The Return of All Sci-Fi's Friday Live Chat!


Jul 9, 2008
North Carolina
I posted the message below on All Sci-Fi about the return of our Friday Live Chat. You folks are invited too! :)

The ASF members will be voting on which of three movies we'll watch together after we chat for about 30 minutes. The choices are Destination Moon, When Worlds Collide, or Conquest of Space.

All Sci-Fi proudly announces the return of the Friday Live Chat, a weekly event that our members enjoyed for over a year on the old board!

Well, folks, it's back! Starting this Friday, October 23rd, we'll be meeting in a private chat room created exclusively for All Sci-Fi members at the link below. We'll converse for about forty-five minutes, and then we'll share a movie, selected by popular vote!

That's right, ladies and gents, it's also the return of the All Sci-Fi's world renowned synchro-cinema!

To enter the chat room, follow these simple steps.

Click on this link and you'll go to the website shown below.

Kiwi IRC

(1) In place of my name, type in your All Sci-Fi user name in the first box.

(2) In the second box type in #ALLSCIFI. (Ignore the password box.)

(3) Click on the "key" icon in the second box.

* This part will be the same every week.

Clicking on the key icon will create a third box, and each week you'll type in the key word for that week's chat. This week the code word will be --


Then just click on START and wait for about 15 seconds for the chat room window to open, where your friends will be waiting to say howdy-do with their nimble typing fingers!

Don't forget to vote on the feature film, and keep an eye on the results so you'll know what movie to have ready when we start.

The one thing that hasn't been determined yet is the time we should begin. I suspect that the best starting time for all concerned would be 10:00 EST, 9:00 CST, 8:00 MST, and 7:00 PST time. But I'm opening for suggestions, guys.

So, mark your calendars and get the snacks ready, because this Friday night we're definitely headed for outer space, 1950s style!

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Dec 6, 2004
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Kudos BudBrewster,

In todays world of tablets and telephones its very difficult to have a movie-chat. On a pc it is simple to use two windows side by side but that isn't possible with most people's method of web surfing now-a-days.

This was a suggestion I made to allow AlienSoup to have a Movie-Chat but it never went anywhere.

The Collective (a closed community by members only) has video-chat on one page.

I have a livestream account where I could stream any of my 4000+ movies but it just doesn't get off the ground. Live stream also has an active chat on page. And its free.
Its called Procaster
Procaster - Livestream » User Guide
That link is to the user guide.

I've never heard of FreeNode. Might be something I might look into. I still stream movies to my kids using skype full screenshared. I tried streaming to them in Google Hangouts video but it was too glitchy.

Thanx for offering the Friday night movie. Hopefully you will see a huge turnout.
As for the choices. All very nice. I'd pick When Worlds Collide myself ~ love that movie!


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Mar 20, 2004
This was a suggestion I made to allow AlienSoup to have a Movie-Chat but it never went anywhere.
In all honesty, I don't recall the suggestion at the moment but with our updated chat software it'd be easier to implement these days as a dedicated 'room' could be created for the movie chat versus the main chat room.


Jul 9, 2008
North Carolina
Update: Well by gum, you're right. guys.

Watching the movie together just wasn't really a practical idea, and my co-site admin at All Sci-Fi said basically same thing you folks did when he posted this reply to the Friday Live Chat announcement thread.

Randy said:

I will be there for the chat. On the old board, we had many a night that our posting led to nearly hysterically comedic postings. We all had a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and I hope that fun returns again!

I won't be joining in for the movie chat as my desktop computer and my television are in opposite ends of my home, so, I propose having a half hour to one hour chat before the chat with movie starts.

He's right, we don't need to movie to have a great time like we used to -- we just need to have a great time doing exactly what we used to do!

So, the new plan is to start that chat at 7:00 EST (like we used to) and let it run right along for the folks that want to stay with until they need to leave because it's getting late (again, like we used to).

And meanwhile the folks in the western half of the US can join us whenever they can -- you know, like they used to! :D

I really hope you guys will drop at some point and say howdy. I plan to do a considerable amount of bragging about Cool Sci-Fi between now and then, because frankly I've come to realize that this is on of the very best message boards on the web!

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