Tristen Development

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Planetesimal which is situated on the current rim of explored space.
The City of Tristen is the only city on the planet and is covered with
a dome to prevent enviromental contamination.

Tristen is the control planet for emerging warlike civilizations
requesting entry to the alignment.

Waring civilizations are permitted 1000 entities to settle disputes on
this world and the outcome determines the treaty details.

Inhabitants of Tristen are a sect of referees that maintain the planet
and enforce the rules of warfare as determined by the "Titles of
Tristen" set up by Masters Council.


The Warlands of Tristen offer a multitude of 'natural' resources and
points of advantage. Entities are provided with Life Nessecities and
basic tools by the City. The factions battle for control over warlands
as determined in the treaty. Hand to hand combat has been the usual
mode of battle. Tristens dispose of the dead in accordance with the
treaty or if not specified, with the Titles of Tristen guidelines.

All technology developed by the combatants is recovered by the
Tristens at the conclusion of battle.

There is no truce.
There must be a winner.
There must be a loser.
The results are Binding.
Violation of Treaty will result in technology annihilation by any
method deemed required by the Masters Council.

Council acts on 51% majority.
Time sensitive treaty violations are decided upon with 1 standard
timeframe. Council members must register their vote by the deadline
timeframe. There must be 51% council members registered or the
timeframe must be extended. Maximum extension is 3 timeframes. At 3
timeframes the council registration will be closed and the matter
decided upon. Notices are regulated through Tristen Treaty Enforcement
Bureau. Any Hostilities upon the Entity of Tristen is punishable by
the Elder Society. Tristen may defend itself by any means needed.

All technology is registered through the Treaties of Tristen.

The City of Tristen also is the proving ground for the endurance
qualification to becoming a Tristen. There is no Race of Tristen as
the entire city is populated by entities of different civilisations
that make up the Alliance.
The different Sects of Tristen are:

Civilization Level:

Planet Level:
World Council
Tristen Rep

Designations are as follows:
Tristen, Civilization, World, Nation, Origin, Race, Society, City,
Name or ID.

You can watch development of Tristen at SciFiDreamers or wait for the updates here.


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