TV TRAVELERS: A New Time Travel Series!

Hey everybody! I am Fernando Echeverria, a teen filmmaker in Texas. Although I am 16 years old, I have made five short films and a feature film over the last year, with several of them being screened at over ten festivals across the nation. Some of them even won awards!

But all that work was to achieve a common goal: the experience needed to produce a web-series, TRAVELERS, a dark sci-fi crime drama about two teenagers that find a time machine. They begin to use it for crime, and although they rake in a nice profit, it soon begins to harbor in horrible, unforeseen consequences. It is a series full of razor-sharp dialogue, mind-bending time travel (incredibly thought-out and plotted as well) and intense character drama. You will fall in love with it, I am sure!

Not only will you be helping make an incredible, possibly viral series come to life, you will also get amazing perks. We are offering an HD download of the entire 12-series for $25. And there are T-shirts, posters, and even prop time machines included on our perks as well!

So that is why I come to you. I hope you can back it, or just help spread the word!

Here is the link: