Trying to be like Syd

I know it is funny.I remember that the first thing i did when i fell was laugh and then i relized my wrist was broken but im used to it cause ive broke it before surfing.Ive done lots of crazy stunts.Once i fell while i was jumping some large stairs in the movie theather and my whole class started laughing and i was soooo embarrassing :shamefullyembarrased: But i grabbed my date and went outside and started to laugh myself. :) :LOL:


if you can laugh about it, then everything is ok.
it must sucks not to be able to surf.
i twisted my anckle a few weeks ago and i cant dance now.
Thanks guys,I went to the movies last night and i fell on the wrist,while i was getting to my seat,now it really hurts and im getting tired of having to type with one hand,my friends started laughing and so did the whole audience cause it was Underworld movie and it was really full,this time i didnt laugh :confused: . :mad: Doesnt it stink when you cant do anything for like a month or two? I hate it. ^_^