Touched by You


Jan 6, 2003
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Title: Touched by You
Genre: s/v minor angst
Summary: Similar to the movie Just Like Heaven...but with my own personal twists. Something very strange is going on in Sydney Bristow's new office...

18 Chapters + Epilogue
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Chapter 17 Chapter 18 + Epilogue

Chapter 1

“…Well, that about sums it up. If you have any more questions feel free to ask and welcome to Thomson Publishing, Miss Bristow,” Mr. Thomson smiled as he shook the hand of the woman sitting across from him.

“Thank you very much,” Sydney Bristow smiled back at him. The first day on a new job was always very nerve-wracking and stressful, but Mr. Thomson had been so kind to her, her nerves were quickly abating. She still had some reservations about her job, though. After all, she was starting a new career in a new state half a country away from her parents and everything she had ever known. That, in itself, was very scary.

“Come with me; I’ll show you to your office,” Mr. Thomson waved Sydney towards him as he left his office. Sydney stood, grabbing her oversized purse on the way, and followed him. Unlike many of the employees in that office, she was getting an actual office with a door instead of a cubical. When she’d first applied for the position at Thomson she’d been seeking one of the more entry-level cubical positions since they were all that was available, but as the interview process progressed, she found she was actually in the running for a higher level position. She had no idea how she’d made it into the pool being considered for that position.

“Well, this is it,” Mr. Thomson said when he paused in the doorway of a very sparse looking office. Only an empty desk (save the computer atop it) and two chairs filled the tiny room, but still Sydney smiled because it was her office.

“Thank you very much,” she smiled at her boss when she stepped inside.

“I’ll let you get settled then… don’t forget the staff meeting at eleven o’clock!” he reminded her before walking away from the office. Sydney shut the door behind him, leaned back against it and sighed. Working in the quiet of the single office was definitely preferable than working out in a cubical, where there would always be a murmur of noise.

“This is it, my new life,” she sighed as she walked over to her desk. She set her purse down and walked around to sit in the leather chair behind the desk. Just as she was about to sit down though, she found herself on the floor, the chair banging against the wall behind her. Utterly stunned from her bottom slamming painfully into the ground, she turned around slowly to look at the chair. Her brow furrowed as she mentally reviewed what she’d just done. She was sure she had been holding onto the chair before sitting onto it, but maybe she had not been; she could not remember.

Sighing, she climbed to her feet and dragged the rolling chair back to its proper position. That time, she sat down very carefully and thankfully the chair didn’t roll out from underneath her. Once seated, she reached for her purse and began unloading some of her personal belongings into the desk drawers. All the drawers were empty except for the drawer in the center of the desk, right on top of Sydney’s lap. When she pulled that drawer open, a man’s watch skidded out from one of the far back corners. Sydney picked it up, looked at it, and noticed that the second hand was no longer moving. Shrugging, she put the watch back into the desk, figuring the owner (most likely the person who occupied that office before her, a person she knew nothing about) would come looking for it sooner or later if he wanted it.

Sydney’s job description was fairly simple and involved two parts. The first and lesser part, of her job was calling (and sometimes driving around) potential new clients to try and get them to purchase publishing from Thompson. Thompson mostly published flyers, leaflets, internal magazines or newsletters for other businesses, not large scale things like books or large circulation magazines. This involved other part of Sydney’s job description: to meet with existing clients and discuss what they wanted printed, appropriate pricing and other assorted printing issues. For the most part, clients came to her office to discuss these things, but she occasionally had to go to them, which gave her the variety she was looking for in her job.

After Sydney arranged her things in the drawers of her desk, she put her purse away in the bottom drawer before standing from her desk chair and heading towards the office exit. Just as she was about to open the door, a loud slamming noise from behind her caused her to jump and scream. When she turned around, she saw nothing out of the ordinary: nothing had fallen, nothing, as far as she could tell, had moved at all. “Weird,” she muttered to herself before walking out of the office.


After a long day at work, Sydney went home to her brand new, yet sparse apartment. She had moved in only two days earlier, so, though her apartment was cluttered with lots of things, those things happened to be boxes waiting to be unpacked. After changing out of her work clothes and into more comfortable sweats, she headed to the kitchen to heat up some soup for dinner. While her apartment was still in disarray, she was sticking to easy-to-prepare meals so as not to waste time making elegant dinners when there was unpacking to be done. The only unpacking she’d completed so far was her clothing, which was necessary for work. That evening, she set to work on the boxes of books she had and began to place them on the bookshelves built into the walls of her apartment, which were one of the main reasons she’d purchased that place.

To her, the apartment seemed massive, but then again she was used to living in a cramped tiny apartment with a roommate, the only way to survive in a big city where she’d lived for the previous three years of her life, ever since graduating college. As much as the empty space made her lonely at times, she was glad not to have a roommate for once in her life. Peace and quiet surrounded her and, most importantly, no arguing lovers were within earshot.


Jul 30, 2006
love it. and i love that movie.
was the watch thing an alias thing. you know with vaughn's dad's watch?


Jan 9, 2004
I'm guessing that used to be Michael's office and he is in a coma somewhere but his spirit is still "working" in that office. I'll bet Sydney is in for lots of strange occurrances.
Oct 30, 2004
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Jan 6, 2003
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Chapter 2

Within a month, Sydney had fallen into an even pattern regarding her new life. She’d finally finished unpacking every last box in her apartment and the previous week her parents had come to visit to see her new living arrangements. Shockingly, she’d managed to escape with only two nagging sessions from her mother about her new living space. Unfortunately, her mother’s favorite pastime seemed to be criticizing every little thing she did, so when her mother came to visit, Sydney was prepared for the worst. Much to her surprise though, her mother found her apartment to be adorable and her only complaint stemmed from its far distance from her own home. Ironically, Sydney considered that to be one of the positive things about her apartment.

As for her work life, things were going well. She enjoyed her job greatly and was even making friends at work. The only tiny downside to her work was that her office was rather…well, strange. On her first day of work, she thought that the incident involving the chair slipping out from under her was a total fluke; a result of her own clumsiness. However, she couldn’t have been more wrong. Ever since that first day, strange little things would happen around her office. First, her chair slid out from under her on what seemed to be a weekly basis, if not more frequently than that. Of course, Sydney, being a logical person, chalked it up to the chair having particularly slippery wheels.

The chair wasn’t the only strange thing, though. There were often many unexplainable creaks and crashes. Not to mention the fact that her computer would randomly shut itself off. If Sydney didn’t know any better, she would have thought her office was haunted. She didn’t believe in ghosts though, so in her mind, that was an impossibility. Still, there was something strange going on; she just couldn’t figure out what.

One day, Sydney was sitting in her office reviewing a client’s file, squirming constantly in her seat. The reason for her discomfort was simple: her new shoes were killing her, or rather, killing her feet. She was convinced that once she took them off, not only would she never be able to get them back on again (due to the swelling of her feet), but that her feet would be permanently deformed. Finally, she could take it no longer and she had to kick off her shoes. She sighed with relief and rolled her ankles around, stretching out her aching extremities. In continuing with her relaxation, she leaned back in her chair and propped her feet up on the desk, sinking into a more comfortable position to read.

She’d barely been sitting that way for a minute before she heard a shockingly loud male voice. “What the hell are you doing?! Get your feet off my desk!” the voice boomed. Naturally, she was scared to death and reacted by screaming and jumping practically a foot. This, of course, caused her chair to rocket out from underneath her, meaning she landed with a painful thump on the ground, one of her feet still up on the desk.

Terrified, Sydney clambered to her knees and peered over her desk towards the sound of the voice she’d heard. Shockingly, there was no one there. She stared and stared around the room, but nothing had moved or changed. Her door was still shut and the chairs in front of her desk were still perfectly in order. Utterly confused, Sydney stood up and rearranged her chair, shaking her head as she did so. Thinking that perhaps she’d been reading too long, she painfully slipped her shoes back on before exiting her office, bound for the soda machine to get some sugar for her bloodstream.

While at the soda machine, Sydney was intercepted by one of her coworkers who immediately began discussing a work-related matter with her. This discussion completely distracted Sydney from her previous strange encounter and she was able to focus on her work for the rest of the afternoon. It wasn’t until later that evening at her house that she remembered the strange voice that had echoed around her, scaring her completely. At that time, though, she merely dismissed it as a hallucination; her mind was tired and playing tricks on her.

The next morning after a staff meeting, Sydney walked into her office, coffee cup in hand, reading a fax she’d received. She wasn’t really paying attention to where she was going and accidentally bumped into her desk rather painfully with her knee. In doing this, her whole body shook and she thus spilled coffee from her cup that splashed down onto her desk. “Damn it,” she groaned. She quickly set the coffee cup and fax down and reached for a few tissues.

As she was wiping up what she spilled, a loud, booming voice filled her office. “Now you spilled coffee! Jesus, you’re making a mess of everything!!” Startled by the noise, Sydney screamed and took a step back, tripping over her infamous rolling chair. This caused her to fall to her knees as she frantically looked around her office. There, standing by the chair on the opposite side of her desk, was a man. She blinked, wondering if he was really there, but when she opened her eyes again, there he stood. His arms were folded over his chest, his expression stern, obviously indicating how upset he was.

Though Sydney’s mouth was dry, she was about to speak (or attempt to) when Mary, a coworker, popped her head into Sydney’s office. “Are you alright? I heard you scream…”

“Yes, um,” Sydney croaked as her eyes drifted from Mary to where the man was standing. Much to her shock (and horror) the man was gone. “I, um… chair slipped…spilled coffee…” she managed to stammer.

“Oh ok,” Mary gave her a smile, albeit a confused one, before leaving the doorway to her office.

Sydney stood slowly, her eyes trained on the spot where the man had been. She took two steps around her desk and stood in a spot where she would have been practically nose-to-nose with the man, had he been there, of course. She circled the area twice, thinking a thousand different things in her mind. She had seen someone there, she was sure of it…wasn’t she? If there had been a man, where did he escape to so quickly? Mary had been blocking the doorway and he obviously wasn’t hiding under her desk somewhere.

Finally after nearly ten minutes of obsessing, Sydney shook her head and walked back to her desk. “It’s the stress,” she rationalized her hallucinations, both auditory and visual. “It has to be the stress.”
Oct 30, 2004
Finally after nearly ten minutes of obsessing, Sydney shook her head and walked back to her desk. “It’s the stress,” she rationalized her hallucinations, both auditory and visual. “It has to be the stress.”
Poor Sydney is thinking that she's loosing her mind :LOL:

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