Sci-Fi The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester (Audio Book)


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester (Audio Book) - 8 hrs.mp4

In this pulse-quickening novel Alfred Bester imagines a future in which people "jaunte" a thousand miles with a single thought where the rich barricade themselves in labyrinths and protect themselves with radioactive hit men - and where an inarticulate outcast is the most valuable and dangerous man alive. The Stars My Destination is a classic of technological prophecy and timeless narrative enchantment by an acknowledged master of science fiction.

by zzwildbillzz
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This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
Jan 30, 2009
zis the one where a spaceman is left stranded and somehow survives and goes on a revenge tour against the ones what didn't help him (spoiler: a blind rich woman)? recruits a female teacher to guide him thru upper society.
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