Season 4 The worst directing ever...

I thought the boardroom scene was OK. It felt like I was in the boardroom myself. I mean, if I were in the boardroom, I would turn my head here and there as the focus is shifted from whoever is talking at the point in time, then on to the screens showing the pictures of terrorists, then focus back on people talking. I think the effect was intended for dramatic purposes. Or maybe I play too much First-Person Shooter games, and I'm used to jerky and shaky first-person viewpoints.

But I agree on the fight scenes. The camera work ruined it.
And yeps, the spectacles for Sloane has got to go.
I think it's amusing that for some it gave the "boardroom" scene a more sense of urgency, and for other's like myself, it completely took me out of the show.

The use of the camera like that is great, for certain circumstances, I just don't believe that it was properly used in the boardroom. Camera use like that does well for situations that call for total confusion, for example, if a bomb were to have gone off just outside the room and the characters are is such a state of shock that they, like the audience, are trying to get their bearings back.

Like I said, it's interesting to see how everyone viewed it.
victoriaellis said:
Okay, it was just highly irritating to watch the scene weeble wobble all over the place and randomly zoom in a bit and out, and whoooaa now we're over here, and let's zoom in again, no let's zoom out, and now lets float around over here....

Anyone else a bit irritated with it? It took me out of the scene, I just couldn't follow because I was so utterly confused with the choice on the use of a handicam.

I agree there was something wrong with the directing of the board room scenes. But I must say that I have liked the season so far. I like the new format. It just feels like something is boiling from under and will soon reveal its ugly head, or as in Alias speak the "OMG did not see that one coming."

Both thumbs up for Alias, however the directing in the beginning of Liberty Villiage needed to be fixed.
It was different for sure, but it really didn't bother me all that much. I thought it was interesting to try a different approach and it didn't ruin my experience of the scene at all.
Yeah...just watched that scene over to try and see what ya'll were talking about and...there is absolutly nothing wrong with the directing in that scene what so ever.

Any movement and zooming was not annoying, I found that he moving camera as well as the zooming added some a fast pace feel to the scene.

Don't be so picky you guys!
I personally disliked the shaking, but just a little bit, in the "boardroom" - please don't call it the boardroom though, it makes it sound like we're talking about The Apprentice.

Isn't a boardroom supposed to be a closed room, anyway?

I liked the shaking (barely noticeable though), in the fights, and even at the end for the zoom-in on the ring. It really was only noticeable at APO, and in the fights, well, it was great! It would be lame if the camera was just still the whole time.
I can't stand that whole wobbly camera thing. It makes me feel sick. I thought the APO scenes were poorly directed here. Felt too rushed, like the actors were being told to rush their lines out. Slow it down!