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The Walking Dead Season 3: 5 Places It Should Go From Here

Discussion in 'AWalkerBit.Me' started by Sheldon, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Sheldon

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    Nov 3, 2012
    Alderson, WV
    This article does contain spoilers of sorts, with predictions for the rest of the series based off events in the comics. Viewer beware.

    I hate this midseason break that always seems to leave you in wonder and want, making a person count the days until it comes back on. This midseason finale was especially memorable as it looks like all hell is about to break loose and Rick and the gang are going to be in the middle of it. So where do I want this series to go from here as the second half of the season is on the horizon? Read on to find out!
    5. Andrea Needs A Reunion
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    This point seems a bit obvious because it seems like as soon as Andrea got separated from the group, we were waiting for her to be reunited with them. Nonetheless, loyalties will be tested between several relationships in this second half of the season and this is one of them. Will Andrea decide to stick with her new lover, the Governor, or will she see her old friends and return to them? It has been hinted throughout the season that she doesn’t really care as much for her old mates, as she thinks that they basically abandoned her (even though we know that really isn’t the truth).

    What is interesting though is that it seems like she is starting to grow distant from the Governor and the way he runs his town. Add to that the amount of insanity the Governor has now presumably acquired and it may actually lead to her leaving him. Besides the fact that he is now crazier and more dictator-ish than before, and the fact that Rick’s group now has Michonne on their side, I have a feeling that Andrea might actually leave Woodbury and return to her old group, which will be a big boost, as they are lacking a woman as good looking as her and one that’s as good of a shooter as she is.

    Although this reunion has yet to happen, another one already has, which leads me to my next point…

    4. A Dixon Will Die
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    Honestly, both of these Dixon’s are probably lucky that they both aren’t already dead. Neither of these characters were original to the comics and Daryl’s part was created last second because they liked Norman Reedus’ audition so much. That being said, Daryl is personally one of my favorite characters now, and quite frankly I’m glad he isn’t dead. Merle was a surprise to survive as we haven’t seen him since season one (except for an occasional hallucination by Daryl), but since it was known that he will be returning in season three, this is also something that we have been waiting for since the season premiere.

    The final episode before the break was able to deliver on this quiet promise, and Daryl and Merle were both reunited as the Governor was about to put them both to death with a stunned Andrea looking on. The second half season preview also showed us that Daryl does indeed survive that encounter and it’s implied that Rick came back to save him. Merle’s fate is unknown though, as I don’t remember seeing him in the preview for the second half of the season. Just because we see Daryl and not Merle doesn’t mean that Merle didn’t survive, but in my opinion it doesn’t look good for him.

    Being a writer, I tend to look for any kind of signs that I can through dialogue and in this case expressions and tone, and one part sticks out to me. At one point when it is known that Daryl is alive, the Governor asks Merle where his loyalty is at and Merle tells him that it is with him. That led me to believe that there would be some sort of confrontation between the brothers and one would die in that battle. But since the Governor’s betrayal of Merle, I believe that statement will lead to mean just the opposite. I feel like Merle will end up sacrificing himself to save his little brother, which will start to cripple the leader in Daryl we are starting to see, just as Rick is starting to get back to his normal self. This could lead to a bonding moment between the two, and an oath of vengeance to be taken out on the Governor.

    Mentioning the Governor, I have an idea on what will happen to his utopia…

    3. The Utopia Will Become A Dystopia
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    Terrorists attacked, he has a trendy new eyepatch and his dead daughter is now dead forever. To put it lightly, the Governor had a bad day. As if he wasn’t a power hungry murderous leader before, it’s about to get a lot worse. The public execution of the Dixon brothers (or attempt to) is just the beginning for this dictator as Woodbury is about to see a change in the way the town is run. I’m not entirely sure if he will actually change his ways, as he quickly will murder anyone that looks like they could challenge his power. What I expect to happen is for these tendencies to finally come to light to the citizens, which will cause a lot of discomfort.

    With this discomfort will come fear, and with this fear will be the loss of the utopia-like state that Woodbury used to have. Now, the city will be one that lives in fear of their leader, one that will be hesitant to do the right thing (whatever that right thing may be during certain situations) and one that will listen to him like obedient dogs. This army the Governor has will now completely outnumber any army that Rick has, but it will be one that doesn’t have aim to save its life.

    Assuming Merle is dead, Woodbury has lost one of their best soldiers, and many other formidable ones died when Michonne killed them out in the woods. After a few battles and defeats from Rick’s gang, it’ll only be a matter of time before Woodbury turns on their leader and the city will be no more.

    2. Daryl And Tyreese Will Become Enemies
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    This is probably the biggest stretch I’ll make in this article, but it is one that will be backed up by fact. In the comics, Tyreese and Carol sort of have a fling of sorts, which in this Tv series will just not fly, because our fan favorite, Daryl, has a thing for Carol. Who would’ve guessed that out of all the women on this show that Carol would be the one that gets fought over? Don’t get me wrong, Carol is a great lady, and is starting to become one of my personal favorites, but she is also high up there in age and is probably one of the least attractive women I’ve seen so far in this series. Then again, what she lacks in outer beauty she makes up for in inner beauty.

    Nonetheless, this is something that could cause a riff between Tyreese and his group and Rick and his group. Naturally, Rick is going to take Daryl’s side, and this could lead to events that never happened in the comics, maybe even a switch to the side of the Governor? Whatever happens between this love triangle could have a dynamic impact on the end of the season and future events that could come from it, including maybe Carol’s suicide (which does happen in the comics) or Tyreese’s own death. Whatever the result, this subplot will be big.

    1. Carl Is The Only One With Immunity
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    I know, I know. Not a lot of people really care for Carl, and I’ll admit, he was down on my totem pole when I started watching too. I always secretly hoped a walker would have him for breakfast so he could leave, as horrible as that sounds. But ever since the speech Rick gave him on the top of the barn, I have slowly grown to like Carl. For one, he’s growing up, if not grown up. He not only looks older, but he acts older, and it seems like he could lead this group as well as anyone not named Rick could. I also believe that Carl is the only one that is immune from dying as long as this show is on TV.

    With this prediction brings a few things. The first is that a lot of people will probably be upset because a lot of people probably still feel as strongly now as I used to about him. But if there is one character that this series is driven around it is Carl, and that is starting to come to light as he continues to grow and step into the role that he is destined for, which is future Rick, but better. One that is prepared for this role and hardened to the bone ready to take on anything that comes his way. That is the Carl I can’t wait to see, even if it is a few seasons away, I’m excited.

    Along with this predictions brings something else. It means everyone is expendable. It means anyone could die at any given moment. There were a few times this season I actually thought Rick was close to death and that is exactly what the writers want us to believe. This isn’t a perfect area. This isn’t a place where the person you love will survive. Everyone will die. Rick will die. Carol will die. Michonne will die. Glenn will die. And yes ladies, your beloved Daryl will die. And it can happen at any time. Any of them can die in the next episode, and that is why this series is so great, and that is why I will forever keep watching, even if one of my favorite characters ends up dying.

    What do you want to see in the second half of this season? Let us know in the comments section below!

    Source: http://whatculture.com/tv/the-walking-dead-season-3-5-places-it-should-go-from-here.php

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    Wow, excellent post!!! You are such a great writter/blogger. I was hanging on your everyword!! Nicely done :)
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    I agree very well done !!

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