Throwing Coins at Goalies! Man U vs Everton


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Manchester United goalie (soccer/football) receices a coin in his head from an Everton fan, one of multiple objects thrown at him at the same time, including a mobile phone!

one of the throwers was caught on terrestrial tv footage, he's in a bit of trouble now, no denying that!

Evertons going to expect a huge fine, maybe having the place closed until netting can be put up to avoid this sort of thing. Imagine if you will, if a top footballer had been blinded! How anyone can treat it's countries sportmen in this way is ashaming.

A real shame that after the incident, the police and stewards didn't just clear out all the stands behind the goalies, then continue with the game, instead we have one very nervous goalie waiting to be struck again!

shame on them! (and what was that steward thinking when he picked up the mobile to hand to police, should have cleanly removed it for fingerprints!)


Code Monkey
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Throwing stuff at players on the field is the norm' around here (Philadelphia, PA, USA). Heck, this is the town the boo'ed Santa Clause! :D