Thinking about you


Oct 18, 2004
Author: SecretSark
Summary: Sarks and Sydneys ''debut''.
A/N: I'm from Finland, so I may do some mistakes in my writing...

Julian was on his way to the biggest bank of New York. He was just 18 years old, but he already worked there (his father owned the bank). Hi was in his office when a young women walked in. Julian was about to faint because she was so beautiful.
''Hello, I'm Sydney Bristiw and I'd like to open an account'' she said with a really determined voice.
''Okay'' Julian said and put a smile upon his face.
''Just read these papers and fill this form.'' Sydney sat on a chair and started reading. The only thing that Julias did was watching her.
''Don't watch him, look somewhere else'' he thought by himself. But his eyes moved on Sydney's long, beautiful legs.
''What are you staring at?'' Sydney asked and looked Julian straight to his blue eyes.
Julian said quickly ''Nothing, I was just...thinking!''
''Well, what were you thinking? My legs perhaps?'' she said and started looking forms again.
''I...I was thinking...that..would you like to go out with me?'' Julian had no time to think about what he just said.
''Only in one condition...stop looking my legs.'' Syd didn't say it meanly so Julian smiled a little bit.
''Well..that sounds good condition. I'll give you my number and you can give me a call, okay?''
''Okay. Here are these forms and everything.'' Syd smiled and looked Julian again to his eyes.
''You have beautiful eyes, by the way.''
''Thank you. And thanks for opening account at this bank.''

Sydney stood up, came near to Julian and gave him a kiss. Julian started to plush and he just watched when Sydney left the bank. After that, he desided to call to the nearest flower shop.
Mar 26, 2004
omgosh...that was soo adorable!!
please put me ont he pm list!! and update soon!!!
adorable, simply adorable!
and youre from Finland..AWEOSME!!!


Oct 18, 2004
Hello again! Thanks to all who read my fic... I know it has been almost six months, but here it goes..:


Sark stood in front of a cinema. He was holding 7 red roses in his hands.
''I wonder if I am in a right place..'' Sark looked at his watch: 11.00 pm. ''Damn, I'm out of here! She's probably just making fun of me..'' Sark started walking towards his home, when suddenly, a car stopped in front of him. Sydney came out of the car.
''And where do you think you're going?'' she smirked ''The movie is about to begin, come on!'' Sark followed Sydney to the cinema.
''Too bad I already threw my roses to a trash can'', he thought. Movie began. It was called 'The love of the lost ones'. Sark didn't care so much about the movie. He just wanted to stare. Stare straight to Sydney's eyes, even though she wasn't looking at him. Sark touched gently her cheek and started watching the movie.
''I'm not a puppy, you can just kiss me!''
Sark wasn't believing his ears. ''Excuse me?'' he said.
''You heard me'' Sydney answered and looked at him. Sark pulled her head close to him and started kissing. He was a bit shocked about what she had just said, but kissing wasn't something he'd say no to.
When movie ended, Sark walked Syd back to her car and wished her good night.
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