Today is International Women's Day.

Oh I toldly agree women have to do with current events and one day I hope there will be a Women President, however I think the guys have to big of an ego right now to except a women coming into power like Hillary(I don't even like her) for example guys were like ooooo women senator I mean good god she doen't have a male body part that doesn't mean she is anylesser if a person..ok I'm going to breath and leave soon.

~KM :angelic:
almost every girl at my school is anorexic!! It's depressing!!! They're all mad at me because I'm like 95 lbs. (though I'm 5'1" so that shows something) and they're always like, how do you stay so thin?!! Well for one thing I don't pig out, and another I'm not always eating all that greasy food you guys do! It's sad, I think they should just be happy with the way they are, I know I am!
Same Here why try make yourself look like something not to please you but to please someone else? say be happy of what you are who you are and what you stand for!!

I like me I'm happy about myself cuz I love expressing how I feel, I love being a LADY (cuz I'm not a gurl, I'm not a women), and I love being me!!

Wait....I sound kinda of self-centered or concieted( can't spell) I'm not, I promise, I'm just happy for who I am not what I look like

~KM :angelic:
I know what you mean, and you don't sound conceited!! I just wish they would accept themselves for who they are instead of fainting and passing out and all that other stuff trying to look the way they want...I feel like strangling people who don't like themself!!


It's Womens history MONTH! I love March!!

Women Rock!! I am very Proud to be a woman, and will stand by it 100%!!