The tiny globule is here!



i've just started a new sci-fi/fantasy/horror/weird short fiction site that some of you good people may be interested in...

obviously any submissions are welcome but if you're not a writer just pop over and read some of the great fiction living on there! graeme!@thetinyglobule :smiley:
why is this moved???? it certainly relates to sci-fi and there are VERY similar threads in the creative imaginations section!
Probably because it was your first post and it looked like another spam post because you advertized your site before you posted anything resembling content. I'm amazed you didn't get banned for spamming. Now that you have a few posts they can see you are interested in joining the community you can probably include your link in your signature.
My advice is to add your site to the links section, include it in your signature and join in on some more discussions.
aha! i didn't really think of that! sorry! i should have put a bit more though into that! (i'll probably get banned for overuse of exclamation marks now though!) :blush:

this seems like a nice place to hang out. i DO intend to stick around and take part in the site. i was even going to put a banner link to here from my site too...