The Walking Dead midseason 4 return contest!


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Nov 3, 2012

To celebrate the return of The Walking Dead season 4 we have are having a mini contest! :woot:

There are two prizes that will be awarded. :cool:

$25 Amazon Gift Card! :wideeyed:
A $25 USD gift card will be rewarded to the person who has the most on-topic posts for a week between February 9th thru the following Sunday, February 16th. In the US The Walking Dead premiere is on the 9th while in the UK the premiere will be on the 10th. The full week is to allow everybody a chance to watch it before posting.

The forums considered "on-topic" for the contest will be The Walking Dead TV, The Walking Dead Comics, The Talking Dead - TWD Chat, Movies & TV, Books & Comics, and finally the Zombie Apocalypse Survival & Defense forum. That's a lot of choices to post about!

Mystery Prize! :confused:
A prize will be awarded for the most interesting new thread in the on-topic forums! The winner of this prize is subject to the whims of the AWBM staff as to what new thread posted made us go "Mmmm....." the most.

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The fine print.... ;)
  • Prizes can be distributed to the US & UK regions. The Amazon gift card will be in the form of a virtual Amazon gift certificate that will require the winners email address. The mystery prize will be, well, a mystery and it may or not require a valid US or UK mailing address to be sent or it may or may not require a valid email address. Any stated value amounts are US dollars.
  • All AWBM community members are eligible, including staff members except for the Admin, Kevin. AWBM members who are staff on other TWD, horror, or similar genre sites are not eligible to win.
  • In the event of a tie for the most on-topic posts, the first two community members who have the overall highest post counts will be both awarded the Amazon gift card prize.
  • The AWBM staff are the final decision makers.
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