The Way They Rule the World

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Human society is ruled by so-called "Hellish people". It deals with Hellish humanoid souls incarnated into the human bodies that, although being better than evil Hellish demons, are not still fully good, of course. They originate from a place that I call a "lower Hell", which means a less evil Hell, but still being far from the real Heaven.
Their endeavor is to reach technical development. They have two main goals. One of them is the creation and management of a positively-functioning human society and the other one is to arrange a regular occurrence of some evil things in it.
To speak about the good, I must mention efficient health service and various comforts of life like electrical power, gas, and energy distribution; personal computers; mobile phones; personal cars; the TV; education (one part is emphasized and almost perfect, one part is skipped and one deliberately wrong); laws that protect the weaker against the strong etc. Hellish people also keep good relationship between many big nations and countries.
However, let us now discover the evil they hide in our society for thousands of years. There are Hellish demons that require such terrible events like wars and terroristic actions, too poor and starving people, maltreated and abused people, those crazy ones and so on. And Hellish people have a secret agreement with these demons to arrange such evil things in the society every now and again.
Out of the newer years let us remember for instance the destruction of WTC and the creation of the fighters of Islamic State that are being killed mercilessly; and out of the older years a strike on Iraq, for example. Wars, especially those against a weaker enemy, come in handy. The victory is certain, the weapons are tested and utilized, the Hell gets filled up by the suffering of victims.
Hellish people have always ruled the world by means of "System of the Distribution of Roles". In the majority of the world they preserve peace and a developed society, in the minority conflicts, poverty or other tribulations. In locations where there is peace and a high standard of life, Hellish people do two little evil things, above all. The first is an inconspicuous deterioration of relationships (see "Cerny puntik", which means "Black Spot") and the other is an exceptional creation of the victims of some extremely evil things (in order for these two things to be arranged, information from the eavesdropping and secret observation of people is abused).
But there are facts that gave away the evil essence of Hellish people. For example, secret signs in movies, having Hellish meaning (for instance, see the end of the last episodes of the first four seasons of TV series "Game of Thrones"). Or the fact, that whereas the old songs were praising a heterosexual love between two people of opposite gender, hardly any of them was singing details about how the most intensely suffering people suffer and these most wretched ones of all must be devoted the biggest, or at least big, attention (the Hellish have always devoted much attention to healthy people, but much less to the suffering ones that are at the edge of human society like those who are fully paralyzed, and they did not legalize the euthanasia to help them).
Shortly, those who rule over us want not only good things, but also some evil ones. And they keep it hidden from us. And whilst they compose nice songs for us about love, mainly for beautiful women, if there is a need, they coldly destroy any of them.
If there is a danger that the public will get to know about the evil they are hiding, they do any possible cheat (for instance, fake videos or the right ones but gained by some clever tricks and cheats, wrong facts said to the public, influence on the people participating in the case etc.) to prevent the public from getting know or to convince it that they are not so evil. And in front of the whole human society they will put down the person that claims that they are, like they did it in case of me.