Animation Title of sci-fi animated series

I'm looking for animated series about space. There were scene with fights humans with enemies. Robots were in last episode, but not only. I remember a little informations - [dark-pink robot] is destroyed and steaming. Animated series with a few episodes (or mini-series). Main setting: Earth.

I remember that could be there somebody similar to Thing from "Fantastic Four" and this dark-pink robot, somebody else as well. Three evil characters and rest of evil soldiers-aliens. Men drives vans.

This isn't "Exosquad". Something other. Not anime. There weren't three robots. Rather one (dark-pink or purple) robot, orange monster (similar to Thing from "Fantastic Four") and somebody else. Three evil characters and good people. Space and Earth. Very important was orbit. I remember that man (probably in spacecraft) looks in big screen and speaks about orbit. Probably there were escapes through city, men drives trucks. Final battle was amazing: dark-pink robot was destroyed and there were grey smoke from this robot. Maybe "Falandar 77", but I can't find.

There were somebody similar to Thing from "Fantastic Four", not Madman. Three enemies have always left and came back in the next episode. At the last episode, there were final battle. Brown robot smokes... I remember that there were trucks, men, fights, escapes through city. Probably American animated series, not anime.

I remember that there were word "Orbit", but I don't remember more from this animated series. Title (90%) is similar to "Exaction", "Esaction", "Esacton"? PLEASE HELP! :-(

Final battle and robot (schematic drawing):

Similar to robot from "Bucky O'Hare":
Monsters Vs. Aliens is a fun, computer-animated twist on the campy horror and sci-fi fare found on drive-in screens across the country throughout the '50s and into the '60s. Here the movie monster archetypes are the heroes of the film trying to ward off an alien invasion instead of scaring teenage codes.