An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
From the downright hilarious to the utterly painful this collection of ‘taken just at the right time’ pics will have you cringing or laughing out loud (depending on how you view the world). The following are our most favourite ‘caught just at the right time’ pics. If you have seen better we’d love to hear from you.
#1: Cheers

#2: I *Can* Fly.. I’m Superman I Tell You

#3: And I’m Supermum But I Still Don’t Like This

#4: Not This Time Big Guy

#5: Hello Mr. Chin, I’m Mr. Bat

#6: He’s Behind You!

#7: Hey Wise Guy…Next Time I’ll Open The Champagne…D’ya Hear?

#8: On Your Head Son

#9: The End Of The Road

#10: Lightening Works


Creative Writer
Jan 16, 2005
Oh noes! I strangely see myself in the guy calmly watching the baseball bat land amongst the fans. I think after last nights social club after a guest lecture at uni I believe anything is possible.
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