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The Vital Spark

Discussion in 'General' started by abercrombieprep, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. Okay, so some of you may have read this at fanfiction.net or SD-1, but I've decided to post this here as well. It's the beginning of a triliogy and it picks up straight from the end of season one, back when Syd was about to face her mother.

    The Vital Spark
    Chapter One

    "Mom?" Sydney asked more than slightly dreading the response.

    "Oh Sydney, I've missed you so much. I'm so afraid for you," her mother answered.

    "What?" Sydney questioned. Her mother was afraid for her? She was the one who was holding her in chains, the one who betrayed her. "You must be crazy. If anyone should be afraid, it's me," she spat out glaring at her mother.

    Laura looked hurt almost confused. "No dear, why would you be afraid. I’m your mother. You should not fear me."

    "Because you are a lying, evil, sad excuse of a human! You betrayed my father and I, our country! You killed innocent people like my best friend's father..." she faltered and whispered, "My best friend."

    Vaughn. How could she have forgotten? He was her best friend in the world, the only one she could be completely honest with. And now, she had killed him like all the other men in her life. His face when he was drowning was etched in her memory. He had been her best friend, but if SD-6 were gone, if times were different, they could have been much more.

    "Sydney, there is something you have to understand. I would never hurt anyone without a reason. You were that reason. When I was a young girl in Russia I was much like you. At sixteen I learned who my father really was, the head of the KGB. He recruited me in, told me that it was for the benefit of Russia, much like Arvin Sloane did to you. I continued my work, but when I met your father I fell in love. You were not part of the mission. I never planned to leave you, but my mission was over. I refused to leave. Within hours agents had surrounded the house. My father threatened to kill you if I didn't leave. I had no choice," Laura explained. Tears that had filled her eyes overflowed and ran down her cheeks. "The Man, he did this to you. And now I have a chance to right what's wrong."

    Sydney sat dumbfounded. Her mother couldn't be lying, and if she was she deserved an Oscar. She turned her head up to her mother just in time to see her bring the syringe up to her arm. Within seconds Sydney was out cold.

    Yeah... I know... short... more coming very soon! So review already! :)
  2. CLCgolfca

    CLCgolfca Rocket Ranger

    Dec 20, 2002
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    yes... short! I like! Do I get more? Or can my warped brain make up it's own 'stuff'? :P
  3. Chapter Two

    Sydney awoke with a start. Her head reeled as she tried to remember where she was.

    "Finally you're up. I was worried about you," a female voice spoke beside her.

    Sydney sat up at once. Her mother had drugged her. She took in her surroundings quickly. She was in a car, that from the signs along the dark road was traveling south. She turned to the driver, unsurprised to see her mother's features greet her in the unilluminated car.

    "Where are we going and what are you going to do with me?" she questioned.

    "We are headed to Kao-hsiung where we'll board an airplane to Los Angeles," her mother replied matter-of-factly.

    "You have to kidding me! What are you going to do when we get to America? 'Oh, hi! I'm Laura Bristow. I'm an enemy of the United States who supposedly died twenty years ago.' Yeah, that will go over well. And why would I ever go anywhere with you? You'll just use me the way you used dad."

    "Sydney I explained to you what happened."

    "I believed you up until you shoved a needle in my arm and kidnapped me." Sydney turned her head toward the window, escape on her mind. Her mother had to be pushing 95 miles per hour. She was stuck, there was no way she was going to jump out.

    "Sydney, I did that to save you. When we get to LA I can report what I know about The Man and his organization to the CIA. We can go straight to your superiors and report everything, I promise."

    "Don't promise me anything. Promises are just lies with a special name," Sydney said quietly, "Besides, do you think that reporting everything you know will make up for your actions? Will it help you sleep better at night? No matter how well you peddle your story you are still an enemy of the state. They will take you into custody."

    "I know," came Laura's sad response. Sydney turned her head and willed herself not to say anything. Silence consumed the car as it drove towards their destiny.


    In a loud club in Taipei, a drenched man made his way through the crowd. He quickly searched for a familiar face. Without any luck he walked out and made his way to the agreed upon extraction point. Two men sat waiting, both looking worried. One looked like he had been to hell and back. The other man sat in an awkward silence.

    Will Tippin looked at the man who entered and gave him a once over. Water was streaming down his black pants and shirt.

    "We'll have to leave without them," Jack Bristow said to the pilot, "I can't find either Sydney or Agent Vaughn."

    Reply por favor! It's Christmas... and I love reviews! It can be my gift! :xmas:
  4. Alias

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    Dec 8, 2002
    I LIKE IT!!!!! Please post more soon, and please don't have Vaughn be dead!!
  5. mga1999

    mga1999 Ensign

    Dec 20, 2002
    And here I thought you'd have at least 5 chapters posted. Gee girl are you getting lazy? j/k

    You know I love this story. It's great to see you posting it here.

    Can't wait for more.

  6. Jonathan

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    Nov 24, 2002
    San Jose, CA
    Great! I love "Promises are just lies with a special name."

    Great line!
  7. CLCgolfca

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    Dec 20, 2002
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    elyse, you rock!!! and DITTO on that "Promises" line!! :D
  8. alligirl

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    Dec 21, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Very nice, Elyse, sweetie!
  9. Mystifying Mermaid

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    Dec 20, 2002
    Deep in the heart of Kansas...
    Always better the second time, Elyse! :sigh: I wish people read my fics...
  10. Alias

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    Dec 8, 2002
    I read your fics!! Please post more abercrombieprep!! Love it!
  11. Wow... reviews! I love them... you have no idea how much I love reviews! :LOL: So here's the next part. Just keep in mind that these chapters suck because they were written before season two, so it's basically all AU. And I wrote them along time ago before I got my feel for writing. And they're short. So very short. :LOL: So I'm rambling... get used to it! :P

    Chapter Three

    "We can't leave Sydney," yelled Will, panic clear in his voice.

    "Mr. Tippin, I have been through that building. Sydney is not in it. She and Agent Vaughn must have been caught," Jack said, wringing out his shirt.

    "Who the hell is Agent Vaughn?"

    "An agent sent in to help Sydney. Neither have come back. It is obvious that the mission was compromised. We must leave now or the people that have them will find us," Jack insisted.

    "I'm not leaving Syd."

    "She will be fine on her own. If you stay here her life will be at even more of a risk. Get on the plane," Jack demanded.

    Will knew he was over-ruled as he turned and boarded the military plane.

    "By the way Jack, why are you soaking?" he asked timidly.

    "I searched for Sydney in the warehouse, but it was flooded. I can only imagine that she was responsible for it," Jack said, sitting on the floor of the plane.

    Within minutes Jack and Will had taken off leaving behind Sydney and Vaughn.


    "You think he awake?" an accented voice asked.

    "He look dead. Why he in water?" came another voice.

    "Maybe he go for swim. He look American. Funny people Americans," came the first voice followed by a series of pokes aimed at Vaughn's stomach, "Mister you awake? You sleep in water?"

    "Where am I?" Vaughn asked the man, suddenly aware that he was indeed submerged in water. The previous night's events came rushing back to him and he had to fight back tears. The guard had gotten Syd. She was probably being tortured right now, all because of him. She had stayed, unsuccessfully trying to save him. He had tried to tell her to run, save herself. He loved her so much, and for her to get herself hurt to save him was a terrible thought.

    "You in river. My farm. Why?"

    "I... ummm... got lost. Can you help me?"

    "You lost in river? You need help. Yes I help," said the man, his friend nodding at his side.

    'If I were lost in a river I need more than help,' thought Vaughn. "I need to get to an airport with airplanes that go to America."

    "Airplane to America far away. Take long time."

    "What the plane trip or the trip to the airport?"

    "Airport close, America no."

    "Is there anything I could change into?" seeing their confused glances he added "Can I have some clothes?"

    "Clothes yes," replied the man leading Vaughn across a field of rice paddies and into a small house.

    Vaughn returned outside wearing a pair of cotton pants that were seven inches too short and a cotton shirt that barely grazed his wrist, but ready to make his way home and see Sydney. He had realized he had to tell her how he felt even if it meant losing his job.

    Review and I'll love you forever!

  12. Midnight24

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    Dec 20, 2002
    Elyse, you posted it! Yay!!! Now I get to read it from the beginning and actually understand it, ;)
  13. mga1999

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    Dec 20, 2002
    It's so much fun to read these again Elyse. Sweetie I can't wait until you post more!

  14. pennylane

    pennylane Scout

    Dec 22, 2002
    Elyse, you know I love this story.
    I'm glad your reposting everything
    Stupid Sd-1.
    *Cries* I want Sd-1 BACK!
  15. CLCgolfca

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    Dec 20, 2002
    Nova Scotia, Canada

    ok Champy, i'm gonna say it ----> you've got some talent there, babe!! good for you!!!

    It's great now that I understand more of it, and my own warped brain isn't left to it's own devices to 'make things up' ... ;)
  16. Alias_babe2007

    Alias_babe2007 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 16, 2002
    The not so gracent Kentucky
    I don't know why I didn't notice that you had posted this here last night, Elyse, but I didn't. shame on me! but I'm here now :) I have always loved this story, and the ones that follow it, and I'm so happy that you are posting them here for all of us to read again. Can't wait until you post the next chapter so I can read it :)

  17. Marshall's_Tech_Emporium

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    Dec 22, 2002
    I love it Elyse! :xmas: I've read some of the stories after this on SD-1 so now I'm starting from the beginning. :)
  18. Wow I feel so popular! :)

    Okay... new chapter... and since I'm in a Lord of the Rings mood... I named the chapter after my favorite line!

    Chapter Four
    My Precious

    Laura and Sydney arrived in Kao-hsiung early in the morning. Neither had spoken a word in hours.

    Unexpectedly, Laura broke the silence. "Call your contact at the CIA. Explain to them the situation and make sure they let us in the states."

    Sydney looked expectantly at her mother. Laura pulled out a cell phone and handed it to her. Sydney would have done anything to call Vaughn up and meet him, to cry on his shoulder. Instead she dialed up her father.

    "Bristow here," Jack's voice gruffly said over the phone.

    "Dad it's me," Sydney said quietly, shying away from her mother's intense glare.

    "Oh thank God. Are you all right?" he asked, the relief imminent in his voice.

    "I'm fine. Dad what I'm going to tell you, you just have to believe, ok?"

    "Of course."

    "Dad, I'm with mom. She's not as bad as we thought. She's helping me escape from The Man. We're going to fly to LA, but she won't be allowed in."

    "With good reason," interjected Jack, "Sydney that woman is no good. You stay away from her."

    "Dad please. When we get there we're going straight to the CIA. She's going to report everything she knows. Then she'll be taken into custody," Sydney pleaded.

    "Put Agent Vaughn on the phone. He'll talk some sense into you."

    "I can't. He's not here?"

    "Where is he?"

    "In heaven," she whispered.


    "The flood, he didn't make it out. I... I watched him die Daddy. It's my fault."

    "I'm so sorry," Jack said, truly meaning it. He knew they had been close personally. As much as he hated to admit it he has always thought, and secretly hoped, that when Sydney was out of this mess they would be together. They were oblivious with their emotions toward each other.

    "Now he truly is my guardian angel."

    "I'll get you and your mother into the states. Just be careful," Jack said hanging up. He said a silent prayer to the late Agent Vaughn to watch over his daughter.

    Sydney sighed and handed the phone back to her mother.

    "So?" Laura asked.

    "He'll get us in."

    "That wasn't what I meant."

    "I know. Oh, look we're here," Sydney said, eager to change the subject. Little did she know that less than 200 miles away Michael Vaughn was arriving at an airport with the same destination in mind.

    Review... you'll make my day and you'll get more!

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    Dec 22, 2002
    :) I love that line and this chapter! (y) :xmas:
    Post more soon!
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    Dec 8, 2002
    I really like this story, please put some more up soon!!! ^_^

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