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The Villikon Chronicles

Discussion in 'Sci-Fi and Fantasy Talk' started by Tom, Jul 13, 2008.

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    Our world has entered a new millennium, and the changing face of science fiction beckoned for a new franchise. The Villikon Chronicles became that franchise, which plays against the backdrop of a militarized universe. Though the Villikon universe is distant and futuristic, it wears the face of our own society. This is the saga of a fictional dynasty. The Villikon adventures serve to explore the depths of civil unrest, prejudices, and the power of hypocrisies wielded by militaries, governments, religions, monarchies, and societies making the same destructive decisions that prevail in our own history. This is an entertaining and explorative look into a galaxy with qualities and misgivings comparative to our own but distilled behind the mask of social commentary. The comic books were only the beginning, and were derived from an original motion picture screenplay.

    The canvas of a theatrical movie screen is where the VC universe was always destined to go, and soon a motion picture derivative of THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES will come to life.

    “ ...I’ve appreciated the supportive camaraderie amongst all departments through the many different chapters this project has written over the course of nearly 10 years. It is with professionalism and sincere creative expression, dedication, patience, work ethic, diligence, and true passion to the crafts of filmmaking that an alliance of production companies and talents has given life to the pages of Villikon. A story and its artwork will be born before our very eyes into what will be a visually stunning achievement, and after all, isn't that what it's all about?

    Bryan J. Kinnaird
    YK Productions/Silent Nemesis Workshop
    Executive Producer "The Villikon Chronicles"
    phone (206) 339-5441

    photographer Tom Skinner




    photographer Tom Skinner



    Fans of the Villikon Chronicles have waited patiently for a film adaptation of the popular graphic novel series. Finally, Villikon creator and Executive Producer Bryan J. Kinnaird GENESIS OF EVIL. brings forth a motion picture installment of The Villikon Chronicles, entitled:

    Framed for a genocidal crime he didn’t commit, CAPTAIN KORT VILLIKON, revered military leader, esteemed nobleman, and time-honored war hero, is processed expeditiously through the justice system, banished from his home world of Roma, and expelled to a gothic prison planet. Itasca is a treacherous nexus populated by the vagrants of villainy. Dinosaurian Dirt Whales, warmongering clans, and giant underground dwelling gastropods thrive in Itasca’s ecology. <more>
    Five years after his exoneration, ADMIRAL KORT VILLIKON is the overseer of operations for the prison world of ITASCA; the same planet he was imprisoned on for 10 years before he was extracted and reinstated as one of the galaxy’s most revered military commanders. ZANDORA, his wife, was left on Itasca after PORPHYRIANS hybridized her. DEZ’REE, their daughter, was traumatized by her mother’s fate. Villikon placed her in an isolation institute with MYSTERE, also hybridized by Porphyrians.<more>
    Two years have passed since Prophet OSEIDEN and Queen SHA’LESTE set out to destroy the family Villikon, enslave the galaxy, and transform civilization into a Porphyrian society. Galactic Armageddon prevailed as they unleashed the power of TRIASSIC NAZARETH, and destroyed most all of the known civilized worlds. Supreme General KORT VILLIKON established a new government on the former prison world of ITASCA, one of the last hospitable planets in all the quadrants. <more>

    In a forbidden militarized quadrant, a cargo vessel transporting slaves prematurely phases out of hyper-dimensional space and crashes on the foreboding prison world of ITASCA. Marooned where new convicts and space rubbish are deposited every forty days, CAPTAIN AFOGNAK and a handful of survivors escape the crash site only to be hunted by PORPHYRIANS, a clandestine hive of vampirical hybrids. Pursued to the DESERT GULF, Afognak settles the survivors in a dry ravine and befriends a slave woman, her eight-year old daughter MYSTERE, and Mystere’s orphaned friend, FALLON.<more>

    In a drama spanning ten years, in a time and space distant from our own, amicable and loathsome characters come to life in THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES and personify the intricacies of military valor, ancient prophecies, forbidden love, political strife, and criminal punishment in a fantastic tale seasoned with gothic eroticism, soldiers of fortune, and military bureaucracy against the backdrop of a prison world with no reprieve. <more>

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