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Dec 23, 2003
Such a beautiful proposal. He had everything all planned out. I am jealous I must say.
Thanks for the PM
Dec 23, 2004
awwwww :shamefullyembarrased: :shamefullyembarrased: :shamefullyembarrased: :shamefullyembarrased: :shamefullyembarrased: !!!!!! the proposal was so beautiful and romantic , i love it :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: ,

i can´t wait for more :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: , please update as soon as possible :angelic: :angelic: :angelic: :angelic: ,

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Jun 10, 2004
That was adorable
I love it
So cute
Im glad he finally proposed to Sydney
Its about time
Thanks for the PM
Update again soon please

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Sep 15, 2004
“I do believe that you believe you love my daughter Mr. Vaughn.  As far as her hand, you have it and my blessing.  All I have ever wanted in the life is for Sydney to be safe and happy.  I may have failed her in the happiness department, but I always wanted it for her.  You should however be aware with out me having to say this, that I will always be watching and if my daughter comes to harm, or becomes unhappy you will have to deal with me Agent Vaughn.”  Jack said as he stood up and picked up his coat, keys, and brief case and walking to the door.
Looking through the past he stopped on a picture of Sydney in a pink dress with strawberry barrettes in her hair.  She was eight in that picture.  Something was strange though the picture was out of focus.  Jack sat back in the chair blinked and realized why the image had been blurred in shades of pink, red, and golden brown – he – Jack Bristow was crying. 

I love it Mean Jack to softie Jack. Couldn't have been doen better babe

Weiss's Girl

weiss's girl

Mandy Changes Colors
Sep 15, 2004

:wub: So what did you all think?
I do believe you said it best sweetie *wub* That was a great chapter now I want more so get cracking *cracks whip*.
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Aug 24, 2004
New Hampshire
Thanks guys. You have been leaving me some great responses. I'm glad that so many of you enjoyed the engagment. I'll try to post again as soon as I can. ;)


~3 Musketters~
Aug 24, 2004
New Hampshire
So I hope you all enjoy this 1am posting. I also hope that it doesn't affend anyone, cause it is not meant to. :shamefullyembarrased: :angelic:

Sydney and Vaughn had both come to some conclusions in the past two weeks.

Sydney had decided that she wanted to be married before she had her child and that she would amuse Vaughn by going to Lamaze classes.

Vaughn had decided to tread lightly; he could see bumpy roads ahead, and this is what he was trying to do this early Thursday evening.

Vaughn had driven home from another long boring day at the office and walked in the door to find Sydney sitting on the couch waiting with her bag packed for class. He had smiled, kissed her hello and walked up the stairs to change into more comfortable clothes for the class.

After helping Sydney into the car and putting the bag in the backseat he had gotten into the car and begun the short drive to the hospital. Before they had driven five minutes from the house Sydney had begun directing him on the route he should be taking to them there on time.

If it had been any other time in their life together other than the past month he would have called her on her need to be in control, even when they were away from work. He had learned however like all the men who had been in his place before that now was neither the time nor the place to push her buttons – no matter how much she might push his.

Arriving at the hospital Vaughn dropped Sydney off at the door and went to park the car, grabbing the green bag from the back as he got out. He made the quick walk up from the lot to the front and looked around for Sydney.

Looking in the glass doors he spotted her walking slowly in the lobby.

“Wait up gorgeous.” He said as he walked through the doors into the cooler interior.

Sydney turned around at the sound of his voice and smiled at him. She pointed to her left toward a hallway.

“I think that is where we are headed.” She said.

“Did you ask someone?” Vaughn asked looking around the area for the information desk.

“No, I didn’t have to I just used my eyes.” She said grabbing hold of his hand in her tightly.

Vaughn looked above them for a sign marking the direction to the Lamaze class but could find no such directions. Sydney pulled his arm toward her and nodded toward the hallway again.
“There’s no sign Vaughn, just mascots.” She said as they started walking toward the left of the building.

Vaughn took a moment to think this over and before it made sense he noticed a couple waking past them. She was in a pink jogging suit and he was in a gray matching one with a duffle bag. She was definitely pregnant and heading to the left.

“Good call.” Vaughn said as he leaned over and kissed her cheek.

“Thanks, but we don’t have to go right in.” She said pulling his hand up and looking at his watch.

“Well, no I guess we have a few more minutes, but we could get in there now and scope out the area for the best area to get set up in.” He said practically. “You know met the teacher, or teachers, and other couples.” He said with a warm smile.

“Or we could do that.” Sydney said slowly and pressed herself to his side.

Vaughn noticed that they were no longer walking and looked down at Sydney. She looked a tad pale so he steered her toward some chairs in the lobby.

“Syd are you okay?” He asked her worriedly as they sat down.

“Yes, of course. I would tell you if something was wrong with either of us.” She said absentmindedly rubbing the front of her round stomach.

“Syd you’re pale so something is bothering you or wrong.” Vaughn stated.

“I may be a tad nervous. It’s either nerves or gas.” She said just a shrug of her shoulders as her cheeks blushed.

“Well I think we can deal with either on of those.” Vaughn said sitting back in the chair further so he could rub her back gently.

“I’m just not used to not being prepared for something. There were not enough things for me to read on the internet or at the store to prepare me for this class, let alone the actually use for the class.”

“You mean having the baby?” He asked her with a slight laugh.

“Yes, having the baby and do not make fun of me now Michael Vaughn.” Sydney said giving him a withering look.

“Oh, Syd, I wasn’t making fun of you baby. I’ve just been waiting for you to start talking about and dealing with the delivery aspect of this whole production.” Vaughn said turning her face to his.
“And what makes you such an expert on the subject of pregnant women?” She asked mildly sarcastically.

“You aren’t the only one capable of reading things on the internet or at the bookstore.” He responded with a classic Vaughn smile.


“So why don’t we do this Syd, we go in there and we give it a shot and then if we don’t like it we can leave at break. But it can’t really hurt to sit there for thirty minutes and listen to talk to other couples, can it?” He asked standing up and kissing her hand for added support.

“Okay, but hold on a minute okay?” She asked.

“Sure what’s up?”

“I need a minute to get up.”

“Would you like a hand?” He asked putting his other hand out for her to grab.

“I promised myself that I would be able to get up all on my own for all nine months.” She sighed exasperatedly. “Do you know what this means?” She asked as she grabbed his hand and he pulled her up next to him.

“What?” He asked as he picked up the bag and they started walking toward the hallway.

“I can’t be left alone. I could get beached with no one around.”

Vaughn didn’t know if this was a joke or a serious statement so he looked over at her.

“Go ahead laugh.” She said.

“I wasn’t going to.”

“Yes you were.”

“Perhaps, but just a little.”

Class started like any other first time meeting. Everyone got introduced and then they sat there and listened to the nurse tell them about how she ran the class and handed out some sheets with suggested reading titles, and things she and her students found invaluable with newborns.

Then it was time for the movie portion of the class. The movie was called the Magical Journey but to Vaughn it should have been titled Never Show This To Scared Pregnant Women A Month From Giving Birth.

All the women and most of the men in the room looked ill to varying degrees, and one woman had run out of the room saying she was going to be sick with her husband following her.

“I know that this film tends to be shocking to the first timers,” their teacher Janet said, “but for the second timers and beyond like Chrissie and Carl it speaks the truth, doesn’t it?”

“To the best a video can do.” Carl said while still patting Chrissie’s hand.

Sydney who had seen and had to be involved in some horrific circumstances in her life time had trained her eyes to the carpet and counted the fibers three minutes into the movie, right after they explain how the women had gotten pregnant.

After another ten minutes of listing to Janet it was break time and Sydney told Michael that she needed to go to the bathroom and asked him to get her a glass of punch from the side table Janet was setting up with drinks and crackers. She grabbed her purse and was out of the room in a rush like most of the other women.

Some waddled for the bathroom; a few others went to whine at each other in the front of the hospital. Sydney smiled at them as she walked past and right out the front doors. She dug into her purse as she went and pulled out her cell phone and leaned against the stone wall outside. Then she pressed seven numbers and hit dial.

“Hello?” A familiar voice answered the phone.

“Hey Marshall.” Sydney said casually. “Is Carrie home?”

“Hey Syd! Ya of she is, do you need to talk with her?”

“Ya, I really would.” She replied.

“Okay hold on one sec while I go and get her, okay?” He asked, rushing his words together like usual.

“Sure, thanks Marshall.”

Sydney watched a few birds hop around on the grass next to her for a few seconds before Carrie answered.

“Hey Sydney, what’s up?” She asked.

“I need some advice, woman to woman.”

“Okay. Shoot, what’s it about?” Carrie asked.

“Lamaze.” Sydney said in one short breath.

“What?! Are you there? Run, run far away.”

“To late I’m already here.” Sydney said. She wondered what it would be like to be able to run again. Now that she was thinking about it she couldn’t remember the last time she actually had.

“Well get your bag, get Vaughn and make and excuse for yourselves and get the heck out of there before they show you one of their ‘for your benefit’ videos.” Carrie said seriously.

“Can’t I’ve already been hit.” Sydney replied almost like she would have if she had been shot in the field.

“Okay Sydney I can tell you a few things that I think are options and then you can decide what you want to do.” Carrie said earnestly as she walked over to the couch to sit closer to Mitchell and keep and eye on him while Marshall was on the computer.

“I’m all ears.”

“This is how I see it. You can one stay there and keep going to class to appease Michael, which is what I assume you are doing. You don’t strike me as the kind of girl who needs to have breathing lessons. Come to think of it you probably already have had lessons on how to control your breathing in dangerous situations”

“That is actually true.” Sydney said thinking back to the tank of water that she had had to train in back in the days of SD-6.

“Or two,” Carrie continued, “you can take this time and spend it getting your house ready for a baby, spending time with Vaughn, and resting. Because let me tell you, you will not get enough rest again for months. Heck I haven’t gotten enough rest still since Mitchell was born.” She said with a roughness reaching into her voice. After a pause she added, “But I wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Thanks Carrie. I sincerely appreciate it. You and Marshall are coming next weekend right? “Sydney asked of the joint girls bachelorette/baby shower, being held at Francie’s restaurant, and the bachelor party being held at Eric’s.

“Of course.”

“Thanks, really.”
“I only wish someone could have shared this info with me. But you are welcome. Pass it on, because really Sydney at this stage of the game it’s really too late to do anything else.”

Sydney hung up her phone and marched back into the hospital, well really waddled purposefully, a new woman. She loved Vaughn but she refused to watch these videos and be stuck in a room with other scared, shocked, pregnant women when she could be using her time in other ways.

Opening the door and walked over to Janet and smiled at her.

“Do you have a question Ms. Bristow?” She asked with a motherly smile.

“I have lots of questions, but none that you can really help me with. I just wanted to let you know that Michael and I are going to be leaving and I wanted you to know that we would not be coming back. I just got some advice that I was in need of and now I’m much better.” Sydney said with a smile.

With that Sydney walked over to Vaughn and grabbed his hand helping him out of his chair. She put the bag over her shoulder and took the glass of punch out of his hand. She drank it in to gulps and then threw the cup out on her way to the door.

“You want to drive or should I?” Was the last thing the class heard and the door closed and Sydney and Vaughn walked out.

There would have been a time where Vaughn would have tried to argue with her but after seeing the first of thirteen videos he was more than happy to follow his pregnant fiancé our the door.

Later that night in their bed Sydney looked over at him and asked if he was upset. All Vaughn could say was, “While you have given me many reason to pause and get annoyed with you over the years, this, Sydney was by far not one of them.”

Then he turned onto his side and kissed her and the baby goodnight.

Hope you all enjoyed it. I'm off to PM you guys and then off to bed! ;) :miniflower:


Jul 8, 2004
Awwww! *squeal* I loved that chapter! :woot:

I have no idea what a Lamaze class is... Or what you do in one and what it's like, but GOD that sounds hilarious...


Incredibly hilarious, but jeebus it must really scar everyone with the videos :P

I'm glad that Carrie talked Syd out of it though, cos poor Syd, being pregnant and having to go to that class as well... And now we have more time to just be with Vaughnie! YAAAY! :D

And I especially loved the ending! :cry: He kissed the baby goodnight too... *sniff* Aww... That's so freakin' adorableeee!!!

LOVE the chapter Sam ;)



Mar 15, 2004
:woot: Three updates in a row, I'm glad to see you're back, I really missed you and your fic too of course :shamefullyembarrased:

These three chapters were really worth the wait.

In the firt update I really loved the end with Jack being so emotional because it's actually so rare to see him in this kind of state.

In the second I loved the proposal part, it was just too :love:

And finally in the third one I enjoyed the fun you put in it in particular with Lamaze course

Thank you so much for these updates, and I hope we'll get another soon

Thanks for the pms



:love: :angel2:


Mar 23, 2004
Sydney, Australia
Awh poor Syd. Im so glad that she went and talked to Carrie. And Carrie just rocks! I love Vaughn... (wow, random much? :LOL:)
Thankyou for the PM and the update! I cant wait for more!



Mar 22, 2004
Hey..I'm so sorry but I have to do this: could you take me off the pm list? I get too many pms and I don't have time to read all so I have to take me off some pm lists..sorry... (n)
Mar 26, 2004
Holy Freakin felgercarb!
*jumps up and down*
I got to read three updates at once!
*jumps more*

There would have been a time where Vaughn would have tried to argue with her but after seeing the first of thirteen videos he was more than happy to follow his pregnant fiancé our the door.
Okay, that I found hilarious!
Poor Vaughn *sticks out bottom lip*
Haha, Loved it though!

Thanks for the PM!
All three chappies were FANTASTIC!
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