me want that more. it would be interesting to see what they could do with a C3PO model-can anyone say bartender. LOL.