This R2D2-O'-Lantern Is the Pumpkin You're Looking For [R2d2]


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This R2D2-O'-Lantern Is the Pumpkin You're Looking For [R2d2]
(Via Gizmodo)

Now that's how you carve a pumpkin: into a fully rendered R2-D2 jack-o'-lantern. Here's how Noel Dickover sculpted this tricky treat out of an average 40-pound gourd.

First, note the word choice: Dickover considers his work to be pumpkin sculptures, which means that the whole pumpkin is the subject, not just a face that's carved into the front. For this project, he found a vertical, smooth-surfaced pumpkin that was proportionally similar to his droid of choice, and did his best to assure anatomical accuracy:

For R2-D2, because I didn't have a pattern, I needed to have pictures of anatomically accurate R2-D2 pictures. I found these both with the Weta Sideshow R2-D2 sculpture and with some videos of fully functional R2-D2 units from the R2-D2 Maker's group. Then its a matter of taking the "real" R2-D2 and transposing it to the pumpkin you have. In my case, I might have made the top a tad to big, but overall, I was able to get all the elements into the pumpkin... I also used a sewing tape measure to keep certain distances internally consistent.

The legs are made from parts of a large pumpkin that had started to rot, attached with Krazy Glue, with orange modeling glue representing R2-D2's black rings.

And how long does it all take, for you aspiring pumpkin Picassos? Somewhere around 11 hours for this project, although Dickover notes that he's spent over 30 hours on similar portraits. Which isn't all that much longer than it takes me to carve same lopsided, snaggletooth clown every year. [NPR]



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That is uber :cool: but I don't think that I personally would have the patience to sit there for 11 hours carving something that will implode itself in the days following Halloween.