Thought I'd introduce myself


Apr 4, 2006
Figured being new and all an introduction would be a good way to start things... So anyway, my name is Louise but most of my friends call me Lou or Looby Lou what ever they feel like... I'm 17 years old and from Denmark...
I watched Alias when they first started showing it here but got kind a tired of it, lol... :D So I stopped watching it untill a friend of mine started bugging me telling me that I had to watch it and I was missing out on something because I didn't watch it.. ;) Anyway I figured what the hell I'll se if I can find the first season... That was in December and I now have all the seasons and I am pretty much just obsessed with it, watching the episodes over and over again... And because season five isn't being shown here my only way to watch it to dl the episodes.. lol.... :) :)

I hope I'll get to talk to some of you people.... If anyone has a question feel free to ask and I'll answer....


Mar 15, 2006
welcome to AA!
this place is cool, loads of people to talk to, loads.
loads of friendly people to talk to to!
just ask us for help if ya need to.


saint lia

Apr 14, 2006
hi loo... it is nice to meet danish ppl on this page... my name is saint lia... im from copenhagen... do you have season 4 ??
love from this saint ... :angelic:
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