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This is how it was meant to be

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by jaco16syd, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. jaco16syd

    jaco16syd Rocket Ranger

    Dec 9, 2002
    First fan fiction, please give imputs

    It was 3:15 a.m. Vaughn lay awake in his bed starring at the ceiling in a dream of Sydney's sweet face. She was gone on a mission in Italy.

    In the warehoouse before she had left they had talked. First about the counter-mission, the n about them. They didn't talk much on that topic, but they could both tell that there was something there.

    She had left with a goodbye and he said goodluck.

    All he could see now was her beautiful, smiling, radient face as she left.

    He was concerned, worried is syd would meet up with anna again. That girl had met up with syd in almost every mission lately. Vaughn was always worried about sydney.

    Suddenly Vaughns phone rang

    "Restricted...hope it's sydney"


    "Hi, I'm back from Italy"answered Sydney

    "Hey, How was the trip?"

    "Fine, but anna gave me something I won't forget"

    An alarm went off in Vaughn's head

    "Are you okay? Did she hurt you?"

    "Not really"

    "Sydney?" Vaughn's voice was full of concern

    "I had a bullet proof vest on, but anna had a powerful gun. It looked old and my dad thinks it might be a rambaldi device."

    " she shot you!?"

    "yeah, but she has a bad aim"


    " It seemed like she was aiming for my chest, but it hit me in my side"

    "How is it?"

    "Fine, Dixon bandaged it up on the airplane ride home...I'm a used to it"

    "Well, glad your back"

    "hope i didn't wake you"

    "No, I was awake"

    "that's good...want to meet at the warehouse?"


    Sydney hung up and drove to the warehouse. It was a painful ride but she knew it would be woth it. Vaughn would baby her mabey even cradle her if she asked.

    Meanwhile Vaughn was getting dressed. still having dreams of sydney's face. Now he could see her. He ran down the stairs and drove away. Mabey she will ask me to hold her to release her from the pain. I'd rock her and wisper to her reasuring promises.

    Sydney met Vaughn at the warehouse and she talked about her mission. She hadn't gotten the information she was after, but anna didn't get it either.

    " How's your side?"

    "It's doing better"

    Sydney looked down at the bandage on her side, now red. She touched it gently.

    Vaughn saw the pain she was in and hesitantly wished to hold her.

    "Come here" Vaughn said unstable

    Sydney moved toward Vaughn and sat next to him on a table. He carefully touched the wound on her side making sure not to hurt her. sydney felt a urge and drew near to Vaughn and he embraced her in a hug.


    "Yeah Syd"

    "will you..." she wasn't sure,"will you hold me?"


    sydney turned around and gracefully fell into Vaughn's loving arms who cradled her with care. As his arms embraced her he whispred reasuring promises in her ear that everything was going to be okay.

    Sydney was still tired from her mission and was slowly nodding of to sleep.

    "I love you vaughn" she stated in half consiousness

    "I love you too syd"

    " this is how it was meant to be"

    he pulled her close and their lips met in a long sweet kiss, followed by several more intense kisses and playful nugges with some butterfly kisses.

    Niether were in ful consciousness but both were in full bliss.

    Both of them had known that they'd gone way against protocol last night, but as they drove thier seperate ways they were happy inside. That that was how it was meant to be.

    Vaughn had pulled away before thay would regret it. He didn't want to but he had to.

    Sydney's POV

    We were in total bliss. why he pulled away confounded me. I could see the love in eye's, but he still pulled away. Why? He brushed a lock of my hair back behind my ear and whispered into it.

    He'd said that the time would come, soon hopefully. He gazed into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity and then gently said:Cette fois viendra, avec espoir bientot, mais maintenant nous besoin de se battre.

    Vaughn's POV

    Her eye's glistened and I had weak knees, so i brushed away her hair and whispered to her,"This time will come, hopefully soon, but know we need to fight". I looked once again into her gaze and was struck, by what I didn't know, but he couldn't move. So I just stood there mezmirized by her beautiful big brown eyes. Then I said. "I love you beyond all evil". I didn't know if it came across correctly, but I'd meant," I'll go through all evil to be with you". I was senseless, so I didn't realize that I'd spoke in half english half french.

    I saw hurt in her eyes, I hated that because it hurt me to see her like that, yet there was determination. She was strong, as she always was. i loved that about her, and yet i dan't think there is anything not to like about syd.

    Sydneys POV

    He'd said he loved me, but we had to wait. Until SD-6 was destroyed. I hated that. anything about SD-6 was bad and brought misery upon me.

    ...Danny...my sweet love...MY LOVE...Danny...Love...no I wasn't going to let that break me again. not in this perfect moment. "My sweet love I'll always love you", she said to herself.

    Vaughn could see that sydney was somewhere else. He couldn't tell where but she was sad and terribly hurting.

    she looked on the vergeof tears so he shook her shoulders gently


    danny's sweet face faded in her mind.


    "you okay?"

    "yeah" pictures and memories of vaughn began to flood her mind.


    she had to say it, but she needed time-room. so she backed a few feet away. a tear slowly streamed down her face on to the floor when suddenly her pale face turned sideways as she was blown across the room with a deadly blast.

    Vaughn was also thrown to the floor with the horendous sound.

    Many minutes went by and niether stirred in thier strangles positions, and a satisfied laugh was echoed throughout the warehouse. :ph34r:

    Vaughn's POV

    I slowly awoke trying to remember where I was & what had just happened.

    Then I saw Sydney. Her body was sprawled out and bloody. I was ready to jump up and run over to her, but a sharp pain in my left shoulder stopped me.

    I glanced over at my shoulder , it was limp and out of place. I rolled over and pushed myself up with my right hand.

    I wanted to help Sydney right now, but I knew I wouldn't be much help with my shoulder out of its socket. So i walked over to the wall and slammed my soulder into it.

    Sydney's POV

    I'd herd a scream, but all was black, and I couldn't see. I remembered the Warehouse and even the blast, but where was vaughn? I didn't know where or what that awfulscream had come from.

    I tried to roll over but it hurt to much. So I just layed there. I didn't know what would become of me. I considered the options. One move- and be in total and complete pain if i could get anywhere. Two Stay- and most likely bleed to death. Right now I felt like dying.

    Vaughn's POV

    I heard a slight groan. It came from where Sydney was so I rotated my arm a coulple of times to make sure it was back in place Then ran to her side.

    "Sydney, are you okay?"

    she recognized his voice and had hope,"Vaughn"

    "My goodnes Syd,I'm so sorry."

    He spotted a scrap of metal stuck into her side, Right where her previous bullet hole had been. Her hand was next to it shaking a little indicating pain.

    Vaughn knew that if it was dirty or infected he needed to get it out of her side right away. Yet he knew it was going to be painful for her.

    "syd, hold still, I'm going to try to get that out."


    Sydney reached out her hand out and Vaughn grabbed it. She felt for his neck and pulled him toward her.

    "I was scared" she whispered

    Their lips met

    "I'm here now, I love you...just hang in there" he reasured

    Sydney's POV

    It was a sweet moment eventhough it was filled with pain. THe words echoed in her head ... "I'm here now... I love you... just hang in there"

    He carefully placed his hand on my side and removed the metal from me. Pain, spine tingling pain rushed up and down my body.

    Vaughn took of his jacket, wrpped it up, lifted my head off the friged floor, and placed his jacket underneath my head.
  2. jaco16syd

    jaco16syd Rocket Ranger

    Dec 9, 2002
    Please give imputs!!

    Thankyou ^_^
  3. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    not bad...

    ~Me :angel2:
  4. Mystifying Mermaid

    Mystifying Mermaid Ensign

    Dec 20, 2002
    Deep in the heart of Kansas...
    Nice! :sigh:

    - :redhair:
  5. aliaschica47

    aliaschica47 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 8, 2002
    c'mone write more its been a while i really like it
  6. Alias_babe2007

    Alias_babe2007 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 16, 2002
    The not so gracent Kentucky
    this is good... I really want to see more. :) please post soon

  7. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Hey, when do we get more?

    ~Me :angel2:
  8. jaco16syd

    jaco16syd Rocket Ranger

    Dec 9, 2002
    more...finally. sorry for the wait.


    Sydney's POV

    He kept pressure on my side as he held my hand. "Just hold n there" he kept saying. Vaughn wasn't normally a sentimental person, but yet as he looked into my eyes then back at my side it almost looked like he had tears in his eye's


    she lifted his head and made him look toward her.

    " It's not your fault, I'll be okay."

    "Yes... It was sydney. I didn't check the warehouse for bugs."

    "Mike... No"

    Vauhn's POV

    She called me mike. She never evencalls me Michael, let alone Mike. As I looked into her eyes I got lost- they are so beautiful, She's beautiful. The way she looks, walks, talks- everything about her is beautiful. To me she's an angel on earth.

    Sydney's POV

    He looked dazed, intrigued in some wonderful thought by the sparkle in his eye and the growing smile on his face.

    "hey" she said softly to bring him back to reality.

    Vaughn was awoke and once again looked into Sydney's eyes. Struck by them he leaned in to kiss her. She didn't resist. Their lips met. No resistence was given and they embraced.

    But Vaugn's hand had left Sydney's side an her blood continued to flow onto the floor.
  9. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    if you kill Sydney then I will have given up any hope of good angst writers because that would just suck!

    ~Me :angel2: :mad:
  10. jaco16syd

    jaco16syd Rocket Ranger

    Dec 9, 2002
    Syd won't die (promise)

    anyway i had to break for lunch with the family so here's more


    They remained entangled for about an hour. they were both hot, sweaty, and breathing heavily. Vaughn was a top sydney on the hard floor. He had rested his head on Sydney's neck and took in her sweet aroma.

    Vaughn's POV

    I must be THE single luckiest man right now. Devlin would never approve of it but we'll keep it away from him- and everybody. Her sweet smell is so refreshing. Even hot and sweaty she still smells like a beautiful flower.

    He returned his gaze to her face and starred at her for a while her eyes were closed. He sweetly kissed her forehead but Sydney was getting tired... weak.



    Sydney's eyes flickered. she struggled to keep them open.

    "Are you..."

    He couldn't finish. His leg was wet. when he looked down at it he almost had a heart attack. All around them was a puddle of blood- Sydney's blood.

    His hand immediately went to her side with pressure.


    Her eyes flickered again

    "Syd hold on"

    Sydney gulped, took in short heavy breathsand attempted to speak.


    a long pause with more breaths followed

    "I- I- love-"

    Vaughn interuppted.

    "Syd, no, please...hold on"

    He frantically tore a strip off his shirt and carefully wrapped it around sydney's side. But by the time he was finished Sydney's chest had stopped moving.


    He lifted her head, opened her mouthand gave her mouth-to mouth. He stopped, looking at her chest- nothing. Pressure- he placed both hands in the middle of her chest and pushed hard several times- still nothing. Mouth -to-mouthagain- nothing. Back to the pressure: 1-2-3-nothing.

    Vaughn started to break down

    "no, Sydney...No- Please God No"

    A gasp- a struggle for air - Sydney!!!!

    "Syd-thank God!!!"


    "your going to be okay, don't leave me"

    Vaughn swept Sydney up into his arms and laid her carefully down on a cloth covered table nearby. He then radioed in a CIA ambulence.

    "they'll be here in about 20 minutes syd, just keep breathing"

    "Vaughn... I can't see" Sydney finally admitted

    "what can't see?"

    Everything's Black"

    "How... why didn't you tell me?"

    " I didn't ant you to worry. and i was a little preoccupied"

    "well..." he took a deep breath" tell me next time"

    He sat on the end of the table and cradled Sydney's head in his lap

    "get some rest Syd"

    "where's your hand?"

    he put his hand on her shoulder and she placed it over her heart.

    "make sure it keeps beating"

    He smiled and stroked her head with his free hand as she dozed of to sleep.
  11. awwww. :love:
    --Mandy :angelic:
  12. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    First you almost kill her and now you make her blind. What's next?

    ~Me :angel2:
  13. jaco16syd

    jaco16syd Rocket Ranger

    Dec 9, 2002
    This is next


    20 minutes later the CIA medics showed up. they gently lifted Sydney onto a stretcher and rolled her into the ambulence. Vaughn stayed right beside her holding her hand untill she was safe in ICU in a CIA hospital. Even then he stayed beside her not sleeping.

    Vaughn's POV

    I'd almost lost her, man that was scary. I'll not leave her again- never. or may it be the end of me. I never realized it before, but she is my true love. how could I be so naive? how could I not see it? One word- protocol.

    He kissed her hand then rubbed her arm. her head turned toward him, and she opened her eyes. she'd been given a medication that restored her tempoary blindness.

    "hey" she said sweetly

    "Hi, you really gave me a scare there syd"

    She smiled and he returned a worried smile.

    "you almost slipped into a coma"

    "you gave me back my life...Thankyou"

    they smiled at eachother again. Then a CIA doctor entered and introduced himself as a Dr. Dontus. He said that Sydney had very minor internal bleeding , Might black out a coulple of times from the hit to her head, but was mostly just bruised.

    "you are permitted to leave once weget a blood test ran and completed" stated Dr. Dontus with a indignet attitude.

    Sydney just smiled and Vaughn let out a sigh like he'd been holding his breath.

    then Dr. Dontus added" yet you might want to take it easy for a day or two"

    Okay is what Sydney replied, but what she was thinking is "take it easy" yeah right. First I've got to check into SD-6 and then the CIA and then with my dad. Not to mention I'll probably be on a mission within the next 24 hours, risking my butt for a man I wish was dead.

    The doctor said he'd be back with the blood tester and walked out. Vaughn watched him walk out then turned toward Sydney

    "I don't likethis guy Syd, he gives me the creeps"

    " I never did like doctors"

    " well , at least you'll be out of here tonight"

    the doctor walked back in with a nurse. the nuse was carrying a tray of tools and introduced herself.

    " I'm nurse Sanders"

    "Mr. Vaughn we need you to step out for a moment please" ordered Dr. Dontus

    Vaughn's POV

    I don't like this... at all. Sydney was watching me leave. I turned and glanced in her eyes. She was worried, not for herself but for me. Because
    ididn't like the doctor she was worried I would be scared for her. Kind of a circular thing.

    I found a chair next to the door, but I couldn't sit down, not while Syd was alone in there.

    "Alright Miss Bristow, if you cooperate this can go fast" stated the "doctor"
  14. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Wait, what happened to her not being able to see? And what is up with this "doctor"?

    ~Me :angel2:
  15. spysurfergrl247

    spysurfergrl247 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 18, 2002
    Where the lovers lose...
    :jawdrop: Yeah,Yeah pleas keep going this rocks!!!Did you dream this or maked it up its relly good i almost started crying on counteragent so imaging how im feeling on this one pleas keep going!! :santa: :nervous: :pizza:
  16. i don't like doctors... now i think the story's creeping me out. <_<
    --Mandy :angelic:
  17. jaco16syd

    jaco16syd Rocket Ranger

    Dec 9, 2002
    "Wait, what happened to her not being able to see? And what is up with this "doctor"?"


    When Sydney was thrown Across the room SHe hit her head on the floor causing her to have temporary blindness- it goes away.

    And as for the "doctor"- you'll see ;)
  18. jaco16syd

    jaco16syd Rocket Ranger

    Dec 9, 2002
    " Yeah,Yeah pleas keep going this rocks!!!Did you dream this or maked it up its relly good i almost started crying on counteragent so imaging how im feeling on this one pleas keep going!! "


    I half way dreamed it up then filled in the other parts.
    yeah "Counteragent" was sad :(
  19. Alias Elle

    Alias Elle Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Los Angeles, CA
    Alright, I'll take your word for it.

    ~Me :angel2:
  20. jaco16syd

    jaco16syd Rocket Ranger

    Dec 9, 2002
    Here is some more....hope you like


    The nurse motioned for Sydney's arm then she tied a band around her upper arm.

    "Do you prefer a sleeping pill first?" Mrs Sanders questioned

    " No, I prefer to be awake" Sydney coldly replied. she was starting to feel uneasy with these two.

    The nurse shoved the needle into Sydney's arm causing her to flinch slightly. Then she compressed what little fluid was in it, waited a minute, then refilled the vile with Sydney's blood.

    She handed the vle to Dr. Dontus and he transferred it to a spinning container which processed it.

    Vaughn's POV

    What's taking so long? What if they hurt Sydney? I looked down at my watch - 10:31 am and 15 seconds, 30 seconds scince I last checked it. i left her in there at 10:05 am. She's strong she'll be okay.

    "take these miss bristow they will help with the pain" instructed Mrs SandersSydney put them in her mouth and swallowed with the water given to her

    "Thankyou miss Bristow, you may leave with a caretakers signature on these papers" said the doctor as he handed the folder to Sydney " turn it in to the front desk on your way out."

    Dr Dontus motioned to nurse Sanders and they left her alone.

    "you may enter Mr Vaughn" Dr Dontus said as he exited down the hall

    Vaughn just glared at him and the nurse as they left. Then turned to the room and walked toward sydney.

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