The State of Science & Technology As of 2014


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I really think the transporting stuff is impossible, as is time travel.
unless we find some handy wormholes I don't see interplanetary travel. diminishing returns (barring quantum technology jump, which I don't see.)


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Transporting has already been done - both quantumly and via photons

Time travel is impossible at our current understanding.
Even if you could jump in time, You would also need to take consideration of mass movement of the entire Universe or you would end up in space somewhere - or worse, inside a star or planet.
Everything is always moving. From a quantum particle to the entire expanding Universe.

I always believed that if one could isolate a craft from the movement it could remain still in relation to everything else. That craft would travel great distances very fast as the rest of the Universe passes it by.
Wait - I should publish that!

Lets see...
1. Separate from the rotation of the Earth - It would take 24 hrs to circle the globe.
2. Then Separate from the revolution of the Earth around the Sun - It would take 1 year to travel all the way around the Sun at our present orbit. Thats quite a bit faster than anything we can do now.
3. Separate from the Sun's occilation in the Orion Arm - We now move perpendicular to our previous movement. Now we are navigating.
4. Separate from the rotation of the Galaxy - We are now seeing the galaxy moving away at an incredible rate.
5. Separate from the Galactic Local Group - We are now speeding between Galaxies
6. Separate from the Virgo SuperCluster and we are crossing the Universe
7. Separate from the Universe and we are in Madness

All of this is calculatable if we know the relative speed of each entity and can figure our own speed.
You can simulate some of this in Celestia if you set the time speed to the exact speeds. Then make your view point Static. I'm sure a supercomputer could create a model if anyone cared to try.

Perhaps one day we will find a way to capture a static spot in Time/Space and actually be able to move around that way. Thrusting here and there for navigation. Perhaps whe AI reaches Singularity I'll ask it to try.


This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
what confuses me about this transport / time travel is the relative location aspect. if I 'go back' in time would I appear in the same place on planet Earth? or the same place in the solar system/galaxy? Terran maps start with a zero meridian in England and everything is measured relative to Greenwich. how would transport / time travel work?


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what confuses me about this transport / time travel is the relative location aspect. if I 'go back' in time would I appear in the same place on planet Earth? or the same place in the solar system/galaxy? Terran maps start with a zero meridian in England and everything is measured relative to Greenwich. how would transport / time travel work?
I think the problem is best visualized. :D



This is news, Vincenzo, NEWS!
wow, that's exactly what I was trying to say.
a picture is worse than a thousand words, as they say.

besides, if time travel were possible, our past wouldn't be so screwed up, would it?

if one could go back and record/observe one event in the past, what would it be?
Kennedy assasination
death of Alexander (and burial/place)
verify Hitler died and did not sneak off to Argentina


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Breakthrough in CLL Treatment

Saturn Gets a New Moon

Researchers Clone Human Cells

Photoswitches Advance Solar Technology

Water Found on Saturn's Moon Enceladus

Gravitational Waves from the Big Bang

Prosthetic Hand Gives Amputee Sense of Touch

Using young blood to fight old age

Robots that cooperate

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Manipulating memories

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An Ocean's Worth Of Water Below Earth's Surface?

Galactic Supercluster Laniakea

An Artificial Yeast Chromosome Was Built From Scratch

Voyager reaches edge of the solar wind

Physicists Image and Control the Motion of the Two Electrons in a Helium Atom

New Breakthrough May Lead to Instant-Start Computers

Scientists Synthesize an Entirely New Form of Silicon

A Pill to Shed Fat?

A New Understanding of How to Trap Light

Scientists Use Real Data to Measure the Cosmos

Researchers Demonstrate Superconductivity without Cooling

Engineers Move Toward Using Light Instead of Wires Inside Computers

Study Investigates Interaction between the Higgs Particle and Gravity

Scientists Develop a Nanolamp with a Lightning-Fast Switch

Physicists Demonstrate Control of a Two-Qubit System

Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Milestone

Scientists Use String Field Theory to Validate Quantum Mechanics

A Potential Indication of Dark Matter

New Quantum Properties of H2O and H2

Nanoparticles Allows Physicists to Select the Direction of Light

UNIGE Physicists Teleport Quantum State of a Photon to a Crystal

Mysterious 3D Grid of Quantum “Tornadoes” in Liquid Helium Revealed

Atomic Scale Imaging of Magnetic Structures

ATLAS Collaboration Detects Process Even Rarer Than Higgs Particle

Physicists Track Quantum Errors in Real Time

Evidence of the Direct Decay of the Higgs Boson to Fermions

Physicists Build Invisibility Cloaks for Visible Light in Diffusive Media

Physicists Discover How to Turn Light into Matter

Physicists Confirm Discovery of Four-Quark Hadron

Third Law of Thermodynamics Restored in Thin Films of Spin Ice

Physicists Create Synthetic Magnetic Particle

CERN Antimatter Experiment Produces First Beam of Antihydrogen

PEPs Might Make Quantum Condensation Possible at Room Temperature


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Any ONE of these discoveries might be used for new Science Fiction!

Take The last entry as an example:
PEPs Might Make Quantum Condensation Possible at Room Temperature

Quantum Condensation at room temperature.
That is making something out of nothing using information from a quantum source.

Transporter Technology?
Replicator Technology?

Is Science Fiction becoming Science Fact?
Being as this is the beginning of the 21st Century might we infer that by the 24th Century these scientific discoveries may lead to technology that is within our definitions of Science Fiction today?


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