The Ship!


An Old Friend
I'm Waiting For My Ship To Come In!

How often do you hear those words?
How often do you say them?
In life, we all are faced with obstacles which seem overwhelming.
All we need is that one winfall, that one love, that one feeling which will make it all better.
We live with the dream always just over the horizon.
Day after day, its so close we can feel it in our fiber.
Yet, it never seems to come!

This one thing, so simple, will fix all that is wrong in my life!
So, we hope, we pray, we beg for that ship to come in and make everything all better.

We just know, one break and everything will be alright.
But...Life doesn't work that way for most of us.
We wait and wait and...wait some more but...nothing!
There is a solution.
A simple solution...

Stop waiting for your ship to come in!

You have to use reason, planning, perseverence and patience to get what you need in life.
It doesn't matter if its money to pay your bills, that one true love or inner peace.
It's not going to just happen. Ya gotta make it happen but ya gotta be smart about it to make it happen.

People seem to think there is some magical gift others have to make life work out for them.
Its not the grand gestures, its the lil things you do right now that add up to that place you want to be.
Making the right choices in the present allows your future to unfold in a predictable way.

There will always be obstacles in your way.
The obstacles are not the problem, what you do about them sets the path.
You gotta think it thru.
You gotta make the right decisions and follow the right path to get you where you want to be.
Be proactive instead of reactive.

I was notified of a winfall today.
Seems the VA charged me and shouldn't have.
I paid the bill. I always pay the bill if I have the money to do so. Sometimes I forego things I want, to pay the bills.
I paid the bill even tho I disagreed with the tactics they used (I posted about it).
Well, I paid my bill, left it as a done deal and today they sent me a letter telling me I over-paid by hundreds of dollars and I will be getting a refund.
I did the right thing, I paid my bill on time.
I wasn't expecting that money back.
This is a winfall I was not expecting...Free Money!
In essence, my ship came in!

I adopted the disipline to pay my bills on time no matter what.
I've been rewarded for my efforts.
I never did it to gain a winfall or a benefit.
Yet, it paid off never the less.

To get closer to your dreams, its the lil things which may not seem like part of the plan that cause your dreams to come true.
All the lil things add up.
I found a great girlfriend without actually looking for 'her'.
I had to drop my expectation of who I wanted her to be and see her for who she actually is.
Once my own blinders came off, I was better able to appreciate the good soul she actually is.
I'm no longer alone in life.

Having toyed with suicide, my depression was way out of control.
I had to change my life in order to live again.
It was way easier than I had thought.
I now have inner contentment which had eluded me for most of my life.
I can think rationally.
I make better decisions now.
I don't have the same old problems I used to dread.
Reality is now....comfortable!

All the things I hoped were just around the next corner most of my life actually were but..I was in my own way.
My reactive decisions kept me stuck in a rut.
It seemed I could never dig myself out.
Life was hell!

Wisdom comes at a price.
You gain the deepest meaning by trial and error.
Seems like I made all the errors, a lifetime of them!
When you gain wisdom you stop making the same mistakes over and over again.
New mistakes are stopped before they start.
You make better, sound decisions in life.

If what you are doing right now isn't working out for you, you're doing it wrong.
Only YOU can change it.
The change isn't always a big one.
Sometimes the lil things do matter in the long run.
Ya just gotta stick with it.

Most of the time, if it feels right, it probably is.
If it doesn't, question it and make the changes you need to MAKE IT feel right.
You ship will come in and it may already be here, waiting for you!


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
many people make the mistake of being too passive and depending on other people or events to fix their lives.
I've taken a lot of suck jobs for which I was hugely overqualified cuz I was determined to pay my bills and be independent. looking back...I don't regret.


even paranoids have real enemies! you can get on the wrong side of things, let me tell you, but yes, its how you deal with it that makes your reality, its all about perceptions...a lot of that is trained into us, how we perceive the world, so a lot of fixing it is untraining yourself, getting over the bs that somebody told us and we mistakenly took as real....b