This can't be happening..


Apr 7, 2009
never write stories but just felt in the mood alias was my favorite show :) so if you like it great if not oh well...
and obviously none of the characters are mine

This can't be happening...

He watched her from across the room, carefully hidden in the shadows behind the Roman inspired pillars and the endless crimson velvet drapes that poured down from the ceiling of the Grand hall where the party was taking place. ‘These rich people and their disgusting displays of their wealth!’ He thought, as he took in the whole scene in front of him. The large tiled dance floor in the center of the room where couples were snuggling up to each other swaying back and forth to the light classical music that floated through the room through unseen speakers and the surrounding crimson carpeted floor with round white clothed tables adorned with crimson roses to match the theme of the room. The room was filled with wealthy middle aged couples in designer apparel and filthy rich old men with their barely legal, gold digging, dates playing dress up in disgustingly expensive apparel which wasn’t fooling anyone to their true personality. ‘Trash is trash no matter what wrapper you put it in.’ he concluded. He scolded himself as he realized he had lost his target as he went off in thought. He scanned the hall back and forth and finally once again focused in on the stunning brunette. Every time he looked at her he was amazed. Tonight her hair was pulled up in a sophisticated twist with soft curls of sun-kissed hair framing her face. Her skin was tanned and her cheeks a slight rose hue, giving her an ethereal glow. She wore minimal makeup just a light gloss on her tempting full lips, which enhanced her natural beauty. She wore a white, form-fitting, floor length gown with a plunging neckline that showed just enough of the curve of her breasts to make any man who laid eyes upon her want more. She was a goddess, pure and simple. But he had to keep his mind sharp if he wanted to carry out his plan. ‘She would be his soon enough but he had to keep his eye out for that pestering pretty boy that always followed close behind his object of desire.’ He stayed out of sight and made his way down to the lower level..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Michael Vaughn sat in the surveillance van with Eric Weiss. They watched the feed they had intercepted from the cameras hidden throughout the party by the buildings security team .Sydney Bristow glided nonchalantly through the hall sipping a glass of champagne and it didn’t go unnoticed by Vaughn that every man in the room was eyeing her appreciatively as she passed by. Weiss noticed as well and he took the opportunity to jab fun at his friend who’s feelings were so obvious you could be blind as a bat and still sense the anger in Vaughn’s face as he glared at the men on the screen who were leering at the woman he longed to be with.
“God Syd looks hott in that dress!” Weiss announced, “If I were at that party I’d be right in line with the rest of those guys trying to snag a dance…” he continued

“Shut Up Weiss and keep watching for Sark!” Vaughn snapped

Weiss chuckled “God man your easy!, don’t worry I’d never put a move on Syd ,I know how you feel about her I wouldn’t want to withstand the wrath of your jealousy if I ever tried to make that relationship happen…, besides as stunningly handsome as I am…She’s totally out of my league” he confessed jokingly

Vaughn’s tense muscles relaxed as he realized his friend was only trying to rile him up “I don’t know what you’re talking about Weiss, my interest in Sydney is purely professional, I just want to make sure she’s safe I care about her as a friend and coworker that’s all.” he lied “…but your right she’s waaay out of your league” he quipped with a smirk

“Ha Ha very funny loverboy..” Weiss threw back as he looked at Vaughn with an all knowing glance

“Will you keep your eyes on the screen Weiss, we have a job to do..” Vaughn said as he looked back at the screen for Sydney and away from Weiss’ scrutinizing.

They watched the monitor and listened through their headsets, which were connected to a hidden microphone in Sydney’s diamond necklace. She worked her way through crowds of people talking about priceless art pieces and their excitement over the rare pieces discovered that would be put up for auction that night and where they would hang them in their homes , which were no doubt million dollar mansions. These art pieces didn’t come cheap.

“That sounds fascinating” they heard Sydney say as she feigned interest in the conversation she was having with a middle aged man with salt and pepper hair and a decidedly strong build for a wealthy businessman.

“If you’ll just excuse me, I’m going to run to the ladies room and powder my nose” she lied as she tried to sidestep the man and escape the conversation.
She didn’t have time to entertain men who were extremely full of themselves and tried to win her over by not so subtly pointing out how much money they possessed. She was here because the CIA had intercepted communications between Julian Sark and an unknown agent who was going to pay Sark to come to this party and steal a painting that was scheduled to be auctioned. The painting was supposed to have hidden on its back in invisible ink an important clue to the whereabouts of a rambaldi artifact. So naturally they believed this unknown agent to be Arvin Sloane who they knew Sark has worked for before. Sydney would be damned if she didn’t get to that painting first and keep whatever information Sloane wanted out of his hands.
As she tried to sidestep the man he too stepped to the side and blocked her exit. “You don’t need to powder your nose you look gorgeous, why don’t you stay here and have a dance with me sweetness” the man said as he firmly gripped her wrist and pulled her towards him to slide a hand around her lower back dangerously close to her ass

Vaughn tensed and clenched his fist as he watched the screen and listened to the interaction “son of a bitch!” he muttered as his eyes burned through the screen. ’how dare he touch sydney that way!’ he thought

“relax man Syd can handle it” Weiss assured him as he watched his friends rage return

As he said this they heard the man yelp in pain..

“I suggest sir, that you keep your hands off of me! I am not some possession of yours paid for with your billions that you may do with as you please!” she seethed as she twisted the hand that was reaching for her ass into an unnatural position and held the rest of his body firmly in front of her with a tight grip on his throat.
“That’s our girl!” Weiss smiled as Vaughn began to relax again, but not by much. He was never relaxed when sydney was in the field with all the perverts out there. He became furious whenever another man tried to put his hands on her and he knew he shouldn’t because it was her job and she wasn’t his to begin with but he just couldn’t help it. That’s what sydney did to him.

Sydney noticed a few startled party guests staring as she was gripping the pig who tried to grope her. She released him and continued her exit toward the restrooms as she replied shyly to the onlooking guests “guess those self defense classes have paid off I don’t even know my own strength” she made a nervous laugh which seemed to put the guests at ease as they looked at the man in disgust as he tried to catch his breath clutching his throat, and then they returned to their conversations. Sydney slid into the hallway as if to go to the restroom but after taking a look around to make sure there were no witnesses she continued on down the hallway and slid around the corner to the corridor with the door that read ‘restricted access authorized personel only’ she pulled a hair pin, courtesy of the sweet babbling techie Marshall Flinkman, from her hair and attached it to the electronic key pad while pressing the small diamond on it which activated the pin and short circuited the electronic lock. She smiled as she pushed open the door to enter a dim, long corridor,as she recalled her interaction with Marshall back at the CIA.
“Ok Syd so this is great! I mean I know I say that about everything but it really is, its small but effective it’ll short circuit any electrical locks and won’t trip any alarms and it goes right in your hair and the diamond will match your necklace and…” Marshall turned around in his computer chair to face her with the pin in his hand and froze when he saw her in her white dress for the mission “…and..and..uh..uhm-” he stammered “you look b-b-beautiful” he managed to get out “uh uhm..not that you don’t always look beautiful..cuz you do… its just that you know.. Uhm ..well you..well you..”

“thanks Marshall your sweet” Sydney cut off his babbling and kissed him on the cheek as she took the pin from him and turned to walk out. Marshall blushed sheepishly. As she turned to the door she bumped into Weiss and Vaughn.
“Hey where’s my kiss?” Weiss asked “You do look great syd” he said
Syd chuckled and gave Weiss a peck on the cheek as well
“that’s all I get? I was hoping for a lil more suga suga than that” he joked nudging her with his elbow as Vaughn slapped him on the back of the head saying “alright mister Suave, I think agent Bristow would like to get ready for our mission now”
Sydney chuckled again and for a moment her and Vaughn locked eyes and all he could think about was how beautiful she was and how her deep brown eyes had a ring of sparkling amber in them as she looked towards the light. It was breathtaking and he felt jealous of his friend and the awkward techie who had both just gotten a kiss from this gorgeous creature as small and meaningless as they had been, a simple touch from her like that would be a dream come true for him.
Little did he know that at that same moment Sydney was lost in his piercing green eyes also wishing that she had had an excuse to kiss Michael Vaughn. But at the sound of Weiss clearing his throat with a smirk on his face the eye contact was broken and both returned to business as usual trying to forget the strong feelings they both had for each other and tried desperately to hide for the sake of work.
----(end flashback)---

‘Focus!’ Sydney scolded herself as she came out of her memory with the thought of Vaughn ‘s piercing green eyes still fresh in her mind. She continued through the corridor , turning at the places indicated on the blueprints that she had looked at earlier ,to make her way down to the room in the lower level where the auction artwork was supposed to be held.

Weiss and Vaughn continued to watch her through the security cameras which they had rigged to keep the security team seeing an empty hallway.

She made her way down the staircase where Weiss and Vaughn no longer had video surveillance and Vaughn secretly thought ’please be careful Syd if Sark is already there and he hurts you I’ll tear him limb from limb’
Syd peered around the corner at the end of the staircase to her destination and was dismayed to find that the guard in front of the door had already been rendered unconscious “felgercarb! Sark’s been here already!” she hissed as Weiss and Vaughn listened in “let’s just hope he’s still here and I’m not too late” she muttered as she rushed for the door pulling the small gun out that was strapped to the inside of her thigh.

Out in the van Weiss and Vaughn held their breath as they listened intently for signs of trouble.

Sydney burst through the door gun raised hoping to take Sark by surprise but before she even had time to register the room before her she was struck in the head from the side full force and crumpled to the floor unconscious. Sark stood over her

Weiss and Vaughn heard a small thud noise as sydney entered the room and then nothing…

“I don’t hear anything” Vaughn said “do you think Sark’s already gone? Why isn’t she saying anything?”

“How should I know man? I’m hearing what your hearing remember?”

All the sudden the voice of Julian Sark came through their headsets..

“sorry to knock you out cold my love but I’ve been waiting for you and I knew you wouldn’t come willingly” he said as he knelt down to Sydney’s limp body and touched a hand to her cheek his cold blue eyes showing a shimmer of emotion.

Vaughn froze at the words turning a pale white “ Oh god! Syd!” he said as his body reacted before he had time to think and he burst out of the van and rushed for the building.

“Vaughn!” Weiss called after him as he watched Vaughn continue to sprint into the building “Oh frack” he said as he grabbed his gun, tore off his headset and rushed in after him.

When Weiss and Vaughn reached the basement room, past the unconscious guard, there was no one there and Vaughn ran frantically around looking for another exit and found none “Where the frack did they go?!!” he yelled as Weiss looked on bewildered
On the floor lay sydney’s microphoned necklace seemingly smashed by the foot of Julian Sark and next to it a folded up piece of paper
“look” Weiss said as he pointed at it
Vaughn rushed toward it and picked up the paper hands shaking unfolding it and read.

Dear Mister Vaughn,
I have no doubt that you were on the other end of this microphone and have rushed to miss bristow’s aid, unfortunatley I must inform you that the lovely woman and I are already long gone and you have no hope of catching up with us. You must thank the CIA for me for playing directly into my hand. My bogus message about all the rambaldi nonsense I am supposedly collecting here tonight. I knew they would send Sydney as she is the best you have and clearly I am not an easy target, which all worked out perfectly for me for she is all I really wanted. Be sure to tell Jack not to worry I’ll take good care of his daughter It’s just too bad he won’t be there to give her away on her wedding day. Tough break for you mister Vaughn but the best man has won. Why don’t you go find yourself some unintelligent blonde who is more suitable for you and forget about agent Bristow. Sydney’s mine now.

Yours truly,
Mr. Julian Sark ps. I bet she’s great in bed, ..I’ll keep you informed after I’ve tested my theory.

Vaughn was pale as a ghost as he finished reading the letter and could almost see the sickening smile on Sarks face at that last line.
“Man you don’t look so good. What is it? Whats going on?”
Vaughn’s voice was hoarse as he managed “There never was a painting, it was Sydney he wanted all along”
“oh felgercarb”
“we have to find her Weiss, we have to get her back before something happens to her!” he said as his panicked eyes looked at eric
“We will man I promise, don’t worry we’ll find her” he put his hand on his friends shoulder “but right now we gotta get out of here and report back to the CIA for help”
“right” Vaughn said as it clicked in his mind that he was just standing there as Sydney was being taken god knows where. The two men rushed back outside to the surveillance van.

Vaughn reviewed the recorded feed from the cameras that viewed the streets surrounding the building, during the time period that they had left the van to run inside for sydney. He watched as Sark came out a side exit on the complete other side of the building from where he had grabbed sydney with her draped over his shoulders completely unconscious and put her into the passenger seat of a black SUV already running.

“How the hell did we miss that? He was parked right on the side of the frackin building!” “and how did he get to the other side of the building with Sydney so fast? Where does that exit lead to?” Vaughn said furious with himself for not getting to Sydney in time and now she was in the hands of a psychopath.

“I don’t know Vaughn but it’s not gonna do you any good to beat yourself up about it now we just gotta concentrate on finding her. which direction did the car go in?” Weiss replied

“He drove down to the end of the street and took a left and that’s as far as we’ve got”

“well it’s a start, let’s get moving, I’ll contact Marshall and see if he can get us satellite views of where the car is headed”

“tell him to hurry Weiss we can’t lose her!” Vaughn said as Weiss dialed and Vaughn turned on the engine and raced off in the direction of the SUV. They already had a good 20 minute start and Vaughn was sure Sark wasn’t obeying any speed limits.
As he drove, Sark glanced over at the beauty beside him. Her hair had fallen out of its sophisticated design and hung free in waves from the twist she had worn. strands had fallen across her face and he reached a hand over to push it out of the way and looked at her peaceful face. He was sorry to find a large bruise on her temple from where he had struck her , a face that beautiful should not be marked up with bruises but he had had no choice it was the only way he could get the woman he lusted after to come with him. ‘It will heal and she will learn to love me as I love her’ he told himself ‘it’s unfortunate that I may have to be rough with her at first but she will come around, nothing worth having is ever easy to get’ he smiled a devilish smile and continued driving.

~ ~ ~

Sydney started to become conscious of her surroundings. she was lying on something soft but she couldn’t quite open her eyes yet. her head was pounding with pain and she struggled to take in her surroundings. Her eyes fluttered open slowly and the blur before her began to come into focus. She groaned at her migraine as she slowly lifted her head. The room was dimly lit but she was on a large bed with a big fluffy comforter covering her body. There were no windows and only a few other pieces of furniture in the room, a dresser, mirror, reading chair next to a standing lamp and a small bookshelf stuffed to capacity. There was a single door in the room and Sydney began to feel uneasy as she came to her senses and realized that she had no idea where she was, that there was only one way of entering and exiting this room and that the last thing she remembered was rushing into the auction item room at the party hoping to catch Sark. She bolted up off the bed on full alert .She looked down and realized she was wearing the same white dress and grasped at her neck for her necklace which was gone. Her high heels were gone and she no longer had her gun. She turned to look in the mirror and saw the large purple bruise on the side of her head. Her panic rose as she wondered what was waiting for her on the other side of that door. Her brain went into defense mode and she ran over to the bookshelf to grab a large hardcover book and hurled it full force at the mirror. It shattered and she rushed over to grab a large piece of the sharp glass off of the floor and headed for the door. She slowly turned the knob and pulled the door open a crack to peer out. She saw a short empty hallway and beyond that what seemed to be a living room with 2 couches and crackling flames in the fireplace. There was no one in her line of sight and she couldn’t hear anything other than the crackling of the fire. She had no idea what lied beyond that or where her exit would be but she knew she was in danger and she needed to get out fast ,so shard of glass in hand she made a silent dash toward the living room hoping an exit of some sort would be close by. As she reached the end of the hallway about to enter the living room she spotted a door to the left and turned in that direction but just as she reached for the knob she heard the click of a gun and the cool chilling voice of Sark
“Going somewhere my love?”

She froze and peered over her shoulder. Sitting on the other side of the room in a large reclining chair with one hand aiming a gun straight at her head and holding a glass of red wine in the other.
She turned to face him. “What do you want Sark? Why am I here? You could have easily taken the painting and left after you knocked me out. Why take me with you?”

“Oh my dearest Sydney” He laughed in that evil way that sent a chill straight up her spine. “I never wanted a painting. I’ve told you before I think we could do great work together.”

She looked confused “so you set this all up to capture me so you could try to get me to be partners with you?” she asked incredulously

He laughed again “Oh my dear I’ve certainly brought you here for much more than that…. but in the end we will work together and I promise you we shall be the greatest force to be wreckoned with on this earth” he explained with an evil glint in his eyes and a hungry look that chilled Sydney to her very core.

“Your certifiably insane if you think I’ll ever help you in any way. You disgust me!” she seethed as she quickly hurled the shard of glass in her hand across to where sark was sitting aiming straight for his heart. But Sark was quick and he dodged the makeshift blade so that it just barely grazed his upper arm drawing a little blood. but he didn’t even flinch he just kept his gun trained on Sydney
“nice try darling but you know you’ll have to do better than that… Why must you be so hostile ?this will all be so much easier if you just accept it for what it is. We were meant to be brought together. We are each others match in every way.”
he started towards Sydney and seeing the look in his eyes she desperately reached for the door and tried to pull it open but it was no use she wasn’t getting out that way so she darted in the other direction as Sark changed his direction to cut her off at the other end. Sydney struck out in attack mode. But Sark was ready for her and as she knocked his gun to the floor he grabbed her ankle mid air and flipped her to the floor. She smacked onto it with a large thump and before she knew it Sark was above her trying to pin her wrists to the floor. She struggled against him and they rolled across the floor in a series of kicks, jabs and holds, each striving to maintain the upper hand. Sydney reversed the role and had him pinned to the floor by his wrists the rest of her body weight on his thighs. He grinned up at her
“I should have known you like to be on top”
She smashed an elbow at his face drawing blood from his mouth. But he just licked his lips with a lustful look in his eyes and flipped her off of him onto her back ,causing a large tear up the side of her dress in the process ,and attacked her mouth with his own. She could feel his rock hard erection poking her stomach through his pants as she struggled against him and bit his lip hard causing him to pull back sharply and she took the opportunity to spit in his face. He backhanded her cheek and her head smashed against the hard floor where her temple was still bruised from her last hit and she instantly became dizzy and disoriented vaguely aware of Sark still on top of her and the feel of his rough hands tearing off her dress. His eyes were wide and hungry as he surveyed her half naked form. She tried to fight him but she could barely hold onto consciousness. Then all the sudden she heard a loud pop and a groan as she felt the weight of Sark’s limp body falling down on top of her as she again slipped into unconsciousness.

Vaughn stood in the doorway of the cabin, that Marshall had tracked Sark and Sydney’s location to. It had been hard to find and took longer than expected because Sark was tricky and made a lot of detours and car switches and they had traveled a long distance but Marshall was smarter and he found them as fast as he could. Weiss stood behind Vaughn watching as Vaughn put a bullet in Sarks side as they burst in and saw him on top of sydney ripping off her dress. Vaughn ran over to them and threw Sarks body off of Sydney and kicked his wound as Sark grunted in pain and Weiss came over and cuffed his hands behind his back keeping him pinned on his stomach with his foot. “Stupid son of a bitch I’ll kill you!” Vaughn yelled at Sark as he quickly rushed to Sydney.

“Syd! Syd! Can you hear me?! Sydney?! Please wake up. Talk to me Sydney.!” Vaughn spoke firmly as he cradled sydneys head in his hands but there was a slight tremble in his voice that gave way to the emotions that were flowing through him as he looked at the marks on sydneys face and the blood from various scratches on her body from her battle with Sark. He hated himself for noticing how gorgeous her body was in just her white lacey bra and panties as she lie there unconscious. ‘God I’m no better than Sark’ he thought ‘I’m lusting after her while she’s lying here hurt and unconscious! what if she never wakes up?! what if I’ve lost her without ever actually gotten to have her?!’ his thoughts raced. Weiss had already called for medical help and the CIA chopper was on its way. He wanted to join Vaughn and look after Sydney but he had to keep a hold on Sark because bullet in his side or not if they weren’t careful he would get away. He watched as Vaughn took off his coat and covered Sydney’s half naked body and put her head carefully on his lap. He stroked her hair and studied her injuries hoping she hadn’t hit her head so hard that she would have some type of brain damage. He wished there was something he could do. Weiss could see the pain in Vaughn’s eyes as he looked at Sydney ‘He really loves that girl’ he thought to himself. He knew why. ‘I love Syd too she’s great, beautiful and sweet, not in the way Vaughn loves her or the sick twisted way that Sark thinks he loves her.. if the bastard even knows what love means...but I love her like a sister and it breaks my heart to see her like this too’ He looked up as CIA medics came rushing through the door 2 stretchers with them. Weiss lifted his foot off of Sark and undid the cuffs as they loaded him on the gurney and then cuffed him to that and let them take him away and he turned his attention to where the other medics were carefully putting Sydney’s neck in a brace for safe measure and lifting her limp body onto the 2nd gurney, Vaughn never leaving her side as he gripped onto her hand and rushed out with them to the CIA chopper nearby that would rush them to the hospital. Weiss followed them out and got back in the surveillance van he and Vaughn had driven there so that he could drive all the equipment back himself because it was clear Vaughn was not going to leave Sydney’s side.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Vaughn sat in the white sterile hospital room in an uncomfortable chair next to Sydney’s bed. It had been over 24 hours and she still hadn’t woken up. The doctor’s had done all they could and said it was up to Sydney now to pull herself through. Vaughn had contacted Jack Bristow and he had come to check on Sydney but Vaughn saw no emotion on his face as he looked at his daughter lying there on the bed all beaten up. Jack kept the same stoic expression on his face as he always had and Vaughn wondered how he could have a daughter like Sydney and show so little affection for her. But just as he was thinking this he saw what he thought was a glimmer of sadness in Jack Bristows cold eyes as he looked at his daughter but as quickly as it came it was gone and Jack said “She’ll pull through, She’s a Bristow, she’s strong….keep me posted.” and turned and walked out. Vaughn would never figure out Jack Bristow he was a mystery in his own right. It seemed to be a common theme with the Bristow’s. But Jack was right Sydney was strong. She was the strongest person he had ever known and she would pull through. “You’re strong Syd come back to me” he said aloud as he touched her hand gently. As if she had heard him she made a slight movement of a finger and Vaughn whipped his head up to look at her face. “Syd can you hear me?! You can pull through this Syd come back to us.” he said excitement rising in him. Her eyelids began to twitch and his heart jumped. “That’s it Syd follow my voice come back” The twitch of her eyelids gradually turned into a flutter and Vaughn jumped up and placed a hand on her cheek. “Sydney can you hear me? Can you respond?” he said .she made a little moan as her eyes finally made their way open and it was music to his ears. He grinned from ear to ear “Hey Syd how’s it going?” he said warmly as her eyes focused on him.

The first thing Sydney saw when she opened her eyes was a brilliant white smile and those piercing green eyes she so often thought about. “Hey Syd how’s it going?” she heard him say. She tried to smile as she said hoarsely “I’ve got a killer migraine how’s it going with you?” She watched as Vaughn’s smile got impossibly wider and he let out a small chuckle. ‘God he’s gorgeous’ She thought as she stared up at him. She took in his face and it was unshaven and worn looking as if he hadn’t slept in quite some time yet he was still the most handsome man she had ever seen. He was still wearing the same clothes from the night of their mission and she realized he must have been waiting by her side for however long she had been out. At that thought she felt sick to her stomach the last thing she remembered was slipping into unconsciousness as Sark tore off her clothing. Her face turned sickly as she thought ‘Oh god what happened? What did he do to me? How did Vaughn find me? was I wearing clothes? Oh god’ and Vaughn frowned
“Syd what is it? Are you ok do you need the doctor?”
“n-no I’m fine Vaughn really”
He relaxed a little but still wasn’t convinced
“are you sure? Do you need something? Anything ill run out and get it”
She smiled weakly at him ‘he’s so sweet’ she thought
“really Vaughn I’m fine. I’m more concerned about you, you look like you could use some sleep how long have you been here?”
“oh not long” he lied
“Then why does the clock and calendar on the wall say I’ve been out for more than a day and your still wearing the same clothes from that night? She asked with a smile
A blush creeped into Vaughn’s cheeks “Ok so maybe I’ve been here for a little longer than I let on” he said sheepishly
Sydney grabbed his hand and he looked up into her beautiful brown eyes “thank you” she said sweetly

“for what?”

“for getting me away from Sark. Where is he? what happened?”

Vaughn fumed just hearing that name. He would have killed that son of a bitch if he hadn’t been looking after Sydney while the CIA took Sark into custody.
Sydney could see the anger on Vaughn’s face when she mentioned Sark’s name and she wondered if it was out of affection for her or if that was only her wishful thinking.
“Weiss called Marshall and he tracked your location. It was hard and you were a long way off but We drove as fast as we could. When we got there me and Weiss rushed the door and…” he paused for a moment as his face turned red with rage
“and what Vaughn?” she had to know what had happened to her
“and when we burst in we saw Sark on top of you on the floor… tearing off your dress..and I shot him…when I got over to you you were already unconscious and I oculdnt wake you up. Weiss had called for a chopper and they took you and Sark to the hospital. they’ve pulled out his bullet and bandaged him up and hes being taken care of in CIA custody because they believe he will be of some use.They should have just let him die!”
Sydney breathed a sigh of relief as she vaguely remembered the loud sound and Sark falling on top of her as she blacked out. ‘nothing happened. Vaughn got there in time thank god’ she thought but she blushed as she realized ‘Vaughn saw me in my underwear oh god I hope I looked okay’ and she sat there silent
Vaughn noticed the blush in her cheeks and realized she must feel embarrassed. Sydney was so used to taking care of herself that it must bother her that he and Weiss had to intervene.
“You know from the look of things in that room it looked as if you put up a real good fight though. I’m sure you could have handled it we just wanted to help.” he said trying to put her at ease
“oh no no, I’m glad you came, I needed the help” she said sincerely as she looked into his eyes and he realized what she was really embarrassed about. He hadn’t forgotten how gorgeous Sydney looked half naked but he knew he shouldn’t bring up that topic.
“I’m just sorry I didn’t get there sooner. If anything else had happened to you I…” he trailed off realizing he was revealing too much
“You what?” Sydney asked a glint of hope and interest in her big brown eyes. He paused just looking at her getting lost in her angelic face
“I would have never forgiven myself.” he said honestly
Her heart warmed at his sincerity and they just gazed at each other for quite some time both knowing they were on dangerous ground but neither willing to look away.

Weiss burst through the hospital room door cup of coffee in hand breaking the moment “Vaughn I got you some coffee I figured you could use it..” he trailed off as he saw Sydney awake and alert. “SYD! Your awake! Welcome back gorgeous!” he said with a smile as he walked over to the bed
“Thanks Weiss” She said returning his smile “and thank you for helping to rescue me”
“well Vaughn was the real hero but you know we wouldn’t let Sark get far with our favorite lady. “he turned his attention to Vaughn “so you should probably go home and get some sleep and for god’s sake shower and shave man you look aweful” he said
Before Vaughn could respond sydney agreed “Weiss is right Vaughn, I mean not that you look aweful..”she stumbled her words and Vaughn smirked “but you really should go home and rest. Thank you for looking after me” she gave his hand a slight squeeze and reluctantly he agreed. He didn’t want to leave her side but he knew he couldn’t stay any longer without looking suspicious. He was sure it was obvious already that his concern for Sydney was more than professional.
“I’ll take off with you I’m sure Syd could use her rest too” Weiss said with a smile The two men headed for the door and before leaving Vaughn turned to look at her
“take care Syd, I’ll see you soon, call me if you need anything.” he looked at her as if he was afraid she might disappear again, reluctant to go. She looked back at him a sweet smile on her sexy full lips
“I’ll be fine Vaughn, thank you again” “now get out of here and get some sleep” she demanded jokingly and with one last smile he turned and headed home.

~ ~ ~
She stood before him smiling a seductive smile. His heart beat wildly pounding against his chest as she stepped toward him un-tieing her robe and letting it slip to the floor. The top of her breasts spilling out of her red balconet bra and her tiny matching panties leaving little to the imagination. His body temperature rose and as he reached out for her she disappeared. he panicked “help me Vaughn please!” he heard her voice and with it came the chilling sinister laugh of Julian Sark.

Vaughn shot up in his bed, sweat dripping from his forehead “Syd!” he breathed as he woke and realized it was only a dream. The second he had gotten home and laid on his bed his exhaustion took over and he had immediately fallen asleep. “get a hold of yourself mike” he said to himself as he rubbed a hand over his face. ‘Syd’s fine she’s safe she’s still at the hospital and sark’s in CIA custody, theres nothing to worry about.’ as he relaxed he thought about the first part of his dream. He often dreamed about being with Sydney but now that he had seen most of her amazing body he couldn’t stop thinking about her and picturing her endlessly long legs, her flat stomach and perfectly proportioned milky white breasts over and over again in his mind. ‘I need a cold shower’ he thought and unsuccessfully tried to clear his mind of Sydney, and headed for the shower.

He stood under the showerhead and let the cool water flow over him as he used his fogless shower mirror to shave the scruff from his face. Weiss was right he really needed a shower and shave. He sudsed up and just as he was finishing rinsing off he heard his doorbell ring. ‘Probably Weiss trying to mooch some food’ he thought as he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waste. He walked dripping wet to the front door
“Forget to go food shopping again?! He called as he opened the door. To his surprise there stood Sydney Bristow in a cute floral sundress and flip flops, her hair damp and left down trying to cover the large bruise on her temple, she had no makeup on and she was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen.
“probably, but that’s not why I came by” she said with a laugh as her eyes scanned Vaughn’s muscular body with only the towel around his waist and water sliding over his muscles making him gleam in the sunlight. She was mesmerized. She had never seen Vaughn this way . Sure he looked gorgeous in his suits at work but seeing him in nothing but a towel made Sydney’s knees weak.
He smiled at her, caught off guard by her presence and realized she was staring at him and he remembered he was only wearing a towel “uh Syd hi, I’m sorry I wasn’t expecting you I was just getting out of the shower.”
“I can see that.” she said and he blushed
“so what brings you here? When did you get released from the hospital?”
“shortly after you left. I can’t stand being trapped in one place for too long not being able to do anything.”
“Yeah I’ve noticed” he said with a laugh
She raised an eyebrow at him “and what exactly is that supposed to mean mister Vaughn?”
“don’t get me wrong that’s one of the things I like about you. Your always ready for a new adventure and ready to take charge.
“One of the things you like about me?” she asked with a smirk
He froze as he realized what he had said and quickly changed the subject.
“uh why don’t you come on in? you didn’t tell me why you’re here. And my neighbors are probably wondering why I’m standing in my doorway with a towel on.” he joked
“um it’s not important I didn’t mean to interrupt your shower. I should probably just go.” . she said as she started to turn wondering why exactly she did come and scolding herself for being so unprofessional. He reached out and lightly grabbed her hand
“no please your not interrupting I was done anyway come on in I’ll just throw some clothes on.”
“are you sure? Really it’s not important I just..uhm wanted to thank you again for coming to my rescue.”
He smiled. He had never seen Sydney so unsure of herself and it wasn’t like her to stop by his house just to say thank you. he wondered if maybe she had some other motivation for being here
“really Syd it’s fine, please come in.”
She stepped inside and he shut the door behind her. He gestured towards the couch “Have a seat. I’m just gonna run and throw some pants on.” he explained
“sure” she said as he exited the room and she secretly wished he’d skip the pants and she could follow him to his bedroom. ‘God get your mind out of the gutter Sydney, what are you even doing here?!’ she thought to herself as she took a seat on Vaughn’s couch. She couldn’t believe she was in Vaughn’s place. It was surprisingly neat for a man who lived alone. Vaughn reentered the room filled with excitement ‘My god Sydney Bristow is in my house. alone with me.’ He wore a pair of sweatpants and a plain white tank undershirt .Sydney still had a nice view of his muscular arms.
He walked over and stood in front of her. They made eye contact.
“would you like something to drink?” he asked
“no thank you. I’m fine.”
They stared at each other for a moment
“so how are you feeling?”
“oh I’m fine, I’ve been through much worse.” ,she assured him
He cringed at the thought, which didn’t go unnoticed by Sydney
“are you ok?” she asked
“yeah I just don’t like thinking about you hurt” he admitted not believing the words coming out of his mouth. She stood there stunned for a moment not believing it herself.
“that’s sweet Vaughn” she said as she unconsciously stood and took a step towards him “but I’m fine I promise” his eyes widened as he watched her come closer and as if magnetized he took a step in her direction. They were dangerously close now and both wondered how they had gotten here so close looking directly into the eyes of the person they’ve been secretly falling in love with over the past few years. Sydney nervously tucked her hair behind her ears revealing to Vaughn the large bruise on the side of her face. Without even thinking he reached out a hand and gently touched her cheek below the bruise as if he wanted to magically take the pain away. Sydney’s breath caught in her throat ‘could this be happening? Is Vaughn really touching my face?’ just as she had this thought Vaughn began to pull away realizing what he was doing
“uh I’m sorry, that’s inappropriate, I uh..”
She grabbed his hand before he could pull away and held it against her face. Now that he had made the first move she wasn’t going to let him get away that easily. He looked into her eyes surprise evident in his own brilliant greens.
“I’m not complaining.” she said in a soft voice that made Vaughn’s pulse quicken. She knew she was being bold and unprofessional, but damn it all to hell she just didn’t care anymore. She wanted Michael Vaughn plain and simple.
Vaughn couldn’t believe it ‘is Sydney Bristow ..hitting on me?’ “Am I dreaming again?” this last thought he said out loud without even realizing it. A smile played on Sydney’s lips ‘So he dreams about me’ she thought ‘that’s a good sign.’
“I was wondering the same thing.” she replied
He was speechless. He never imagined that this beautiful woman would want him the same way he wanted her. He couldn’t control himself any longer he pulled her flush against his body and kissed her softly. Her body instantly reacted and she deepened the kiss which Vaughn gladly responded to with equal hunger. Sydney wrapped her arms around Vaughn’s neck and played with his hair pulling him closer neither one wanting to let go. Finally they broke apart for air. Sydney looked into Vaughn’s eyes and they had turned a darker green reflecting the desire he felt.
“I never thought I’d get to do that” he said breathlessly as he cupped her cheek in his hand and pressed his forehead to hers
“I’ve been wishing you would do that for a long time”

“I had no idea. you always seemed so professional I just assumed you’d never be interested.”

“I guess we were both doing the same thing because I always assumed because you acted so professional that you would never want to do anything that might affect our working relationship.”

“God I’m an idiot, if I had known I had a chance with you I would have made a move ages ago. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen Syd, Your strong and kind and you have the prettiest smile..I could go on forever about the things that amaze me about you. I can‘t count the times I‘ve gone insane while your out in the field and I hear all those men hitting on you I almost died when that psycho Sark took off with you.”

Her cheeks were flushed and she smiled brightly those amber sparkles in her eyes glittering in the light.
“Vaughn if you had any idea how many times I’ve been weak in the knees when you’ve looked or smiled at me I sware you’d think I’m crazy. When you opened that door in that towel I thought I was going to have a heart attack.” she joked
He looked at her with a mischievous gleam in his eye and a smirk on his lips. “oh really?” he said as he pulled her closer again. ”why agent Bristow I do believe you have blown your cover” he said huskily as he nuzzled her neck and nibbled her ear. This time her knees really did give way as she leaned into him and he held her tightly. He chuckled and kissed her neck. Sydney wasn’t about to let him find all her weaknesses when she had yet to learn his and so she found her footing and pulled back a little.
“Well agent Vaughn” she started as she reached a hand up the front of his shirt to feel his hard abs. His body instantly reacted to her touch and the erection rose in his pants. She looked down with a lustful look. “I believe your cover has been blown as well”
He tried to take a breath as his heart raced and sydney continued her exploration of his stomach and chest with her hands her fingers trailing along the edge of his sweatpants. She leaned forward and pulled the shirt over his head so she could admire his muscles. He stood there motionless wanting to ravage her but not wanting to rush her. She circled him keeping her hands on his bare skin. She stopped behind him and leaned into his back her hands on his shoulders as she whispered seductively in his ear. “your move agent vaughn” At this encouragement Vaughn took a hand from his shoulder and whipped her around to face him again as he crushed his mouth against her own and explored her mouth with his tongue fiercely. He unzipped the back of her dress and slid his hands up her back feeling her soft skin. She reveled in his touch and moved her mouth to kiss his neck and suck his adams apple as he let out a lustful groan and slid the straps of her dress off of her shoulders and arms so it could fall to the floor. He pulled back to look at her and to his surprise she had on no bra and her beautiful breasts were free to admire for the perfection that they were. his gaze traveled further down to wear her long legs met her body and she wore a sheer black thong that he could see straight through to the smooth silky skin behind it. He was in shock she was breathtaking. “God your beautiful” he breathed as he reached out and lifted her in his arms she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately as he carried her towards his bedroom with ease. He laid her gently on the bed and stood at the foot to admire what was before him. Sydney sat up at the edge of the bed and reached for the waistband of Vaughn’s pants gripping his pants and boxers at the same time she pulled the waistband out and down letting them drop to the floor releasing his erection and showing his strong legs. Sydney was not surprised by how large he was everything else about him was perfect why shouldn’t his cock be too. She licked her lips as she looked from his cock to his eyes and it drove him insane. He slid her back and climbed over her kissing her luscious full lips again and again he slid his hand up and cupped a breast feeling how soft and tantalizing they were he rubbed over her nipple with his fingers and felt it turn into a small hard peak as she moaned softly into his mouth, loving the effect it had on her he separated his mouth from hers and slid his head down to take her other nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. She gasped at the sensation and he smiled into her soft skin as he continued to tease it with his tongue. “Vaughn” she moaned and it was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard. he sat up between her legs and slid her thong down them as he kissed his way back up her thighs he stopped right before her wet center and looked up. She lifted her head off the bed to look down at him and he could see that her eyes were clouded with desire. He smiled at her and keeping eye contact he dipped his head and sucked her clit into his mouth. Her hips bucked up at the sudden shock and she let out a loud gasp, He held her hips down on the bed and swirled his tongue inside her wanting to taste every inch of her. She squirmed in pleasure beneath him. She reached down and grabbed his hands from her hips to yank him upwards toward her. He braced his hands on the sides of her head so he wouldn’t crash into her as she attacked his mouth and reached between them to grip his impossibly hard cock in her hand he groaned into her mouth in the pleasure of her touch which he had longed for for so long. She stroked the underside of his shaft causing his own hips to jerk. Sydney guided his cock to feel the wetness at her warm core. As he hovered outside the entrance to his ecstasy he looked into Sydney’s eyes and asked “are you sure?”
She smiled the sweetest smile he had ever seen and touched his face
“I’ve never been more sure about anything” she said with complete .
He kissed her softly and keeping eye contact slowly entered her as they moaned in unison. They stayed still for a moment kissing sweetly as Sydney adjusted to his size and he took in the feel of her warmth surrounding him. They slowly began to rock their hips.
“God Syd you feel so good.” he groaned as he quickened the pace and thrust deeply inside of her then pulling almost all the way out to feel himself slide deeply into her over and over.
“mmm ..oh god Vaughn” she let out breathily as he hit her g-spot. At the encouragement he thrust harder and faster making both of their heads spin at the sensation. She could feel her orgasm building up and she spread her legs wider and grabbed his ass pulling him impossibly deeper inside of her. He let out a loud gutteral moan as he lost all thought and felt himself pulse inside of her ready for his release. They knew they were both on the brink and they thrust their hips harder and faster as Sydney’s nails dug into Vaughn’s back and she screamed out “ oh Vaughnnnnn” and her body spasmed with her orgasm, her inner walls clenching and pulsating around Vaughn’s cock which was all it took for him to join her as his intense orgasm rippled through his body spilling his seed into Sydney’s trembling body moaning her name as his body shook and he struggled to hold his weight up so as not to crush the beautiful creature below him. With the strength she had left sydney pulled him down to rest on her as their bodies trembled together and he put his lips to hers as they rode out the final tremors of their amazing orgasms. They just lied there silent, breathing heavily and kissing each other again and again until Vaughn managed to open his eyes and touch Sydney’s cheek causing her own eyes to flutter open with a dreamy look on her face. They grinned at each other.
“That was 10 times better than I ever imagined it could be.” Vaughn said
“mm I know I’m not sure if I’ll be able to walk anytime soon.” she giggled and he nuzzled her neck. he looked up and kissed her temple lightly careful not to bother her bruise. She sighed in content.
She let Vaughn slide out of her and he gasped at the cool air that hit his now limp cock he wished he could stay in Sydney’s warmth forever.
“you ok?” she asked
“I’m much more thank ok“ he smiled. “I was just thinking how I wished I could stay in your warmth forever.”
She chuckled “As amazing as that would be I’m afraid it may make living the rest of our lives a little difficult.”
“As far as I’m concerned, you are my life Sydney Bristow, now that I have you I’m never letting you get away.” he said as he hugged her to his chest tightly. She smiled as she took in how amazing he smelled. He lifted her chin to look at him and said
“I love you Syd, I’ve loved you since the moment I first met you even though you were wearing that rediculous red wig.” he chuckled.
Tears welled up in sydney’s eyes. She had dreamed about hearing Michael Vaughn say those three little words to her for so long and she couldn’t believe he really had. She couldn’t believe any of what had happened since she showed up at his house.
“I love you too Vaughn. With all my heart.” she said
“whats wrong Syd?” he asked as he wiped a tear from her cheek
“nothing, nothing at all..I just can’t believe this is really happening I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m scared that I’ll wake up and you wont be here”
“I know the feeling” he said as he kissed her deeply. “I can hardly believe it myself. But I promise you I’m not going anywhere. Not ever.” They kissed again and just gazed into each others eyes bodies intertwined until they drifted off to sleep.

well that was it :-p


Apr 7, 2009
I thought that was a very good story.. I really liked how you captured some of the tension and emotion that was carried through the first and second seasons of the show.

I also liked the interaction you had with Marshall and Syd.

Great Job!

THANKS! glad someone liked it :)