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Season 2 "the telling"

Discussion in 'Alias' started by sdmix, May 5, 2003.

  1. sdmix

    sdmix Rocket Ranger

    Mar 3, 2003
    what the HELL!!! is going on? obviously, the big question is: how did Sydney end up in hong kong 2 years later not having any memory of those 2 years? alright sure fine. now my assumption is that it has something to do with Sloane's new Rambaldi device called "the telling." but i'm very interested to hear others ideas on that.

    other interesting development: Irina's reference to the prophecy about the person to bring together Rambaldi's works, bind them with fury and so on and so on. i've noticed there've been alot of people on here talking about how the picture of the woman in the prophecy didn't look like Irina. and the logical answer to those questions about why it didn't is simply to say that at that point in the show they hadn't cast Irina Derevko yet, and so they made the picture look like Sydney with the hopes of casting someone to play Irina who looks a fair bit like Jennifer Garner. but now if what Irina was saying is true, the prophecy is about Sydney but not about her bringing desolation, but being the only one that prevented it. is that what everyone else understood? i should have watched the ep a couple more times before posting to make sure that i had my facts straight, but i couldn't wait.

    and of course one of the very large and perhaps most upsetting to many, is the whole Vaughn is married scenario. he sure moves on fast. only 2 years he waited and he didn't even see a body. i could understand 2 years if he had seen her body, but c'mon Vaughn!!!

    now due to the detail of the Rambaldi prophecy involving Sydney and the fact that the picture looking like Sydney wasn't a mistake, but part of JJ's master plan it makes me even more suspicious of what happened that day that the CIA took down the Alliance (y'all might remember my obsession with the possibility of the real Francie still being alive). it just doesn't seem to me that the time difference on that day from when Sydney called Will and told him to get out of town to when Francie was killed in her restaurant was just a production mistake. i'm not saying that i think the real Francie is still alive, but i believe something happened that day that will shed some light on..... something.

    now i believe that the show will not continue from 2 years into the future. i think that Sloane's new Rambaldi device will be used (perhaps by Sydney) to reverse time and go back to our present day. i of course have no solid reasoning to back that up, but i have a couple ideas as to why it MIGHT be a possibility. first) it seems that Merrin Dungey has been completely killed off the show, and i'm not sure they would do that. Merrin has been doing some intense physical training for her role on the show and i don't think they would have her go through all that just for one fight scene in her final episode on the show. so i think that one Francie (good or bad) will be back. and the only way to do that would either be to have the real Francie still alive or to go back in time and Sydney not end up killing the evil Francie. this would of course be assuming she will still be on the show next year. and despite all they have invested in Merrin they could write her out of the show. second) the whole Sydney and Vaughn relationship. they can't have them apart. it just wouldn't work. and so what, is Vaughn supposed to leave his wife now because it turns out Syd's alive? okay, stupid question, of course he is. lol. but seriously he's a loyal guy and i don't see him leaving his wife. so where does that leave their relationship then? it leaves it at basically nowhere. and i just don't see that as a real possibility. I WON'T ACCEPT IT!!!

    and btw, wasn't that the best fight scene ever with Sydney and evil Francie? i was actually totally hyperventilating. i couldn't feel my hands, they went completely numb. the lesson: always have a paper bag with you during ALIAS. and on anothe note, i'm so happy Will is alive. though i kinda figured that he wouldn't get killed off, there's was still that worry in the pit of my stomach. cause Bradley Cooper said in an interview that his reaction to the whole evil Francie duplicate is going to be very unexpected, so i figured Will would be around at least until we see his reaction, and that didn't really happen. okay, it's late and my mind is a whirlwind, i'm not even sure if anything that i just said makes any sense.

    okay, so please anybody share your opinions on this post. same or different. any new ideas.
  2. sdmix

    sdmix Rocket Ranger

    Mar 3, 2003
    and i apologize, really sorry for the length of my post. and what i'm i still doing here?!?! don't know. i have to be up so early in the morning.
  3. Kalan

    Kalan Rocket Ranger

    Feb 28, 2003
    East Coast booyah
    hm please scour the posts for the Kalan Theory which can be found in numerous threads centering around tonight's episode(s). i think you'll be happy with it.
  4. oxfordblues

    oxfordblues Ensign

    May 5, 2003
    wow, i was surfing for a forum where i could read other people's reactions to the finale and boy, did i get my wish with a vengeance!

    i'm just going to do a lot of speculating here, and i haven't read many of the posts so if this may seem redundant to some, skip ahead. i agree with what a lot of people have suggested already, which is that sloane has used the rambaldi device around the time that sydney killed evil francie...and i'm beginning to warm to the idea that the device is a time travelling machine of sorts, or something that manipulates time. after all, there are several hints at this possibility:

    a) this would NOT be the first time j.j. abrahms would have introduced time travel in his series. if he can do it in 'felicity,' it makes a helluva lot more sense to use it in a show like 'alias.' that might possibly make the very last bit of the finale, where sydney wakes up in hong kong, a projection of sorts, a world that may happen but hasn't happened yet from the night sydney killed francie. (and also therefor make vaughn's marriage a non-reality!!! please let that be true!!) that would explain sydney's disappearance and sudden reappearance in this 'future' hong kong scene...she would have been missing for two years because she was being subjected to time travel!

    b) what other way to become 'immortal,' what rambaldi was apparently seeking, than to create a device that manipulates time? that way one can never die if someone from the future is able to go back into the past and bring that person forth into the future. and maybe, rambaldi has already done a little time travelling already...i mean, either he was this really spot-on prophet, or maybe he actually saw with his own eyes cellular phone technology and transistors and the like. maybe rambaldi WAS here already, here in 2003.

    ...in this case i hope season 3 doesn't get too wrapped up in this whole time travel theory if this is really the case...it would be just a little too back-to-the-future for me and detract from the whole spy/solving puzzles/etc etc that has made alias so addictive...

    ...and, here's my one last little theory that is a little far fetched, but who knows? you can do lots with time travel! i've been reading spoilers for the finale all week and it was hinted that two cast members were supposed to die but only one got killed off, because the show was going over budget and needed to drop a character. we learn that will survives two years into the future and we know that evil francie is killed. but like you said about merrin, i too heard she was doing major training toward the end of the season and i was thinking the same thing...what a shame to just kill her off in one ep after all that work! i'm just thinking how twisted it would be if in season 3, say they are able to play with time...and francie survives and will dies. or somehow juggle the show so that between bradley cooper and merrin dungey, one will remain a cast member and one may still be a reoccuring guest star. just a thought.

    ...anyway this time travel theory i think is the most plausible one suggested so far. does anyone have any other theories as to what *really* happens two years down the road? i don't think season 3 is going to be all about 2 years into the future either....there would be too much explaining to do in those two years that sydney has disappeared.
  5. vaughngirl

    vaughngirl Ensign

    Jan 13, 2003
    Even though I would like it to be true I just can"t get in to this time traveling theory. It seems so unrealistic and I don't think that would be good for the show.

    Also I dont think Merrim character was killed off she was shot in the arm ant then it looked like in or near each shoulder but not in her heart or any thing like that, so she could have survived .I thiink Irina had something to do with sydney's dissapearence maybe she used sydney for this prophcey and then when she was done she eraced her memory and that chould accout for the last two years.

    And I can't believe vaughn would get married just two years after syd went missing. I've heard of moving on but DAME!!!!!
  6. Drulove

    Drulove Scout

    Apr 1, 2003
    I jus tought "Wow", major cliff hanger, an didn't see it coming. Jus knew it was coming an try to figure out what. But totally wrong like most :( :( :(

    So is Will dead?

    An Vaughn has moved on now, married? Well that complicates things :unsure:

    So what about her Dad?

    An yes, I loved the Syd/Evil Francie fight seq. - best since Buffy gutted Faith at the end of S3. :D :D :D
  7. < O >

    < O > Rocket Ranger

    May 5, 2003
    No, Will is not dead. One of the few things Vaughn told Syd at the end of the episode was the Will is alive and Evil Francie is not.

    I was also wondering about the three bullets Merrim (Francie) took at the end of the fight scene. More interesting than their color was their size! I was trying to figure out what kind of gun Syd was using because the bullet entrance wounds were remarkably big, I can't even imagine (and I doubt they could show on TV) the size of the exit wounds. Anyone know anything about guns and get a good look at it?
  8. AlIaSMVLuVa

    AlIaSMVLuVa Rocket Ranger

    Mar 2, 2003
    Ontario CANADA!!!!!
    OXFORDBLUES, i totally agree with ur theory... and i want it to be true sooooooooooooooooooooooo badly... i think if Vaughn married someone else i will seriously freak out and go insane.... and i sooooooo hope she's like travelling in the future or something cuz dat would suck. and ya, i think nex season is obviously gunna start off with what happened after da Syd/evil Francie fight(it wuzzz soooo good) but ya i hope it's sum time travel machine.... if vaughn actually did marry someone OMG OMG OMG :( :confused: :( :mad: :o and knew dat Syd was da prophecy gurl da pic looked like her, and i dun really get this Irina business she's not loyal to the CIA, but she's not loyal to Sloane and she cares for Syd.... lol it's sorta confusing, and i dun think Will is dead, because there wuz only one person left to die, and it certainly looked like Evil Francie wuz more dead than Will!

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