For Sale The x-Files Silent Auction, all about Scripts and Director's Notes


Hello, we are Back Gallery Project, based in Vancouver, Canada. Right now, we are showcasing "The Making of the X-Files" in collaboration with the director of the show, and a long time gallery friend, Chris Carter. (Contemporary Art in Vancouver - Back Gallery Project) As some of you already know, we have been hosting a series of silent auctions for the exhibited props (mostly from Mulder's office) along with the TV show's collector edition memorabilia all from the director, Chris Carter's personal collection. This current auction is all about cast and crew exclusive print-outs regarding the show. We've got the tech pack of "Plus One," storyboards, crew calls and many more. Everything is from Chris Carter's personal collection. Most of the items are with Carter's hand-written notes for scene descriptions, director's notes, interview draft and doodle. Here's the link to our auction series:The Making of the X-Files Hope to see everyone in our new auction series and good luck!