"Threshold" picked up for the new season...

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CNN had a blurb about CBS's new shows coming up in the season and I noticed this one....
CBS is trying two supernatural stories on Friday nights. "Threshold" features a team of experts called in when the Navy discovers aliens have landed in the Atlantic Ocean. Hewitt's "Ghost Whisperer," reminiscent of NBC's "Medium," is about a woman who conveys messages from dead people to the living.
Now, never mind the fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt in a clone of Medium sounds like it'll fail after just a few airings, what caught my attention was Threshold since it sounded like a takeoff of Sphere and a few others.

Here's what The Sci-Fi Channell says about the show....
SCI FI Wire has obtained new details about CBS' SF pilot Threshold, which is being produced by former Star Trek: Enterprise executive producer Brannon Braga, Blade writer David S. Goyer, Harry Potter producer David Heyman, Mark Rosen and Bragi Schut.

Braga told SCI FI Wire that he and the others are awaiting word from CBS on whether the show will be picked up. "The status of the pilot is we're done," Braga said in an interview at the Saturn Awards in Los Angeles. "We've finished it, and we're waiting to hear what happens. I don't want to jinx it, though. The next couple of weeks. It's a psychological thriller, science fiction show. It's contemporary sci-fi about aliens amongst us. But more emphasis on the psychological suspense and less emphasis on the effects-heavy type of genre piece."

According to an internal document obtained by SCI FI Wire, Threshold begins with the discovery of an extraterrestrial spacecraft in the middle of the ocean. Molly Anne Caffrey (Carla Gugino), a physician and former NASA employee, is recruited to await the planet's first contact, along with a carefully assembled team made up of a brilliant physicist, a language and communications expert and a covert operative, the document said. Together they implement Operation: Threshold, charged with finding out the purpose of the landing and the fate of the ship's crew and preparing for the worst-case scenario of an alien invasion.

The cast includes Charles S. Dutton and Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner, as well as Robert Benedict, House of Wax's Brian Van Holt and Lost's William Mapother.
That also answers what Brannon Braga of Trek lore has been up to lately.