Season 4 The voice on the radio in Shanghai...

Ok, when she's in Shanghai, "rescuing" that guy, a voice came on the radio, and said, "Sydney Bristow...." blah blah blah...

Was that part of the charade?

Because it sounded a LOT like...oh...what's his name...the Asian guy who she killed...who Irina hired...him...


Azy in Wonderland
I think it was all part of the charade. It seems like they basically set the whole thing up to make it easier for them to demote Sydney, thus making it more plausible for her to quit.


Sydney's Lover
Right... they basically wanted all lower-level members of the CIA to think that Sydney Bristow was demoted and then she quit.

Although I have to agree with you (whoever you are, can't see your nickname or gender) that the "Hello, Sydney Bristow" part sounded a lot like Tamazaki later in the show.
hmmm could be.... but to me some of the phone calls she got, really sounded like michael vartan's voice, except lowered- but maybe i was just hearing things :P
The 1st voice you hear , shouting, "They've found me!" is MICHAEL VARTAN :love:
Listen very carefully & you can tell!!

The 2nd, deeper voice ("Hello, Sydney Bristow...") is GREG GRUNBERG... :Ph34r:
Check out the commentary track!!