The Walking Dead, Vol. I, by Robert Kirkman, et al


Orthodox Herbertarian

Kirkman has been working on his The Walking Dean comic series for going on six years now. The series is a major monthly for Image Comics, and shows no sign of slowing down. On top of that the AMC television network is getting set to launch a major new TV series that is based on the books in October, 2010. Volume One, reviewed here, consists of the first twelve monthly issues of the comic. It is the story of a band of survivors of a zombie apocalypse as they make their way through ghoul infested lands and forage for survival. It centers around the family of Rick Grimes, including his wife Lori, and their seven year old boy, Carl. The story started out almost exactly like 28 Days Later began. Rick wakes up in a hospital - after a horrible injury – only to find that the civilization has already fallen. He then began an adventure that reunited him with his family, who had taken up with a caravan of other survivors including Rick's old patrol partner, Shane. This first volume takes the reader through the caravan's decision first to wait for help from the government, then later to leave the Atlanta area once they had given up on their rescue fantasies, as zombies started moving from the metro area out to their rural camp. In this story the zombies are as dumb and slow as ever, and pose no threat to an armed party of humans, except when the humans are surprised by a large gang of them. The humans can basically pick them off from a distance, or club them when they get closer; no problem. That leaves plenty of time for scandal, insecurity, infidelity and lots of other generalized small-group social breakdown. And that is what The Walking Dead is really about...Please click here, or on the book cover above, to be taken to the complete review.