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Tomb Raider Dark angel

Discussion in 'Creative Writing & Arts' started by Natalie, Dec 24, 2002.

  1. Natalie

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    Dec 3, 2002
    CHAPTER (1) The enemy
    December 2004 - A Gredal fortress on the outskirts of Siberia, Russia

    Lara slammed against the stone wall. She bit her lip trying to keep the expiration of pain inside and slid to the floor. A large booted foot smashed against her jaw, throwing her head back violently. Lara glared at her huge grinning attacker and then at the thug's employer
    Lara's greedy capturer bent near. The man's voice was thin and reedy. He looked at Lara with a hatetred that sent a chill over Lara's body.
    "I will ask you again. Why have you come to the Gredal fortress, what do you want?" His shinney black eyes seemed to go right though to what Lara was thinking. Sweat began to trickle down her face as she gave him a week cocky smile. He grabbed the side of Lara's hair and pushed her head firmly back to the wall. "Answer me, or I will have your lims broken, one by one!"
    Lara spat blood on his face to disorient him while she kicked him back then clambered to her feet. "I don't think that's any of your business "
    "She has come for the Itasca artifact, Sir," a familiar voice interrupted. Lara turned her attention from Gerpatkath' and glanced at the familiar looking man that was hidden in the shadows. A fist plunged into Lara's chest sending her falling back to the ground. She felt her head throbbing while a stream of blood dripped to the ground.
    The man in the shadows pointed to Lara. "This is Lara Croft. She killed my father two years ago, and my brother! She is a worthless grave-robber and deserves no respect!"
    The sargent looked at the man "I need not know your family history Slave. Gaurds get him out of here" Then he looked back at Lara. "So, you are the famous Lara Croft?." Sargent Gerpatkath' smiled and moved forward. He stood taller than most of his men - and at least a foot above Lara. His face was narrow and cruel, and on the few occasions when he smiled it was like being favored with a grin from a snake.
    The enormously huge Thug slung him self back in the darkly lit room and slammed the bottom of his staff to the ground, easily showing his disliking of Lara. He moved with Gerpatkath like a shadow wile he consciously snared at Lara. Gerpatkath leaned nearer "I was convinced that our paths would cross, Ms. Croft. I did not think, however, that you would be so foolish as to come to a Gredal fortress. In many ways I am deeply honored and amused by your presence".
    Lara closed her eyes, slouching over for here head to rest in her hands.
    He reached in to his black leather trench coat and pulled out a jagged cruel looking knife. "Unfortunately this visit just might be cut short Miss. Croft".
    "I think I know why youre here Miss Croft, You have come for the Itasca artifact, no?"
    Lara tilted her head "And why is this so important to you, Mr Gerpatkath?".
    "Croft!, You fool..." enraged he slung around and signaled for his Thug. "You will regret this Miss. Croft" Flipping his knife in the air as Lara tried get away while he was turned around, but there was nowhere to go. Suddenly he turned around then held the knife to Lara's thought "You WILL tell me!, Now! "
    Lara gave him a smirk and in a cocky voice simply said "No"
    "Fine then!" he started to cut into Lara's skin, for once there was nothing that Lara could do but squirm while Gerpatkath's men healed her down.
    "This is your last chance Croft"
    The last thing that she saw was a blurry fist then jabbing pain in her stomach, then every thing went black....

    When Lara woke up she was facing a sealing of bright lights shinning into her eyes. She tried to move then she saw straps all over her legs, arms, neck and every were else on her body. Peering over to a rich, glossy wooden box with a dragon carving on the top of it, Lara wondered if she had been brought to China for the Russian's would not have a Chinese box...or would they? Struggling for any possible way to get free, the leather straps had sharp metal rims cutting into Lara's skin. It was almost as if they knew what her next move would be and prevented her from slipping out of this situation. Then suddenly a loud screeching noise ripped through Lara's mind, She began to cry out in pain. But there was no one in sight to be casing such pain to her, in the confusion of what was going on Lara held it all back telling her self it was all a dream as tears folded her eyes. She kept her eyes open hoping that the tears would go back in. rather then letting them pour down her face. Thirty minuets later...

    Foot steps came near, Lara could hear faint voices but very subtle at that. Hopeing it was not Gerpatkath'. Wondering if she was really in china or even home after three days of being tortured. Tired, cold, wet and starved she gave one more desperate low pitched cry for help.
    The foot steps became louder and louder till the door slowly open with a high screech. She looked hopelessly at the man who approached her, he had a dark cruel looking robe covering his face and his entre body. Lara open her mouth to speak "H..e..l..p...Me" The man reached his hand near then quickly pulled it back turning around swiftly to only find him self being watched by Gerpatkath' and his Thugs. Gerpatkath' reached for the man in the dark robe and began to strangle him slamming him against the wall again and again. The man's hood dropped down to his shoulders reveling his sleek jet black hair and dark blue eyes. "Wait!" he cryed in a faint voice hoping that Gerpatkath would stop to hear his offer. Gerpatkath' let go of his strong grip of the man's neck as he watched him slide to ground. "If you did'ent come for death then why are you here, Slave?" Choking on the blood from his through he tried to speak but nothing came out. "Ms. Croft is not allowed visitors..." Gerpatkath' said curesly looking deeply into the man's ocean blue eyes waiting for one wrong reply so he could have a reason to kill him. The man was still breathing hard "I..I know how..to...." Gerpatkath's eye's narrowed. "Wrong answer!" He pulled out his Knife and turned his back on the man, flipping the knife in the air. He turned around swiftly, the knife flying out from him grip strait through the robe then firmly stopped in the chest of the man laying on the floor. "Aaa!" he threw his head back looking towards the sealing in excruciating pain.

    Gerpatkath' turned towards Lara with an evil grin.
    She could remember somewhere seeing the man that was on the floor helplessly bleeding to death. "He's the slave that barged into the shadows of the room that I was in earlier. But who was he? I know I've seen him before...but were? Were have I met him before?" She asked her self but never taking her eye's off of what Gerpatkath' was doing. He move like a shadow towards the Chinese box reaching out his hand to it and ran his long crocked fingers across the top of it. "Do you know what is in this box Ms Croft?"
    "I don't think I want to find out" she muttered to her self. The Slave pushed up from the floor clambering to Gerpatkath', "My...name is...Kurtis...Trent.. I know this woman... I...I.. might be of some use" Holding the his wound then slowly puling out the knife from his chest. Gerpatkath tilted his head but did not look at him instead he stared at Lara. "Well then, tell me what you know and I... might, let you live." Kurtis hesitated for a moment, then in a week voice spoke "Wwwell...I'll need something in return" Gerpatkath' tuned his attention to Kurtis but still holding his hand on top of the box. "I don't believe you are any use to me or my employer" Gerpatkath' Slowly opened the box half way, reaching for something that was deep in the box, Kurtis backed away trying to see the what Gerpatkath was about to pull out. Lara wanted to help Kurtis, but there was nothing that she could do other then try to distract Gerpatkath' "Employer, I thought you were the Employer Mr Gerpatkath'?" Lara fantily said, while slowly sliping her arm out. Gerpatkath' kept his heins snake like, black eyes on his prey. Kurtis held the bloody knife that was in his chest, behind his back waiting for the right moment to strike. Gerpatkath' lifted a wicked dagger that had a slite hook at the end to rip into one's flesh. Kurtis griped the knife firmly in his hand as Gerpatkath' came near with the Dagger not realizing that Kurtis had a knife. Witch gave Kurtis the element of surprise. Swiftly Kurtis jabbed the knife into Gerpatkath's stomach, he staggered backwards reaching into the wooden box with his left hand and grabbed a needle while still having the Dagger in the other. Gerpatkath' Lunged forward with the needle, Kurtis dauged it barely as he kicked Gerpatkath' onto a stretching board. Lara, still desperately trying to get free she slid her legs out from the leather straps and began wiggling her way out. Kurtis took a hard blow to the head. Gerpatkath' Stabbed Kurtis in his open wound with the needle as Lara got free of the straps that held her down. Kurtis throws his head forward to headbutt Gerpatkath but could not from the intense pain going through all of his nerves. "What is in that needle?!" Lara said in her head as green glopy ose came pouring down Kurtis's chest. Gerpatkath stared at Kurtis then gave an evil grin when blood began to chock up Kurtis's throught. Lara reached into the box and grabbed a small device that unfolds into a long metal poll. Gerpatkath turned around only to see the front end of the poll that Lara was holding go right through his right eye and kept going till it reached the other side of his head...
    Suddenly the feeling of great silence peace and victory came over Lara, but the feeling did not last long. She bent near Kurtis and placed her hand on his wound then with her other hand checked his pulse. A slow hart beat thumped, just Kurtis was out cold. Lara looked over her shoulder hopeing to see a med pack or anti-virus, though there was nothing but bright wight walls, touchier equipment and Gerpatkath' lying dead on the floor. She ripped off a peace Gerpatkath's black leather coat and firmly set it on Kurtis open wound. "Well it looks like your on your own..." Lara got up and snuck out the left door into a dark wet hallway, she could feel electricity in the air snapping with power. "Ah maybe a way out, or maybe a way into more trouble..." She perred over into the next room. "Lab, no, not a way out... But what about Kurtis? The antidoubt might be in there. Why do I even care? and I don't even know if it has an antidoubt or what in the world is in him" Lara said in her head, undecided of what to do she just stayed looking into the laboratory. She snuck closer to over hear what was going on between the two people in lab suits that were turned away from Lara. "Sir, Were trying to fix the problem but I think well have to take it back to formula" "Back to formula!?" The second man said in a low thickly spoken words as he lifted a gun to the other man's head and pulled the trigger without a doubt in his mind. "Friendly people here, I doubt I'll stay for dinner" Lara started to back away then froze... The man started to walk towards Lara, her heart thumping in her chest as if it were to throb out of her chest. Then a cold hand griped her shoulder from behind, chills sent spilling over here body. The man in suit started getting closer, Lara was yanked back by the person in behind her as the man walked by not realizing her presence. Lara shoved her elbow into the person in behind her then turned around forseing her hand into the person's face. "Lara!" The man said reaching for her again. She struggled into the light trying to get him to follow so she could see him. He stepped out of the shadows into the light "Lara it's me...Kurtis" He was perfectly fine, not even a scratch, there was not a singe thing that looked like he had been injured. "But how?" Lara got up from the floor while rubbing her swore battered head waiting for a reply. "I can't talk here, we need to leave, NOW!" "What's hurry, Mr Kurtis?" Suddenly a loud machancal nosie ripped through the air, than BBBOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Rumbles sent and cracks began to flow across the floor. "Your blowing up the fortress!?" Lara yelled over the noise staring at Kurtis as if he were the biggest dope. "Let's go girl!" They ran out of the fortress as fast as they could go, explosions set off as they neared the exit. Lara made it out closely followed by Kurtis as they made it into Siberia's freezing wonderland. The last final blow took and the fortress collapsed sending shrapnel flying everywhere making the sky look of darkness. Explosions continued in the sky as peace's flue into each other, Kurtis shoved Lara into the snow then covered him self over her.

    END OF CHAPTER (1) The Enemy

    Second and third chapter coming January 10 2003!
  2. Scarlet Crystal

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    Dec 30, 2002
    i like the action! cool!
  3. Natalie

    Natalie BANNED!

    Dec 3, 2002
    (I'm not sure if I really like the way it came out, but don't worry the thrid one is much better :D ) Anyway to what we've been wating for:

    CHAPTER (2) Walking Danger

    December 2004, 16, 5:36pm. - Two hours after the destruction of a Gredal' fortress.
    On the outskirts of Siberia, Russia...

    Her heart pounding, her hands frozen to the bone... "Why is it when I'm in Egypt all I can think about is the devastating heat, and how nice it would be to turn into a human ice block. Now all I want is to be turned into a human barbecue." Lara kidded to her self trying to keep her mind off the snow blasting around her and ice ripping through her hair. Barely able to see Kurtis in this unforgiving weather, she put her hand out trying to avoid any more snow flying into her eyes so she could see him.
    Kurtis took his hands and shaped them into a funnel, "Lara, Lara, we're almost there," he yelled from 15 feet ahead of Lara. "Come on girl." He continued. Lara holding still, grasping her hands around her rib cage where a large purple bruise had spread. Shrapnel from the explosion had hit Lara and was firmly placed in her side. She could feel that something was terribly wrong. Lara's fighter spirit would not let her become vulnerable and tell Kurtis. "I don't know who Kurtis is, but I can't help but feel that I know him from somewhere" Lara's moment of thought was interrupted by Kurtis taking her by the arm and gesturing to go with him. "Lara, you okay?" Kurtis asked with genuine concern. Lara made no replied. Slowly she moved, dragging her dark brown ice covered army boots through the snow. "I can see the shack. It's just up the snow mound." Kurtis said assuringly as he hunched over trying to get him self warmer in any way.
    Ten minuets later...
    Dragging them selves closer to Ivan's dark wooded store. Window covers flapping back and forth making a horrible racket. Knifes and axe's were out on an old crate, blood still dipping off of the newly put out knife. Old dog skins laying out on chopped up wood, the axe's siting near, Kurtis felt the urge to pick it up, what if they needed to protect them selves? He cringed, his brow scrunched, then he reached for it. The sharp blade of the axe shining, drawing, "What's up with me!?" He said with a jolt backwards. " Wait... Lara!?" He cryed out in a loud wispier, turning around hoping to see that she had not left his side. Lara was nowhere in sight... Kurtis nervously made his way around the rundown shack, an awful smell blow as he turned around to the back of the shack. Kurtis dropped to the ground, staring at... Ivan's ripped up body that lay on the ground, his muscles were laying out everywhere and the same with his intentions. "What if I had been here, I could have saved him?" Kurtis moaned looking at his dead friend with a weary expression.
    Then he could see a motion in the shack, if it were what killed Ivan then he might already have Lara, or it could just be Lara in there...?" Kurtis staggered his way to the front of the shack it was the fastest he could go in this weather, though it had seemed that he had forgotten all about the devastating cold. Now it was all adrenalin pumping through his vanes. Danger was written all over, chills sent down his neck. What ever happened to Lara.? what if the people or person who killed Ivan is here? Thoughts began to spill out more then his hart beats. Finally he had reached the door, slowly he reached his hand towards the doorknob, he shut his eyes straining to make him self open the door, he could hear some wolves beginning to houl in the distance, he could feel his hart beat throbbing all the way to the tips of his fingers. Thoughts clouded his mind. But something brout him out of this state of shock. Something heavy being drug flashed through his mind. Swiftly he turned around opening his eyes and trying to focus, snow blasting around blocked him from seeing, once the noise came closer that's when he suddenly realized... He burst through the door looking both ways for Lara, going through each room quickly, then that noise he heard outside came closer, he could hear it breathing. Then it made it's way to the door. Kurtis dropped to the ground and hid under a glossy wood table. It step't in side, knowing someone was there, and beining to look for that person. Kurtis looked out from under the table, seeing this undescribable thing, "It docent look human," But he could not tell with that dark mangled robe on. Taller then Kurtis by three of more feet, darkness surrounded it like a shadow. Kurtis could feel the pulling as he did outside, but worse, stronger some how. Suddenly he thoughts froze, the creature grabbed the table Kurtis was under with it's long metallic but life like hands lifting it as if it were weightless. Then it reached for Kurtis plunging down from it's enormous high't to Kurtis. But before it could get it's long fingers around Kurtis, shots began to fire off into it's back, turning around to it's attacker, it saw Lara. With her newly found lite blue snowsuit, extra equipment and of course both of her 9mm pistols blaring off. Unfortunately, it didn't effect this creature, all it did was make him angry. It got closer and closer. Lara pointing her guns strait up, trying to hit it's head or eyes, firing non stop, then looked back to the door, she flipped backwards to avoid it's long arm swooping down to get her. "You need any help miss croft?" Kurtis yelled as he pulled out a round diskous, with a slit in the middle that he held on to. The Creature stood up as tall as it could and screaled out, calling for back up. Lara slowly turned her head towards Kuris but still aiming her pistols at the creature. Kurtis lifted his diskous, called a glave, he gave it a tight squeeze, then sharp metal blades rung out with a metallic scrap. The snow covered ground shaking and spiting, over the hill came a huge army of these creatures. Kurtis and Lara looked at each other, simultaneously saying "Run!" Darting there way to the ice caped mountains with the creatures close behind. The Creatures came closer and closer by the second, Lara and Kurtis scrambling there way up to the top as fast as they could possible run.
    With snow up to there frost bitten knees could only make things so much worse. Desperately trying to get to the top of the mountain. Lara looked over her shoulder and shouted "Kurtis, why are we trying to get to the top of the mountain?" Kurtis looked at her and lifted his shoulders a bit as to say 'I don't know' Lara tilted her head and in a cocky voice, "Great..."
    The path began to get narrow, the Creatures having to go one by one, witch gave Lara and Kurtis the advantage.
    "Lara, have I ever told you... I really hate hight's." Kurtis said with more breath then words, while looking downwards with his back firmly pressed against the mountain's icy rock.
    "Now you tell me" As Lara passed him a smirk over her shoulder. When Kurtis Looked down all he could do was stand still, if he moved he felt like he would slip and fall. The Creature's could sense his fear, ready to devour him in any second. Lara glanced over to her near left, a hole only big enough for someone her size. Quickly she grabbed Kurtis and shoved him over to the opening, "Get in" Lara demanded. Just as she said that one of the Creatures snuck near and was ready to strike "As for the alternative, think I'll go in the hole" Kurtis leaped in closely followed by Lara. Backing away to the end of the hole to avoid the Creature's long arms reaching for both of them. Suddenly they could hear a slight rumbling sound come from underneath them, then cracks sent spiting all around them. The ice could hold no more, they felt them self's drop downwards, then the impact with the ice beneath. Lara pushing her self up, and held her side in agony. "Ohh..." The shrapnel in her has been shoved in further into her side. She layed on her back breathless, all the stress seemed to have caught up with her. "Lara? you all right?" Kurtis crawled closer and leaned over her weary body. "I'm fine, just tired" She said followed by a loud sigh. "Uhu, yeah I believe you" Kurtis Sarcastically muttered with a half smile. Lara looking away from him, forsing herself to lie to him "I said I'm fine..." She began to black out, slowly thinking about what to do. "There is something about Kutis that I admired, but I know I can't trust him." She surrounded herself in questions, waiting for the pain in her side to ware off "How did he healed him self?, why did he help me escape from the Gredal fortress?" Her thoughts were interrupted by Kurtis rubbing her back "Hey com'on Lara I can help you" Lara quickly turned around and slapped his face looking at him with a surprised expression. But before Kurtis could reply, ice slid down the opening from where they had come in from. Soon followed by the Creature's loud Screech, then one of the Creature's glanced inside, quickly spotting Lara and Kurtis. "Is there another way out?" Kurtis demanded while look around frantically. "How am I supposed to know? Your the genius here." The Creature that had peered inside, left. "Now is are chance" Kurtis scrambled up the ice slide and looked out, "Well what do you know," He muttered to him self with a grin, all the Creatures had left. "Lara, you have to see this, Lara?" Turning around to see her slowly making her way over. "Now what?" She irritably snapped, then when she looked outside the feeling of relief over came her. But then doubt crept back up into her mind "They can't be gone..." Kurtis jumped out and started to look around, "Lara com'on, before they come back" Lara shook her head while getting out, then stood up and stared at the gorgeous scenery. "How could something so horrible happen on such a day as this?" Thinking to her self as she looked from where they had come from, a small shack and nothing but snow. Slowly turning around she kept looking across from where she was at the moment to the larger mountain covered with iced streams that would be beautiful waterfalls leading down to the lake in the summer. As Lara was soaking in the the peaceful winds, Kurtis felt the pulling just as he did when the Creature was near the last time. He swiftly turned around, no one and no thing was there. A chill quivered up his spine, but he tryed to ignore the warning, possible putting him self and Lara in danger. He tried to shake it out of his mind, "You know, we might as well get that Artifact that you came all this way for, Lara." She did'int turn around but merly stated "That's why I'm out here, Mr Kurtis" Kurtis shrugged "Well then let's go get that Artifa..." The feeling began to over welm him, something was coming. He spun around swiftly "Oh..." The Creature's have the ability to blend in with there present surroundings. The Creature's came closer to Kurtis, his eyes wide open with fear. Slowly reaching for his Glave, but at this rate he would be dead by the time he would be able to have it in has hand. The Creature's eyes showing it's ready to kill. It crouched down on all fours, ready to strike at any moment. Lara turned around only to be met by a cold reality, she pulled out here 9mm, only the Creature had all ready got'in on top of Kurtis. Barely enough room for one Creature alone, the snow being brushed off by the struggle, all that was left was cold slick ice and rock. Lara desperately trying to aim not to shot her partner, then, she got a lock on it. Rounds flying, shooting the Creatures again and again, but no effect. Kurtis was being ripped up by the Creature's long sharp fingers, covered in blood, struggling trying to get out of reach. Lara still trying to help him, but her pistols were no match. But she did'ent have to do anything, Kurtis took his chance, once the Creature took off it's hand from Kurtis, he froze for just a second looking back at Lara then he throw him self off the mountain. "No!" Lara dropped down to the ground looking over the edge, watching him tumble down into the icy waters beneath.
    Another mind peresingly loud screech came from the creatures. "Oh no..." Lara said looking at the Creatures then at the top of the mountain, snow tumbling off the top, crashing down to where Kurtis was, though he was nowhere in sight. A loud sound coming from sky, it was apparently there leader, the Queen Creature, it was larger then the rest by serval feet, and wings twice it's hight. The Queen swooped down into the fridjed icy waters, breaking the five inch think ice. It seemed like an eternity for it to get out, though it only took It two seconds to get out. The Queen came up slowly with Kurtis's limp body in it's grasp. Lara felt her heart beat in her arms, her hands still clasped around her pistols, ready for any unwanted attacks. The other Creature's came near, ready to take Lara to where ever the Queen was taking Kurtis. She backed against the mountain's frigid rock, then took a deep breath as the Creature's came nearer. Looking over to the other mountain that was side by side with the one she was one. Quickly locking her pistols in there holsters and grabbed up a small hand held pick from out of her snow suit that she found at the shack. She took one last deep breath as the Creature came pouncing her way, then she ran to the edge and jumped. It seemed she was going in slow motion, like she would never reach where she was trying to get to. Then a strong impact with the wall of a snow covered mountain shook her from her thoughts. Barely hanging on by two little hand held pick, the strength in her arms were almost gone, all she could do was hold on as tight as she could. Her life flashed before her, thinking about what if she hadn't come all this was for the Itasica artifact, "I got this far, I was torchered and I got through it with a little unlikely luck" She thought to her self, looking down to her most surtan fate.

    END OF CHAPTER (2) Walking Danger
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    Dec 24, 2002
    umm........wut does this have to do wit alias? and mayb use more spacing because its all like one paragraph, makes it hard to read.
  5. Natalie

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    Dec 3, 2002
    It has nothing to do with Alias, it's about a charactor from a popular computer game, then I made a fan fic off of it. And about the spaceing it was spaced out in the program I used but when I pasted it in her it got all squished -_- and I did'nt want to take the time to re do all of that. :rolleyes:
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    Dec 28, 2002
    Yea! I like Lara Croft! Have you seen the movie Alias 56?
  7. Natalie

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    Dec 3, 2002
    Yeah I've seen it, I even have it on DVD! And the second TR movie is comeing out July 25 ^_^

    But to get back on topic, did you like my story? Though the third chapter is still being writen...
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