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Thundercats fans have had some bad & good news lately. The long fabled movie is once again on hold after early released artwork did not go over too well with fans. However, the Cartoon Network is still going forward with their new animated series and is still slated to start airing this July.

Below is new trailer released for the Cartoon Network series.



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oh noes! blocked in the UK for copyright purposes. A trailer? Jeez :(

A bit of goggling coming up.........

aha, MTV had it. Not overly impressed with the feeling in that trailer as compared to the show of my youth, which had it's faults.


I've been watching ThunderCats faithfully and I think that this show is a tremoundous improvement over the original as this show is a bit more amped up thanks to the anime medium through which the starry cats tale is now being told.

I also really like the Pikachu-esque Snarf and I'm very much attached to our new Cleric Cheetara and astral style Ben Kenobi Jaga in a lamp. This show is full of so many twist and turns that it is hard but well worth the wait for new episodes each week.

I also love wily kit and kat.