Trying to find titles and/or copies of a couple of old Science Fiction Books

I've lost track of a couple of books that I want to relocate and or replace in my collection.

I don't remember the title of either, but one was fairly distinctive. It had a cover which featured one of the principal characters. These characters could assume any shape that they wished. And this one looked like a regular humanoid, but instead of a head it had a couple dancing on a platform at the place which normally would be its neck. The story I don't remember much of, though I remember liking it. It was placed in some sort of alternate reality where there was a small group of individuals (seven I think) who each controlled their own section of that reality, completely. There was some cooperation among them and some strife. But the character who chose to manifest with the dancing couple instead of a head, was distinctive enough that I think that if anybody else still has this book, or remembers a title, author or publisher, it will be pretty obvious to them.

The other one is a book that had little epigram quotes at the beginning of each or most chapters, and several of them were attributed to "Madame Lao Tsu", intended to refer to the wife of the founder of Daoism. And this one, unfortunately I don't remember the specifics of either, but maybe this will trigger a memory in someone?