Sci-Fi Tradecraft


Sep 29, 2011
I have a new science fiction novel out:

Tradecraft: Theft

Central Station is a gathering place for the artists, merchants, and politicians of the Galactic League. Aliens come from all over the galaxy to exchange ideas and resolve disputes.

On the minds of all at Central Station are attacks on merchant starships by raiders, who steal cargo and rob passengers. One such attack on the ship of human Paolo Chelini has made off with technology from the advanced Alphans. The incident starts an investigation that shakes governments and societies.

Paolo Chelini thought he was just another starship operator. He and his ship Tradecraft are about to become more famous, more influential, and more pursued…

This new series was inspired by rewatching Babylon 5 while listening to "The Audio Guide to Babylon 5" podcast. There will be 5 short novels in the series. You can get the first book at most major online bookstores.
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