There is Honor in Typing With a Klingon Keyboard


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There is Honor in Typing With a Klingon Keyboard [Star Trek]

GiZmodo said:

Cherry Keyboards' Klingon Language keyboard is the best way to write a love song, a love poem, a love sonnet, or a love threat on your computer, assuming your computer still has a PS/2 port.

It's a good thing the Klingon alphabet has 26 characters, or Cherry would have had to redesign the keyboard to shove an extra key on there (or take one off). The same 26 characters as the English language. Coincidence? Or is it nicely explained by that one TNG episode where it was shown that the major species were distributed by some group of ancient beings? [Cherry Keyboards via BBG]


(Via Gizmodo)
Looks like there will only be a small number made, so be sure to order yours soon.

What is interesting is that most Star Trek related merchandising comes plastered with Trek logos or images and the prototype picture of the keyboard shows none of that. So, if you're a Star Trek or a Klingon fan, here is a chance of picking up some 'clean' paraphernalia.

This exclusive Klingon language keyboard is based on the best selling G83-6000 series keyboards from Cherry.

It is a good quality keyboard with 105 keys, PS/2 connection and is available currently in black. This keyboard will be available for delivery from mid November, but demand for this limited edition is high so reserve yours now to be the first with this exclusive model.

Cherry will only be manufacturing a small quanitity of this model, so please reserve yours early to avoid dissapointment.

Positive, long stroke key action with laser etched legends and NTK technology gives uniform switching characteristics and life in excess of over 20 million operations. The keyboard is also recycle friendly and plug and play compatible.