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The Return

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by sugababyboo, Jun 9, 2003.

  1. sugababyboo

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    Dec 16, 2002
    Rated R for adult themes and for language as always lol
    The Return

    The light humming of the air conditioner stopped when she reached out and switched it off. A welcome silence came over the small Manhattan apartment as Lilah held an ice pack to her newly bruised eye. Walking into the kitchen, the cold tile beneath her feet caused her to shiver while the little bits of frost on the icepack soothed the stinging sensation that consumed the delicate skin around her right eye. As she leaned her back against the kitchen sink, she folded in her lower lip and immediately the bitter metallic taste of blood filled her mouth. She hissed in pain as she touched her fingertips to her mouth and found blood trickled from the gash on her lower lip. To stop the bleeding, she ran a washcloth under cold water and pressed it against the gash as she made her way to the bedroom.
    Earlier, her boyfriend Wade had discovered that she hadn't spent last night at home studying. Ignoring her books, Lilah had gone to a local coffee house with a few friends to just catch up and have some laughs. She never knew that one night of freedom could be so painful.
    Unconvinced of this story, Wade made a point of showing Lilah the consequences of lying and the outcome was her presently injured state. This wasn't the first time that he had pummeled her for some inane reason and she was sure if things were to continue, it wouldn’t be the last. For two people that were supposed to be in love, their relationship was a remarkable cycle of physical and verbal abuse coming directly from Wade.
    Last month, she had threatened to leave him, so he groveled at her feet telling her that he would change, and without hesitation she took him back.
    He bent down on his knees in front of Lilah as he rested his head against her flat stomach. She could feel his warm tears streaming down on her bare abdomen as he wept.
    “I know, I lost control. But please, just don’t leave, please?” He sobbed as he hugged her thighs. “I’ll change, I promise,” he looked up at her pleadingly with his dark brown eyes.
    She placed a hand on his short black tousled hair as she wiped away a tear with the other. She ignored her instincts and whispered, “Ok… I’ll stay.”
    And as naive as this may sound, she somewhat believed that his abuse was like a drug addiction, that this was just a relapse and that he’d eventually see what he was doing to her. She quickly pushed that thought out of her head as she began packing her suitcase.
    Thinking of her family, she realized that this affected more people than just her and Wade. Her mother would call frequently asking her to come home for a visit, but Wade forbids her from doing such a thing, unless he was there to watch over her. Guilt always overcame Lilah as she would lie to her and say that she was too busy with work to visit or that something had come up and that she just didn’t have the time. Her family was always so supportive of her, and it killed her to hide the truth from them. She remembered one of the many times her mother had called her.
    From the fire escape she watched Wade park his car in front of the apartment building as she held her mobile phone. Suddenly, it began vibrating as he walked towards the entrance of the lobby. The caller ID read, “Mom.” She pressed the talk button and used her false cheery voice that she had perfected ever since she got involved with Wade.
    “Hi Mom,” she said.
    “Hey Sweetie,” her mother (Trudy) replied. “How are you?”
    “I’m good,” she lied. “How’s everyone?”
    “They’re doing well. I haven’t spoken to you in awhile and I just wanted to know if you were all right. It sounds like you are.” A smile touched her lips.
    “Yeah, I’m doing just fine. Is that all?” She choked back her tears and fought off the urge to confess to beloved mother her true feelings.
    “No, everyone misses you, I miss you. Why don’t you come home, for a visit?”
    She paused for a moment before answering; Wade had just entered that apartment. It pained Lilah to hear the hopefulness in her mother’s voice. “I would, but I’m just so swamped with work, sorry.”
    “Don’t be, I understand completely.”
    She heard Wade approaching her from behind. “Well it was nice talking to you. I’ll call you later, bye Mom.”
    “Bye Honey.”
    “Who were you talking to?” Wade asked in a firm voice.
    “My mom,” she replied as she handed him the mobile phone to prove that she wasn’t lying.
    His eyes searched the phone’s screen and then his gaze met with hers. “We’re going out tonight, get dressed.”
    “But I have to work.”
    He glared at her and tightly gripped her arm as he pulled her into the apartment. “Just do it.”
    “Ok, I have to call in sick,” she said as she yanked her arm away from him.
    “Good,” he said before entering the bathroom. She rubbed her arm as she walked into the kitchen and took an icepack out of the freezer.
    How she longed to be home again, surrounded by everyone she loved. Her younger brothers Michael and Kevin, her parents, and her surrogate little sister Aubrey (Kevin’s longtime childhood friend). She kept them in mind as she packed up her brushes, paint palettes and canvas; she had to do an art show in three weeks and needed to have ten paintings done by then.
    The long midnight locks that cascaded around her face made Lilah realize that she hadn't showered yet that day. Feeling grubby, she quickly changed out of her red tank top and matching pajama pants and went to take a long, hot shower. As the aroma of her melon scented body wash reached her nose, she sighed in pure ecstasy as steam from the hot water covered the bathroom mirror.
    She changed into a fresh pair of khakis with a white scoop neck t-shirt that hugged her slender body and without looking back, she fled the apartment. At the age of twenty-three, Lilah felt like a lost child running to her mother for guidance and protection from a horrible monster, a monster that she loved and called her boyfriend.
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    May 11, 2003
    WRITE MORE THIS IS INTERESTING!!! (y) (y) (y) (y)

    don't worry about not getting many replies , i'll get my e-bud 2 read it and we'll get more ppl. :D :)

    but u kinda have 2 understand that not many ppl read fics that r not about alias. ;)
  3. sugababyboo

    sugababyboo mrs. charlie

    Dec 16, 2002
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    Dec 21, 2002
    wow this is fantastic....how you can write so many great stories, is just...wow.
  5. sugababyboo

    sugababyboo mrs. charlie

    Dec 16, 2002
    Just two more hours and she would be home in North Franklin but fate wasn’t willing to cooperate with her; Lilah was caught in traffic. Outside, heavy rain pounded down on her car. The sound that echoed inside the small car didn't help her current state of mind as she gripped the steering wheel and waited with much annoyance for the traffic to ease up. Deep down, she was fighting the urge to turn to the car around and go back to Manhattan. She knew that she couldn't go back, you can never go back.
    If Lilah gave in and turned around, then she would lose her sanity forever if not something much more precious. Tears began streaming down her face as a certain Macy Gray song came onto the radio.

    In my last years with him there were bruises
    On my face
    In my dawn and new day
    I finally got away
    But my head's all messed up and he knows
    Just what to say
    No more dawn and new days
    I'm going back to stay
    Why say bye bye
    When it only makes me cry

    A salty tear had traveled into her mouth and grazed against her wound; she grimaced at the burning sensation. She looked at her watch and realized that Wade would already be coming home from work. And she could only imagine how enraged he would be to come home to an empty apartment.

    I still
    Light up like a candle burnin when he calls me up
    I still
    Melt down like a candle burnin every time we touch
    Oh say what you will
    He does me wrong and I should be gone
    I still
    Be lovin you baby and it's much too much

    We are goin down
    Cuz you're always getting high
    And your crumbs of lovin
    No longer get me by
    Wow! It gets better every time that we get high
    Then your crumbs of lovin
    They somehow get me by
    Why say bye bye
    When it only makes me cry

    It became harder for her to breathe as her nose became stuffy; she sniffled and wiped away her tears. She remembered when she first heard this song; it was when Wade had hit her for the first time. She had gone to her friend’s house to study, but he was convinced that she was with another man; he had bruised her arm. Immediately, she ran off and went to a nearby park to be alone. When she returned, the apartment was lit by candlelight and the song was playing. He begged for her forgiveness and she accepted. She never knew that would be the first of their many fights.

    I still
    Light up like a candle burnin when he call me up
    I still
    Melt down like a candle burnin every time we touch
    Oh say what you will
    He does me wrong and I should be gone
    I still
    Be lovin you baby and it's much too much

    Can't I go my severed way?
    Some rain for my sunny day
    Not even one reason to say
    I should've left you
    I can't forgetcha baby
    Ever since I meetcha it's

    As the song came to an end, Lilah’s mobile phone began to vibrate; she didn't have to check the caller ID to know that it was Wade. It took every fiber of her being to leave the phone where it was, to not pick it up. She thanked God when the traffic began to lighten up because soon she would be home with the people who loved her and hopefully, she would finally be free from his reins. When she saw the sign that read, "Welcome to North Franklin" in neat lettering, she felt the tension evaporate from her body and let out a long breath that she wasn’t aware she had been holding.

    This little New England town was her heaven. Of course she didn't feel this way when she used to live here but after being away from it for over a year, she felt relieved and comforted by her familiar surroundings. On the other hand, she wasn't naïve because she knew that North Franklin had its share of problems, but what town didn't?
    Instead of driving directly to her parents' house, she pulled into Kem's gas station for a refill of gas and some food. Before getting out of the car, she dabbed on some cover-up on her bruised eye and the fragrant smell made her nose twitch. One of the disadvantages of living in a small town is that everyone knows everyone's business and Lilah's return was bound to get some people talking. After putting one more dab of cover-up to mask her bruise she got out of the car and walked quickly toward the entrance of the convenience store, half thinking that she should have brought her coat. As the clouds drifted away, the luminous moon and shimmering stars lit up the midnight sky. The small drops of water that had been left behind from a summer storm began to almost glow because of the silence that accompanied it and it gave the town a somewhat eerie effect. The cool breeze brushed against her skin again and Lilah shivered as she gripped the metal handle and pulled the door open.

    Her flip-flops shuffled against the gray linoleum floor as she walked pass the register and headed straight for the glass refrigerator that contained a variety of beverages. While she grasped for a bottle of water, a young, cheerful couple entered the little convenience store clasping each other's hands. Just from their attire and attitude she could tell that they were tourists making a pit stop in this modest Massachusetts town and it was quite obvious that they were in love as they whispered to each other and giggled at their secret exchanges. Intently, she admired the couple from the refrigerator, their smitten behavior reminded Lilah of her relationship with Wade, well the beginning of it anyway. Everything was so new and exciting, it was perfect, or so it seemed. She was pulled out of her train of thought, when she heard the couple close the door behind them as they left.

    Her stomach growled demanding to be fed; she marched into the snack aisle and grabbed a medium size bag of sour cream and onion chips. The light ticking of the circular clock that hung on the wall behind the register caught her attention; it was ten PM. Idly, Claire (the store owner’s daughter) greeted her with a closed mouth smile as she rang up her purchases. In return, Lilah smiled back and nodded before she left the store. Soon after getting into her car, she threw a chip into her mouth, satisfying her hunger. Fulfilled, she turned on the ignition and drove to her house. Shock struck her as she realized that she finally did it, she had left Wade.

    Rapidly, her heart began beating against her chest as she pulled into her driveway and stepped out of the car. Silently, she hoped that no one was home or awake to question her return, as she heaved her backpack and suitcase out of the trunk. Heavily, her backpack slung over her right shoulder while she fumbled for the keys in her purse. After finding them, she entered the house and waited for a beat. It seemed as if no one was home, until she heard a barking outside the kitchen door.
    “Lilychubs,” she said, as she grinned. She dropped her suitcase on the floor while tossing her backpack onto the living room couch as she ran to the backdoor. Gladly, she opened the door, bent down and embraced the chubby little bulldog. Affectionately, Lily licked her face as Lilah scratched behind her ears. A loud thump from the upstairs interrupted their blissful reunion; she held her forefinger to her mouth gesturing for Lily to be quiet. Carefully, she picked up Lily and tipped-toed across the living room and crept up the stairs.
    With Lily in her arms, she slunk down the corridor looking into each room for the intruder. Suddenly, Aubrey popped out of Kevin’s bedroom.
    “WOOH!” Aubrey yelled.
    “Aaahhhh! Oh my god, Aubrey!” Lilah exclaimed, as she dropped Lily.
    “Lilah!” Aubrey said as they hugged each other. “What are you doing here?”
    “I just thought it was time to come home for a visit,” she lied.
    Her eyebrows furrowed when she noticed the gash on Lilah’s lip. “What happened to your lip?”
    “Oh, um, I was hanging a painting at the gallery and I fell; it’s nothing.”
    “I see,” she nodded with an understanding smile.
    She looked at her appearance and noticed that her medium complexion wore a natural colored foundation while nude colored lip-gloss covered her full luscious lips. Her wavy hair was straightened and was worn down as opposed to her usually bun tied hair. The thick raven tresses framed her beautiful face as lavender colored eye shadow brought out her chocolate colored eyes. In all the years that she had known Aubrey, she had only known her to wear makeup on special occasions.
    “What’s with the makeup?” Her smile was playful and curious.
    She beamed with a bold smile and linked arms with her, “Come on, I’ll tell ya downstairs.” Lilychubs led the way as they marched down the stairs.
    After they plopped down on the living room couch, Lilah didn’t waste any time.
    “Before you say a word, there’s something I’ve got to know. Where is everyone?”
    “Your parents are at the Garners having dinner, Michael is at Boston clubbin’ and Kevin is with Sharon.”
    “You mean the ***** of the East?”
    She laughed, “You took the words right of my mouth.”
    “So, what have you been up to this evening?”
    “I went on a date,” Aubrey grinned.
    “Aw, your first date. Who was the lucky guy?”
    “Lorenzo, he works with me at the record store.”
    “Oh, well I’m sure he’s a nice guy.”
    “You don’t like him and you haven’t even met him,” Aubrey’s gaze fell to the floor for a moment.
    “Sweetie, that’s not it.”
    “Lilah, I’ve known you for fifteen years, I know when you’re lying.”
    She paused for a moment before answering, “I just never thought that you’d give up…on Kevin.”
    Exasperated, she sighed, “It was only one date and moving on is not giving up. Besides, this was way overdue,” her voice cracked.
    “Aubrey, this is just hard for me to believe.”
    “Believe it. Five years, that’s how long I’ve felt this way for him. And you know what I have to show for it? Five years of tears, pain and heartache. I poured my heart out to him in what I love most, my writing, and he never replied. Do you know how that feels, not knowing if the love you feel for someone is mutual or not?” Her eyes glistened from the pools of water that nearly blurred her vision.
    “No, I haven’t.”
    “Well I have, and it feels like hell. Even though it killed me, I wore a happy face for him, to keep our friendship alive. Every night, I would cry myself to sleep,” she wiped away her tears. “You know what kept me going? The dream that maybe, just maybe one day he would tell me those words that I’ve felt for him and mean it. I lived on that dream while I watched him date that ***** he calls his girlfriend.”
    “Look, I love Kevin but we both know two things about him; number one, he’s naïve and number two, he’s a guy-he’s stupid! Sharon is nothing. He will realize what you are to him.”
    “Really? When? When he gets a spine, grows a pair and leaves her?” She asked heatedly. “Yeah, that’ll happen when hell freezes over. You don’t have to be a genius to know that he’s in an abusive relationship and ya know what the worst part is? He keeps on going back to her. I don’t know how someone can be so idiotic and insecure to be with someone who treats them like felgercarb.”
    Forcefully, she choked back her tears and avoided looking into her eyes. “I don’t know, but you don’t have the right to judge someone in that situation without knowing what it’s like.”
    “Well I’m not going to pity someone who has a problem that they know that they can solve, like Kevin. I’m eighteen, I’ve already wasted most of my teen years on him and I refuse to waste anymore. I’m just tired of living on a dream that will never happen,” she headed towards the front door.
    “I still think you’re making a mistake,” she watched Aubrey pause as she gripped the doorknob and she saw the pained expression on her face as she turned around to face her.
    “No offense, Lilah, but this is my life and I’ll do what I want with it,” she pulled the door open. “Welcome back,” she said bitterly before walking out.

    For a moment, she listened to the murmuring of the refrigerator as she wiped away a single tear. Exhausted, she pulled the quilt off the couch and pulled it over herself as she rested on her side and placed her head on the throw pillow. She closed her eyes and slept soundly.
    Sleepily, Lilah sat up and rubbed her eyes. She glanced at her wristwatch it was seven AM. Parched, she pulled herself off the couch and lazily walked into the kitchen for a glass of water. As she reached into the refrigerator for the gallon of water, the cold atmosphere within it caused her to shiver. After pouring herself a cool glass of water, she began drinking from it as she turned around and faced Wade. Her heart skipped a beat as she dropped the glass. Chards of glass covered the tile floor as the water formed a large puddle.

    “You left,” his words cut through her like a knife. Rapidly, her heart began beating as she saw the anger and fury in his brown eyes. Before she could even open her mouth to speak, he gave her a hard backhand causing her to fall against the refrigerator. Blood trickled from her mouth as her face began throbbing in pain. Pure terror filled her when she looked up and saw him aiming a gun directly at her. “You’ll never leave me again.” He pulled the trigger.
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    May 11, 2003

    pm me again when uve got the next chapter up!
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    Southern California
    OMG this is soooo good!!! :woot: :o I can't wait to see what happens next!!
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    That was such an increadibly amazing chapter! I'm speechless! Did she die or what??
  9. sugababyboo

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    Dec 16, 2002
    Suddenly, she sat up and found herself gasping for air; it was only a dream. Beads of cold sweat covered her forehead as she tried to catch her breath. From the couch she looked out the living room window and saw that sun had yet to rise, her eyes fell upon the digital clock on the oven, it was five AM. In an hour, her parents would be awake and getting ready to leave for work. Quietly, she grabbed her purse and backpack and went to the downstairs bathroom. Fifty minutes later she emerged from bathroom wearing a pair of dark denim straight leg jeans and a red sleeveless top. Lily trotted over to her holding a metal bowl in her mouth.
    “Looks like someone is hungry,” she smiled as she strolled over to the kitchen. She bent down and yanked the bag of dog food out of the cabinet and poured it into Lily’s bowl. Eagerly, the chubby little bulldog began chomping away at her breakfast.
    “ Good morning Lilah,” her father, Thomas, said with a smile as he entered the kitchen.
    “Dad,” she embraced him as if there was no tomorrow. “I’ve missed you.”
    “Likewise hunny,” he replied, as he let her go. “Ouch, that’s some gash.”
    “I was hanging a painting in the gallery and I fell,” she feigned a small smile.
    “It happens,” he grinned as he walked over to the coffee maker. “So, how have you been?” He said, as he took out a container of coffee grinds.
    She looked into his blue eyes and said, “I’ve been great.”
    Nodding he asked, “And work, how has that been going?” He switched on the coffee maker.
    “Good, I have an exhibition at the gallery in a few weeks,” she sat down at the kitchen table.
    “Really, because just the other night your mother and I were talking about coming to Manhattan for our vacation.”
    “Oh… that’s good.” She avoided looking into his eyes; she couldn’t bear to lie straight to his face.
    “We love your paintings and nothing is going to stop us from seeing your exhibition,” he poured the boiling hot coffee into his mug; he sat across from her.
    “I can’t wait,” she said.
    “How’s Wade?”
    His question caused her to pause. At that moment, she so badly wanted to reveal to him her inner turmoil; but she couldn’t. “Umm… he’s doing well. He just got a promotion at the law firm.”
    “Everything sounds as if it’s falling into place for you two.”
    “Yeah… I guess they are.”
    Trudy interrupted their conversation by hugging Lilah from behind. “Sweetie, it so good to have you here.”
    “It’s great to be home,” Lilah stared into her mother’s indigo eyes. They smiled at each other.
    “felgercarb, I’m going to be so late for my meeting,” he quickly sat up and placed his mug in the sink.
    “Wait a minute,” Trudy made her way across the kitchen and kissed her husband. Their affection towards each other reminded of her the couple she saw in the convenience store the other night. Pure love just radiated from them, and she felt a pang of jealousy. She wondered where she went wrong in her relationship with Wade and if she could ever be as happy and in love as her parents were.
    “I’ll be home early today,” he smiled at Trudy, before kissing her again.
    “I will too,” she replied. “Bye Hunny.”
    “Bye,” he grabbed his suitcase and walked out the door.
    “I should get going too, traffic is going to be hell,” she put her purse over shoulder and grabbed her suitcase. “How do I look?”
    Lilah’s eyes searched her mother’s lean body that wore a black business suit and then she gazed at her mother’s black hair that framed her pale face.
    “You look beautiful.”
    She grinned, “I’ll see you when I get home,” she said as she left.
    For the next few hours she proceeded to do something she hadn’t done in a long time, relax. After making herself some breakfast, she sat down in the living room and watched one of the many daytime talk shows. Just when the female guest was about to find out the father of her child was, Michael tapped her on the shoulder and sat next to her.
    “Hey Dork,” he quipped, as he began to put on his shoes.
    “Oh how I missed your sweet big sister names for me,” she said in a sarcastic tone of voice as she smiled.
    “I know. “I haven’t seen you in a while. You ok?”
    “Yeah Jackass, I’ve been all right,” she joked.
    “Ok, I gotta get my ass to work, see ya,” he grabbed his keys and walked out the door. Moments later, Kevin joined her on the couch.
    “Hey Kev,” she said.
    “Hi,” he sighed.
    “What is it now?”
    “Sharon and I just had a fight. I didn’t call her to tell her if she had work today and she *****ed me out.”
    “Why am I not surprised?”
    “She’s not that bad, ok. I just mess up once in awhile and it gets her mad.” She gazed at him closely. “What?”
    “Stay right here,” she got up and went to the bathroom and she came back with a cleansing cloth in her hand. She sat back down next to him and put the cloth in his hand. “Here, wipe this eye,” she pointed to her right eye.
    “Just do it.” He folded the cloth in half and wiped away the cover up that masked her black eye. His mouth dropped open. “It looks like we’re both with people that enjoy to tear us down.” A tear fell down her face.
    “Wade did this to you?” A mixture of shock and pure rage boiled within him. “F-for how long?”
    “Over a year. You’re the only one I’ve told.”
    “Lilah..how could you just let him do this to you?”
    “The same reason you let Sharon treat you like dirt; fear. You think that you can’t do any better than her and there’s..there’s this sense of security you have with her. At the end of day, you’d rather be with a *****, than to be alone.” There were no sobs, only tears.
    He knew that she was right, but he didn’t need to say anything to verify it. “That’s why you came here, to get away from him.”
    “I don’t know how the hell I did it, but I just couldn’t take it anymore. The beatings, the verbal abuse and…one time he forced himself on me.” He saw the secret pain she had been keeping within herself being released right in front of him through her quiet sobs. To console her, he brought her body to his; he wrapped his arm around her waist and with his other hand, he gently pushed her face to his shoulder. She embraced him and softly cried on his shoulder.
    Later on, Kevin had gone to work, which left Lilah home alone. Instead of spending the whole day in front of the television, she decided to do some chores around the house. First, she had to unpack her belongings. Surprisingly, her parents had kept her bedroom the way she had left it. The bed still wore the same floral comforter and all her art awards were stood on the little white desk she used to study at. Leisurely, she paced over to the closet and unpacked her things.
    Soon after, she returned to the living room but she sensed that she wasn’t alone. Cautiously, she turned around; no one was behind her. A knocking at the front door caught her attention; it was only the mailman. She laughed at herself after accepting the package.
    “Just relax Lilah,” she told herself, as she walked back to the living room, where Wade was standing. Frightened, she gasped and looked at the backdoor in the kitchen, it was open. Her eyes traveled to the living room, where he stood.
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    write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woot:
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    oh my God! This time, it CAN'T be a dream!!!!!!!!post more! post more!
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    Dec 16, 2002
    His breaths were deep as his chest rose and fell. The anger in his stance reminded her of a predator readying itself to attack its prey. “You promised that you wouldn’t leave me,” his voice was low and filled with malice as he made his way over to her. “You lying [EDIT]!” He smacked her already bruised face. Then, he attempted to punch her but failed as she blocked him with her forearm. Shocked, he looked at her and was stunned when she gave him a right jab to his face.
    Realizing that she had the power to fight back, she then gave him a timid front kick to his crotch causing him to groan in pain and stagger back. Just as she was about to throw another punch, he whipped out a gun and aimed it at her.
    “You are coming back to Manhattan and you are never going to leave me again.” Michael crept through the backdoor and tackled Wade from behind, while knocking the gun out of his hand. Both men rolled onto the kitchen floor as they struggled to pin each other down. With his muscular body, Wade had the upper hand and pinned Michael to the tile floor by straddling him. He pulled out his Swiss Army knife and drove it towards Michael’s chest. Suddenly, a bullet burned through his arm causing him to tumble off of Michael. Panting, Michael glanced at Lilah and saw her holding Wade’s gun with both hands. He crawled over to her and she helped him get on his feet.
    “What are you doing here?” She asked.
    “I always come home on my lunch break,” he replied. “God,” he cupped the side of her face that wasn’t injured and gazed at her bruise. “That bastard.”
    She shoved him to the couch when Wade charged towards her. She shot him in the leg twice and watched him collapse to the ground.
    Moments later, Michael called the police, their parents and Kevin. Lilah changed out of her clothes and took a long shower. Aubrey was sitting on her bed when she walked into her bedroom. Dressed in a bathrobe, she sat next to her.
    “I feel like such a [EDIT],” she avoided looking into Lilah’s eyes.
    “You didn’t know.”
    “Still, what I said-.”
    “Was honest.”
    “Nothing you say is going to make me feel less guilty.”
    “I know. But I can’t hate you, because you’re like family and I can’t hate family,” she gazed at her. The silence between them was good.
    “Your parents want to talk to you,” Aubrey said as she got up and opened the door. “I’ll talk to you later,” she left.
    Trudy and Thomas entered the room and sat next to her on both sides. Not a word was said between them for the first few minutes; Trudy finally spoke.
    “We thought that we prepared you for this,” she spoke softly. “I guess we didn’t.”
    “Mom, this isn’t your fault. It was my problem,” she said.
    “That bastard is lucky that he is jail, because if he wasn’t-,” Thomas said in a very angry voice.
    “Thomas,” Trudy said.
    “No one, touches my child and violates them the way he did to you,” tears of anger were forming in his eyes. “No one.”
    “Dad, it’s over now. Everything is going to be all right.”
    “That’s what you think, but I will not get past this until he is rotting in jail.”
    “Lilah-,” Trudy began to say.
    “Can we please just stop talking?” Lilah said.
    “What do you want us to do?” Trudy asked.
    “Just hold me, like the way you two used to do when I was a kid.”
    “Of course,” she answered. For the rest of the night, they held their daughter until she fell asleep in their arms.
    The warm sun beamed down on Lilah as she stood atop Thompson’s bluff and stared down at North Franklin. It had been two years since Wade had attacked her at her parents’ house. Since then, he had been charged with battery and rape; he was currently serving a four-life sentence without parole. No charges were pressed against her because she claimed self-defense. She is now one of the wealthiest and most prestigious artists in Manhattan. During her free time she volunteers at a center by her apartment that helps battered women and men. She now has something that she has been searching for her whole life, inner peace. When she looks back at her experience with Wade, a quote comes to mind, “You may trod me through the very dirt, but like dust, I will rise.” She isn’t sure who said it, but she loved how true it was.
    The End
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    : * ( nnnnnnooooooooo i have nothing to look forward to now! write more fan fic soon or i'll explode!
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    wow! what an ending. impressive!
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    Awww thanks sweetie. I am working on a new fic
  16. omg. okay now i've read through so many of ur fics. I love them all! *runs off to read more*
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