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Tips on How to Write from Robert J. Sawyer

Discussion in 'Books' started by Tom, Jan 1, 2008.

  1. Tom

    Tom An Old Friend

    Dec 6, 2004
    Gulf Coast
    Great Beginnings
    Point of View
    Constructing Characters
    Show, Don't Tell
    Speaking of Dialogue
    Heinlein's Rules
    Wordprocessing Tricks
    Cover Letters and SASEs

    Submission guidelines for Robert J. Sawyer Books, a science-fiction publishing line edited by Rob

    Letter to beginning writers

    Manuscript format checklist
    Complete sample manuscript
    Outlines and synopses
    Writing an effective opening line

    The book's written, what now?
    Landing an agent
    Breaking into the science-fiction marketplace
    Why self-publishing is not the way to go

    Notes for the copyeditor
    Tips for public readings

    Getting good press
    Publicity doesn't just happen: A case study
    More advice on self-promotion for writers

    Using your website to promote your book
    Advice for authors creating a website

    Why authors attend science-fiction conventions
    Another take on conventions

    Audio! A Rob's lecture on point-of-view from Odyssey: The Fantasy Writing Workshop in 2007

    Audio! A 37-minute podcast produced by Tee Morris featuring Rob discussing what authors can do to help market their science fiction and fantasy books

    Toronto: A Writer's Tour

    WordStar — A Writer's Word Processor

    Turkey City Lexicon, the hoary, and somewhat contentious, mother of all workshopping vocabularies

    Information about Writers' Workshops with Rob

    Here is the page

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