Tired if Studying?

I missed school yesterday so tonight I have double the homework.(That explains why I am on allalias talking about basically nothing but...) I have 2 papers to write, about 70 geometry problems, 3 Edgar Allan Poe stories to read, a felgercarb load of Spanish and I have to do a "decent" sketch for art tomorrow. *Runs to corner and starts sketching dust particles.* A+ <_< :Phonecall:


woah howd i miss this thread.... i have to make up a song about the plaents to carmen fantasy opus 25.... yeah woah.. sats are coming up to.. adn my quarterly exam,... ahhhh!!!! this is gonna suck...


I need sleep
I am so tired bc last night i only got about 4 hours of sleep bc i had about 40 algebra problems, notes to take for religion, a stupid art piece (it had to be completely colored in!), a ton of spanish, and 4 songs to memorize for a stupid music quiz! i almost fell asleep in math today, but my teacher kept glaring at me whenever i put my head down! i didnt get started on my hw til about 10:30 last night bc my mom wouldnt let me skip my soccer game even though: A) its a rec team, B) its the last game of the season and we've only won 1 game anyway, so it wasnt like we were in the running for the championship, C) my achilles tendon is still sore from 2 weeks ago, D) I DONT LIKE MY COACH! so i went to bed at about 12:30 and woke up at 4:45 to finish the rest of my hw! And i still think i failed my music quiz! :angry:


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Eep!! I have a psych test tmo! Sooo much info... but the test is only 50 questions, multiple choice and true/false. It's gonna drive me nuts! :o_O: And it REALLY stinks 'cause it's the second of only three grades we're getting in class... the final grade is based on only the 3 tests we're having. Which is nice, 'cause, other than reading the textbook and studying, there's no homework. But... it's kinda scary too...


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I have an exam this Friday and two exams next Friday. Lots of reading and highlighting. The exam consists of three essays, so I have a lot of studying to do.


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Okay, I have to share this, because I'm very proud that I just memorized it. The pathway that the lamniscal system (which is important for the touch sense) takes to the brain...

dorsal columns
medial lamniscal system
somatosensory cortex



I need sleep
aaaaaah! :angry: i have to write a one page report on the life of a saint who lived in the middle ages! its due tomorrow and all i have done is the research! i guess i'll go write it now so i can watch alias tonight!
OMG i forgot to study for religion. Thank God its after lunch period, i'll study at lunch. Grrr, i hate hw and studying and arghh
*turns into hulk* lol


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KateJones47 said:
st. clare of assisi
Ick... I'm sorry. :blink:

I can't believe, after all my complaining about having to read St. Augustine... I'm doing my paper on him now! :lol:

So this week... paper due on Tuesday, religion exam on wednesday, and history exam on friday. Urrrg.
My exams last fr an entire mot, so bite that. If I don't have an A average I'm going off to military school. My life of school sucks more than yours does, so there.