The third Derevko-sister

Jan 21, 2004
Linköping, Sweden
What do we know about Irina and Katyas sister, whats her name, Elena? Do we know anything else about her?
Poll: When do you think she will be dragged into the Alias plot? Another Derevko-sister, they can't leave her out, can they?

Both Irina and Katya are in the spy/agent/Rambaldi buisness, why should she be left out? And it seems like on this show, if one member of the family is in the "buisness", everybod else is (Bristow, Vaughn, Sloane) :D .

Maybe Elena will be another part of the genetics concerning the Passenger or the Chosen one? Or maybe she's the head of the Covenant? or the Man? What do you think?

*sorry if this has been posted somewhere else*
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