"The Vigilante" - Short Sci Fi Thriller


“The Vigilante,” is a live action, 30-minute thriller about a teenage orphan avoiding corrective brain surgery.

We are currently attempting to raise $70,000 through Kickstarter, an all-or-nothing fundraising website for creative projects. We have 10 days left in our campaign and have raised $28,000, 40% of our goal. If we don’t raise the full $70,000 by June 11th, we get nothing.

The third short film of feature film proportions by director Jules Hamilton, “The Vigilante” is a full scale trans-media project, spanning multiple websites, social media (including Facebook and Twitter) and graphic novels.

Through these various mediums, the fictional world of “The Vigilante” has been created; a world with neuro-plastic surgery, where science has developed the procedure to customize the human mind, raising the bar for human self-improvement. Set in a time when corrections become an affordable procedure, the choice to surpass one’s limitations or to embrace one’s natural identity is left to the individual to decide; wards of the state, such as asylum inmates, prisoners, and orphans, are the only exceptions.

“The Vigilante” is a film about Artemis, a boy genius who is thrown into state custody after tragically losing his parents. The other orphans eagerly await their neurological corrections in hopes for a better future, but Artemis doesn’t want one. Deprived of the rights of ordinary citizens, Artemis narrowly escapes to live on his own. At odds with a rapidly changing society, Artemis fears the direction of progress and takes matters into his own hands. Driven by nostalgia for the past and a disdain for correction culture, Artemis fights to preserve a world, to which he feels he has fallen victim.

Following the science-fiction tradition, The Vigilante merges Minority Report with Alan Moore's Watchmen, combining the trepidation, wonder, and excitement of both into an eerie, superhero-less, urban setting. It's a film that questions what is essential to being human, and what happens when you gain the ability to customize the human mind?

science fiction, fanfiction, dystopia, film, short, vigilante, corrective, corrections, transhumanism, singularity