TheNeverPages: Journal of a Dream Investigator

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If you're in the market for a unique, challenging and uncoventional book, my I suggest 'TheNeverPages' by Graham Thomas. Here is some useful in formation about that book!


There are two rules the Dream Investigator must follow:
1. Document everything.
2. Keep moving forward.

Master G_ is in the NeverRealm – a transitory wasteland between here and the ever-after. His goal is simple – find his engineer friend Brekker and together track down Master G_’s dearly departed lover, Lucy. However, the wasteland of the NeverRealm is not the only obstacle he has to traverse in order to reach his love. His memories are slowly turning to sand- a desert swelling in his mind that threatens to spill out into his physical world.

The impossibility of his physchological state is matched only by the chaos that awaits him in Pripyat – the city that he cannot avoid travelling through. A city that anchors every reality in the Multiverse.


TheNeverPages is a journal that explores our internal and external landscapes – it is about our position in space and time and our perception of the universe. Alternate realities, dreams and memories all collide together as the Dream Investigator leaves behind his physical self and travels deep into the conscious state that is TheNeverRealm. Above all, TheNeverPages is about the lengths we go to for love.

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