Tom Clancy

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Code Monkey
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I've read most of his stuff. Sometimes his works have that formula feel to them, you know that type of novel where you can predict what's going to happen next because it's just like other novels you've read, but for the most part I like his stuff.


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pulp fiction for the masses. it's one saving grace is encouraging people to read that would otherwise stop reading.

it has a very useful function in this world and so if i choose not to read anymore of his books (after reading plenty!) i won't knock his retail product. if this type of publication wasn't around, literacy would decline considerably and we can't have that :)

i cannot understand his characters (and it's not just the brit/yank divide here!) physical action is not precise or easily visualised, leaps of logic are made without the reader understanding in the main. the reader is taken for a ride "wearing blinkers"

King Kovifor

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I absolutely love him... I've only read one book but it was great. I read Op Center. I Started The Sum of All Fears but never finished. So now i'm onto Red Storm Rising.