The wormhole cannot be established


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Here is a 404 page I found

The wormhole cannot be established

The planet you are looking for is currently unavailable. The planet might be experiencing Goa'uld invasion, or you may need to adjust your DHD settings to account for Stellar Drift. Please try the following:

  • [*]Press the Big Red Button button, or dial again later.
    [*]If you dialled the page address in the DHD, make sure that the co-ordinates are correct.
    [*]To check your wormhole connection settings, ignore the gate technicians and locate Major Carter , and then ask her to examine the DHD. Under the Big Red Button crystal, remove the orange crystal and replace. The settings should match those provided by your local gate network (LGN) or Ancient Gate provider (AGP).
    [*]If your local Goa'uld system lord has enabled it, DHD Diagnostics can examine your gate network and automatically discover gate network connection settings.
    If you would like Major Carter to try and discover them,
    click Super Sam
    [*]Some planets require 8 Chevron connections. Click the Asgard Communication Device menu and then click About Stargates to determine what number of chevrons you require.
    [*]If you are trying to reach another galaxy, make sure your power systems can support it. Locate the ZPM in the basement storage, and then find General O'Neill. On the Gate security tab, scroll to the Security section and check Avenger 2.0 is not running. If Avenger 2.0 is running, locate Felger and steal his Carter doll until he fixes it.
    [*]Click the Disengage button to try another planet.

Cannot find planet or gate System Error
Ancient Gate Network