The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln & Greg Nicotero Prank Norman Reedus With a Zombie


Survivor HQ
Nick Santonastasso, a teenager whom was born with no legs and only one arm, had a goal of playing a zombie on the TV adaption of The Walking Dead. An online petition started last December quickly grew to have several thousand supporters.

Recently Nick achieved his goal bigger than he could have imagined.

With the help of Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) & Greg Nicotero (TWD special effects guru), Nick was part of prank played on Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) in Tokyo during a press tour for The Walking Dead.

The prank was sponsored by Fox television who is the international distributor of The Walking Dead. AMC produces & airs TWD in the US while Fox distributes it in other markets. Norman was familiar with Nick and has previously tweeted some of Nicks zombie prank videos. After recovering from the initial shock of the prank played on him, Norman recognized Nick.
I guess when you make a living dealing with zombies all day, the sight of one coming at you is not as shocking as it would be for some other people.