Sci-Fi The Time Machine (2002)

I really enjoyed this movie. While it wasn't the best I've ever seen, it was still a decent way to spend time. And the soundtrack... Insanely good stuff. Anyone else see this one?
Wait, was this the terrible adaptation of H.G. Wells' classic novel? The thing that completely failed to follow any semblance of the original story or setting? The movie with that whiney and annoying actress playing a part that was entirely fabricated solely for the movie's shambling excuse for a plot?

(Honestly, don't mind me, I'm very biased when it comes to cinema. But, honestly, Wells would probably have hated this movie. *grins*)

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An Old Friend
I remember the movie but don't recall the soundtrack. Any examples?


All music composed by Klaus Badelt.

No. / Title / Length:
1."Professor Alexander Hartdegen"1:25
2."Wish Me Luck"1:21
4."The Time Machine"3:11
5."Bleeker Street"2:26
6."I Don't Belong Here"3:48
7."Time Travel"4:36
9."Good Night"4:03
10."Stone Language"4:53
11."Morlocks Attack"4:23
12."Where the Ghosts Are"1:36
13."The Master"7:15
14."What If?"6:16

Klaus Badelt's Youtube Time Machine Playlist Complete

There ya go...
I think this version of the Time Machine was done well, not like the book, but had its soul never the less. The score by Klaus Badelt was amazing. he really captured the essence of time travel.